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  1. Gave it an 8 Tyrion and Dany meeting being the highest point I loved the jail scene,I hope they make bronn betray Jaime for the sand snakes after being seduced by Tyene.That would be a good story.
  2. I really expected Aemon to say somethinga bout the prophecy to Sam... 8/10 btw i loved it.
  3. Got to keep the devil,way down in the hole.

  4. currently searching for a gif small enough to be posted as avatar rip in pepperoni :^(

  5. Why waste 10 minutes of beetle conversation. This still bothers me :P
  6. Is it me or Dany hate threads have been reduced?

    1. Rhaegal Targaryen

      Rhaegal Targaryen

      They are just waiting for the right moment to strike.

  7. Melisandre doesn't have the resources to pull out some thing like that.
  8. oh god,that thread gave me cancer

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