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  1. I think those are good descriptions about both, to add (a bit rudely lol), incapable of thinking for ones self and in contrast to the father above, obedient and submissive to authority. I personally think those are the general highlights of the Ned or the warrior. Yea exactly! And while I completely believe that mirror shield or mirror eyes are as fake as Achilles or Samson, something about that story has roots. There definitely was a champion warrior class in the age of heroes, who I agree, should have a distinguished name If your not writing like Pratchett, your fucking up. Yea the more I think, it's pretty convincing. What did Andal knights do? Kill children and human children? Burn em alive, while swinging on their very much alive and also burning tree? If those knights are anything like modern knights then absolutely. I'd cancel that shit too, treat it like Hitler's Mustache and just, be done with that type of work. Which brings me back to the Brotherhood. What if Cat takes the IT? Rhllor is here to stay and the jealous god burns all the septs, who would rock the title ser? If it just brings up the idea of of Stoneheart massacres, then once again, I'd cancel that shit too
  2. Well not dragons but dragon eggs, but for sure it's not very likely. I just think we'd hear more of dragons in the age of heroes bedsides mirror shield. But maybe they were just native to Dragonstone area? Or maybe even the Targs colonized Dragonstone because there be dragons. Yea, who are now the ravens we see? Like Mormonts and the ones hanging with Coldhands? I'm not sure. The children no doubt, but if the common tongue was a human tongue, like I don't think the children taught the first men how to speak. The first first men who landed on Westeros came as like a tribe to conquer, like the Andals. What happened to that language? (So idk if the bird can learn anything or if its like an immortal being from the age of heroes living it's millionth life) But Leaf speaks common. Whyd she learn that unless dealing with first men, she definitely wasn't talking to Andals. (Well idk about definitely, but probably) But we sometimes do understand crows. And corn, sure that's like a parrot trick. Which is what Janos obviously has to say about the word "Snow", except it wasn't taught that. Is the word Snow the same sound as old tongue? Doubtful I think that's just the wind lol. Like I said though, I'm skeptic by nature. (I mean whatever the wind is trying to get across, Arya hears it loud and clear. I personally think it's all in her head, but patterned with her dad (and I guess her siblings) it does appear to have some, idk, godly, magical, whatever outworldly qualities) Well that's even more about a knight then. A regular smith could also make like nails and horseshoes as opposed to like Valyrian steel. Lol yea me too "The Mance to some" Now I can't wait for Dany to hook up with team old gods and except the raven to announce her. "You say Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains." "Corn?"
  3. Are your referring to Cannibal and friends? Like from dance with dragons time? I'd expect they were brought by Valerians or Targaryen cousins. Idk, I'm such a skeptic that if it's not directly in my face I write it off as grumkins. Yea I was thinking about the Thenns and how they can understand giants, but idk. When Ravens talked back in the day, and said more then corn, wasn't it in the common tongue? Unless of course the word for corn in old tongue is, "corn". Or I guess they can be bilingual. Some, I think, freefolk can speak old words, or understand them. But even if its their mother tongue, the one use is common. (Which doesn't prove anything of course, the freefolk have had direct dealings with the NW for X thousand years and could have definitely fallen under the sphere of influence, as opposed to the thenns) I mean you definitely got me thinking, Smith. Why isn't that the worker then, instead of specifically a worker who makes a knights gear?
