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  1. May I suggest once again that it is because they aren't their book versions (and i suggest you stop watching this show if that upsets you)
  2. grufolo

    How would you rate episode 601?

    7. Would have been a 8 or 9 without the lousy Dorne sad crap
  3. A mediocre episode. The fighting pits were highly disappointing, the Stables sacrifice did not make sense and theonly good sides were the wall and spray mrtell
  4. grufolo

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Ghhahahahaha this is brilliant!
  5. For one, i would have gradly traded Dorne with the more interesting Iron Island thread.
  6. The Sand Snakes seemed some kind of Tarantino style 60s vixens. Terrifying (not in a good way) :(
  7. grufolo

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Maybe we're not behind with the storyline, we're so ahead that this Sansa thing is spoiling TWOW
  8. grufolo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Today i spoke with an unsullied friend and he could not understand why Tyrion killed Shae. Taking away the Tysha lines the killing spree of Tyrion is hardly justified. That is the only low in the episode. It could have been a 10, otherwise.
  9. I give a 4. The episode was well below the previous, beautiful one. Slamming the two battles at the wall into one single event was probably a forced choice but still felt really clumsy. The attack of the Thenns and Tormund from the inside was turned into some kind of superhero battle between a few huberheroes and a crowd of dying extras, what a pity. As in the worst action movies, characters can only killed by characters. Extras can't kill charatcters, it seems. The character of Alliser Thorne was glorified as a fierce warrior when he'd been mostly a ranting cunt so far, and Janos Slynt (a fighter) was ridiculed beyond recognition. The speed of crossbow reloading is shortened beyond possibility. All in all, they could have excluded the battle OUTside the wall, which was totally uncool (only CGI, that is) and focused on the only one that mattered, the one on the inside, making it more worthy. One thing that can't be explained is, if Mance thought that more crows were present in clastle black, how could he think to overcome them by such a small force as the one he sent? And the last, totally ridicule scene, the Thenns+Tormund having a campfire (not spotted, clearly) a few hundred yards from the gate of the castle.... pfffffffffff