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  1. its very believable. you also forgot two of her "kids" and two of her friends dying in front of her. she also brainwashed by her brother.
  2. will jon be a Targ in the books? i am guessing he will be.
  3. i didnt like it either. i think she wants people to fear her. sam was very upset about it. not sure jon would have done the same thing or not.
  4. yeah i think she realize who her father really is.
  5. have you seen the preview for the next ep? no she wont.
  6. 3. jon is dead. which is the dumbest thing they could of done and sansa and theon is i am guessing dead. the fight was worse. The walk of shame was dumb.
  7. 10/10. I loved tyrion and dany, Hardhome, and theon/reek telling sansa about her brothers.
  8. didn't ramsay like pain? even if sansa does something takes his eyes out he would probably enjoy it.
  9. I love tyrion. he's a cool character. I am not sure how dany and him are going to work together.
  10. is sansa and reek going to go with ramsay when he fights stannis or are going to stay at winterfell? when he leaves sansa could make a run for it and go to where jon is.
  11. if/when ramsay dies she could raise her baby as a stark.
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