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    Wild Cards

    Well, when we were writing Three Kings, we knew Joker Moon would be coming and roughly what it would be about, hence the reference! Thanks And yes, I have written something else for the WC universe that I'm not allowed to talk about. But I can say that it deals with a whole new set of characters in a brilliant (I didn't come up with it) setting.
  2. Peadar

    Wild Cards

    Crap, I have not yet read Joker Moon... Thanks for the reminder. I will make it my next read after the current one.
  3. I will agree with those who suggested "Guns of the Dawn", "Dogs of War" and "Cage of Souls". I read all of his books -- especially when I am in a reading slump.
  4. Reading "The Necromancer's House" by Christopher Buehlman. Not enjoying it as much as his other ones, but it has started to become more interesting over the last few pages, so hopefully I'll end up liking it.
  5. Reading Ogres by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Fun so far. I can always rely on Adrian to get me out of a reading slump.
  6. Starting The This by Adam Roberts. I can already feel my imagination start to expand...
  7. I very much enjoyed Christopher Buehlman's "Between Two Fires", a medieval fantasy horror road trip, with plague, devils and fascinating characters. That's the third of his books I've read in the last six weeks or so. To those who mentioned him here, thank you! I'm declaring myself a fan and will almost certainly read the rest of his books in the very near future.
  8. I agree with the praise for Cameron's "Artifact Space". Tremendous fun and will definitely be getting the second in the series.
  9. I feel mostly the same. The only two recent epic fantasy books/series I have really enjoyed are: Christopher Buehlman's "The Blacktongue Thief" Robert V. Reddick's "Master Assassins" -- Yes I know he's not exactly new to fantasy, but I liked this so, so much better than his earlier work. Of course, Jemison's "The Fifth Season" is an utter masterpiece, but I don't see it as fitting into the same category as the other two above.
  10. Reading yes another Christopher Buehlman book, "Between Two Fires." Good so far -- as expected!
  11. I enjoyed Ken Macleod's Beyond the Hallowed Sky, although it did seem to end all in a rush. Will definitely buy the sequel whenever it comes out.
  12. I'm starting Ken Macleod's Beyond the Hallowed Sky. I liked the start.
  13. Christopher Buehlman's "Those Across the River" was very good. That's the second book of his I've read and have enjoyed both. Will definitely try another. For now, though, my next read will be Chris Beckett's Tomorrow.
  14. I agree. I bounced off everything else of his I read, but The Fade was absolutely brilliant.
  15. Yeah, Cage of Souls is right up there with his best work. But then again, I'm a big fan of the Dying Earth Genre. In the end, I didn't get on so well with 84K, though. Up next for me is Christopher Buehlman's Those Across the River.
  16. Will do. I loved Fifteen Lives and the House of Games series of novellas. A few others didn't work as well for me, but I'll see how this goes. I'm a slower reader these days due to commitments, so it may be a few days.
  17. I have started 84K by Claire North. Looks good so far.
  18. Books like Guns of the Dawn don't come along every week! I wish more people had read this one. In my opinion, it's his best, although in his own opinion, Dogs of War is his best -- that's only my number 2
  19. I enjoyed my first read of the year: Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Elder Race. It's a short SF -- about 200 pages or so.
  20. I am excited to say that for the first time, the books of The Bone World Trilogy are all available as matching ebooks! Get them from the links below. Get them before they run out, although... well, running out is not really possible. But getting them is definitely a thing of joy. At least for me. Warning: violence and trauma. Too much for the more gentle among you. An off-stage sexual assault is also hinted at. The links give a choice of buying options -- so far that’s just smashwords for epub readers, or amazon for kindle users. Thanks to all of you and to your families and friends and pets. https://geni.us/theinferior https://geni.us/thedeserter https://geni.us/thevolunteer Is that blatant enough for this thread?
  21. For people in Europe, the latest Wild Cards book, Three Kings, will be out on May 14... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Kings-Edited-George-Martin-ebook/dp/B082RJZGT9/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=three+kings&qid=1588336047&sr=8-4
  22. Glad to hear it! I think the rest of Europe gets the UK edition, which is why you get the same (or lower!) price. Thanks for that
  23. For ebook readers in the UK and Ireland, my novel, The Call, is now available at 98p, or €1.08 Kindle link here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Call-Peadar-OGuilin-ebook/dp/B01HMV0FAE/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+call+peadar&qid=1586943693&sr=8-1 ePub is here: https://www.kobo.com/ie/en/ebook/the-call-24
  24. I have turned some of my short-stories into a podcast. You can find them under the name "CreepyCast" in your player of choice. Or check them out here. *Mods: if this shouldn't be here, your smiting will be righteous.
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