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  1. starklover

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    why were the freefolk at castle black?
  2. starklover

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    brainwashed and abused as a kid. i dont think she would been a good ruler.
  3. she will be queen of the north.
  4. starklover

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    jon wont kill her hes too much like jamie
  5. its very believable. you also forgot two of her "kids" and two of her friends dying in front of her. she also brainwashed by her brother.
  6. starklover

    This Is How It Was Supposed To Be [Spoilers]

    shes a great actress and she did was look outside
  7. starklover

    This Is How It Was Supposed To Be [Spoilers]

    theres a lot of things. her brother brainwashing her and abuse, her two kids died, tw oclose freidns died, army is gone, vary and tyrion betrayed her, jon didnt love the wrong she wants him, people dont love her and jealous of jon getting more love.
  8. starklover

    Tormund was right

    likely would end up like dany. her brother brainwashed her.
  9. i should read the books if book jon is better
  10. i agree the first five seasons were better. my favorites were 1-3.
  11. hes likely wont be. i think there will be no throne at the end.
  12. starklover

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    shes jealous of jon, half of her people died and turned on her.
  13. starklover

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    no it isnt.
  14. starklover

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    it would more likely be a mental breakdown. not her going " mad"