  4. Reading about him was always strange. Ser Wyn, so just pronouncing his name is a give a way. Plus he was out there Medusaing dragons so all that would make him in recent and recorded history and not from the fairy tale ages of Symon star eyes and such, but in actuallity definitely from the fairytale age and probably mixed with other stories, maybe from totally different cultures Ser Rodrik is weird, I never gave that much thought tbh but I'd think if he was a knight of an old order or whatever we'd see more tidbits of clues laying around. So again, I don't think so. Or at the least not a direct continuum but this whole culturally appropriating knights is definitely not a foreign concept. Ser Beric has created a new order of knights but certainly not anointed with the 7 oils. (I do wonder if Cat continues this practice. Perhaps she will dub Brienne in her faith or maybe even Jaime?) Definitely interesting stuff though. My question is what language was this? I think the common tongue is a first men speech( but I could be wrong) so perhaps they moved words around to successfully convert the first men. (Although it could totally be the opposite like your suggesting) Speaking of languages Oh that's so cool! Especially the monsieur part. (I guess Ma'am or Madam is from Mademoiselle?) I do think a concept of a "true knight" like Sansa fairy tales would be a cool play if it turned out a true knight is not an appropriated one but one who fights for the old gods, like Bran. Who always wanted to be a knight Eta. Speaking of play on words, this is may dad's favorite dad jokes of all dad jokes. Why was it called the dark ages? Because there were so many knights. Bran and his teachers are totally obsessed with the darkness, which would mean night time, or perhaps knight time
  5. He was always generally hated on, but now it's just ridiculous Lol that's great! Confession, if it wasn't for Fire&Blood, twoiaf would be the most boring thing I've ever looked at
  6. Not many weirder then them. It was enough evidence though, describing the prologue I thought was pretty cool. But for sure! Maybe she can only see the living? I mean The Ghost (with flowers in her hair lol) sees Cat, but she's not really dead more like undead. Which I guess these cats are too but they're more like " brains brains" instead of "gurgle gurgle". It's also possible they got some defensive system about them, although I guess not because she saw the fists of first... Well, Stannis did. Maybe she doesn't know em like that and can't see like even since meeting Jon that's all she can think about, although again I guess not cuz she crossed the world to not just put a vain king on an uncomfortable chair. My favorite is when she looks at Bran and shudders and thinks is that the enemy. So weird!
  7. So right off the bat, the concept of Dany being a white savior is confusing. In their world? Where the slaves of the ghiscsri are multi cultural and white as in caucasian which won't make any sense? Or in our world where neo fascists will be prone to jerk off to the story of Dany? Because GRRM makes it painstakingly clear, Dany is not a racist supremacist. The Dothraki are a different animal. Where Dany is disrupting the culture of mass slavery and something about a harpy she's definitely going above and beyond her comfort in not fucking up their culture. By letting them gladiator fight in togas or whatever. The Dothraki culture is over. They are sustained by slavers bay, without one the other dies. They own the sea and can continue to hunt horses or graze horses but their trade markets will shrink, no work is no good. I mean it is parallel with the American Indians, almost as soon as the slaves were freed the indigenous way out west started to fracture where it hurts, their wallet. When looking at it like that Dany does draw comparison to people who were white supremacists or colonizers or imperialists or genociders, or whatever colorful word you choose to use. But I still think it's absurd to call her one
  8. The old gods play it loose, Vegas style. They will have their hero eventually. It's a numbers game (This is supposed to dissuade us into thinking Jon and Arya are not the one who can bring balance to the force, but I say, Jon and Arya like a good gamble) Too many numbers for Azor Ahai. The old gods are, well, old. But this is an even older religion and Im not sure they had numbers back then. That may be why they settled on a, as in, a zor ahai. They lost track of their hero, after he died or whatever, and specific rules were drafted. This is still a long time ago so they didn't write anything down but they definitely counted this time. Sugar Spice and Everything Nice. Also when the red star bleeds and yada yada yada the dead spouse would probably forgive if she could. Only thing, too many dead spouses. It's like a reunion at Rohanne Webbers house. Dany and Jon have basked under the red star often enough, but Tyrion and Victarion aren't necessarily under a yellow one. In fact the more you look into it every Cat, Reek and Davos start to show signs of sunburn. I think they should have planned for a larger event, it's a shame they probably couldn't count past one. The Prince isn't necessarily a religion but a belief in the spiritual. Like something from the 60s. It's when teenagers and young adults who never worked got together and tried to hotbox the dragonpit. In between they talked about the past the future, their dreams and what it all meant in this crazy world we call ours, the Targaryens. Other topics included why was Aegon Davinci coding with the number three? And where did the dragons go again, cigarettes? The dragon talk gained momentum pretty quickly then, although the number three always stuck around, maybe because in Valyrian it's a fun word to say. Eventually the talks and feel goods were dropped and the full spirit went from quirky new age religion to the Prince and how he promised he'd be back. If not cheerleading they were playing ball, Aerion was a helluva short stop. If Aerys went for two? But the best, the one and only, Most Valuable Prince, Dany. Now all she has to do is figure out what to do with these extra numbers. Too many numbers. It's a shame Viserys taught her how to count past one.
  9. Melisandre was with Stannis when he saw the others in between acok and asos. I think she could see it too? And be see, I mean "shapes"
  10. Because she accepts her fate and marries her rapist... Brother tries to stop kidnapper abducting his sister. Fails She Mike Tysond him Chances are he's deadlier then the average wildling. But perhaps not, not everyone is their father's Mike Tyson
  11. Right right, that sounds kinda familiar. Interesting what if scenario here, if the daughters escaped would Stannis keep them as a hostage? How would uncrowned Robb respond?
