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  1. I wish I didn't watch this season. I'll take solace in the fact that it's not canon and move on.
  2. Didn't they get almost wiped out at Winterfell ?
  3. Stopping at season 4's ending would be a good idea.
  4. It really couldn't get any worse than what we got.
  5. What the hell are they doing with Jamie ? Makes no sense.
  6. Yeah it's pretty clear the show writers aren't well versed in medieval warfare lol.
  7. I was disappointed in Tyron's role this episode. I hope he plays a major part in the ending.
  8. I believe they are the same prophecy. That part always confused me.
  9. I liked it as well. It was completely unexpected. Because doesn't the prophecy say AA is a male (the prince that was promised) ? I'm not sure, maybe there's more to it that we don't know yet.
  10. You're assuming GRRM doesn't change his mind by the time he writes his last book (if ever).
  11. I'm glad they wrapped that part up early. Even though we still know nothing about the Night King's back story, the zombie apocalypse storyline has been done to death in general. I wouldn't want that to define this show's ending.
  12. So only the main characters survived ?
  13. I didn't expect this season to be as good as the first 4 but it's been decent so far. It feels different as it's all one big connected storyline now, there are no more interesting subplots. As for filler scenes they will always have them so don't expect those to go away.
  14. "The King of the North" could have been done better but otherwise very good ending episode.
  15. Man I think this show has really gone downhill. I don't know about you guys but I kinda got bored halfway through.
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