  12. They play fucking red hot chill peppers on classic rock! Like, no!
  13. She at the least gets abducted, if you think she and her brother were unscathed, whatever. Well if it was before then she wouldn't be the reason for war. Idk, Ryk got friends. And like you said her dad is knee deep in warlord politics so it makes sense she wouldn't want to stir the pot She's a fighting female freefolk. The word for that is a spearwife. She's also a great warriors kid who was probably properly trained by the riches of Giantsbane. So not only is she a spearwife as opposed to the majority of freefolk women but she's basically a lords kid, so I don't think shes the best example as the average freefolk woman
  14. I can't even comprehend the 40s, I think after that it starts to make a little more sense to me. However I'm a bit younger and only associate the 90s and early 00s with like Dexter's Laboratory
  15. Omg, my grandma who passed like 2-3 years ago once told me that only a hundred years ago was Napoleon. I was like, "no" lol. And she said oh yea, Napoleon was roughly 100 years ago from when she was born. Time and history, so far and yet surprisingly close
  16. I think the number 200 is arbitrary and kinda confusing, but everything else you said I completely agree with! Lol (Like the 13th emperor of Rome was Trajan, who is really important and stuff but far removed (75 years or so in time) from the days of the Republic. 13 American presidents ago (also about 75 years) was Truman, who was wwii times, so extremely different from current events in terms of geopolitics)
  17. They were beat senseless and she was abducted. According to her father she fell in love with that dick, how romantic. But it's just as likely that she accepted her fate and didn't want to start a war during Mances actual war. Also shes a spearwife and has confidence in her ability to fight and raid and stuff, many freefolk women aren't like that
  18. Huh, I don't remember that. One northman? Citation please? Well that doesn't sound like Pycelle. I suppose Cersei but that seems a bit much for her too. Perhaps Renly? Lol Or perhaps it was just an accident Lol, classic
  19. Did anyone send anything to Stannis not via Pycelle? Pycelle is the only one who knows how to send a text at least in KL, I guess it's possible for Robert to have sent a message on the way north, but why would he do that? Like why Renly would ever hit up Stannis when we know he frustrates him so. A red one? Stannis is all about the post office at the start of Clash, so he's probably been staring at his inbox since JonA passed. And while it remained empty it probably did a number on Stannis' confidence or his team building mindset
  20. What can they do? Their daughter is stolen in the middle of the night and by morning is already in enemy territory surrounded by swords and spears. It's like courting for cavemen
  21. Free to murder her unpopular drunk rapist, if she doesn't get caught.
  22. Minor nitpick. Not every wildling is a free folk Major nitpick. Not every woman is a spearwife. The truth is a freefolk woman is as free in her relations as Cersei Lannister
  23. He could just go to Storms End and have a sleepover with Loras if Mace says he can't have any friends over at Highgarden tonight. The idea that usurpation and civil war is the only way to stay safe... Idk how Renly fans do it.
  24. No he doesn't. Hand acts like the king. It's how Davos was able to frustrate his king. Robert is compromised. The king is totally wrapped around Lannister fingers. If the story gets out before Stannis is ready then the entire court will treat him as a traitor He's not trying to bet it all on grey. Ned's reputation is honorable sure, but Stannis is gambling with his life and the realm and doesn't feel comfortable with just a reputation Him himself and he. Stannis can't trust anybody but himself so he's only going to relay on himself Renlys sole reason for usurpation is he doesn't think anybody likes Stannis. This is after the fact but, it's his brother so he definitely knows his character Renly declares like a day after, and then like the following Robb declares himself. It's very likely Stannis only found out about Robert after the fact, and probably after Renly and Robb too. He told one guy, it killed him. He's like The Ring. 7 days... That's alot of pressure. You want him to show more people the video? I wouldn't call him a crusader or a coward. Just a shrewd and alive politician.
  25. JonA acted too slow. If Stannis were hand presumably the same day would result in Lannister execution Stannis doesn't know Ned nor trusts Ned. And if word leaks and Lannister gets their hands on that info it could potentially be dangerous. I suppose he doesn't trust him either. (Can you blame him?) He didn't want to get murdered like practically every other character in this series
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