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  1. I know it is probably too soonTM for most of us, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZguKX7diEGY
  2. Its ambigious. I don't think we see Lancel and Cersei on screen together in a bedroom until after Robert's death. But some of the scenes between Lancel and Tyrion at least imply he was sleeping with her before Robert's death.
  3. Agreed. It is almost a necessity in any system based on male primogeniture to minimize succession issues and the conflict that comes with it.
  4. While it may not have been explicitly stated in dialogue directly that,"A queen's adultery is treason," the actions of various characters treat it as so, from Jaime and Cersei themselves, to Ned and you can even see it in Robb's speech to Jamie at the beginning of season 2. Its one of those show don't tell things. Some while not explicitly stated as 'treason' it is clearly a crime with dire consequences. I also think you are bringing in modern concepts of separation of church and state which don't really apply to a culture based on feudal Europe. Remember that whole 'crime against an ordained King is a crime against God' concept?
  5. Stannis did tell her to do her 'duty'. Which should be the magic word to remind her she needs to help Sansa more than off Stannis. But who knows, maybe she'll get to have her cake and carve it too.
  6. That was some fine Lannister-Bolton fan fiction I watched tonight.
  7. We should trust you because you are into burning peasants, eh?
  8. And an unbeliever with kingsblood that his Northern forces would probably cheer if she burned after what the Greyjoys did.
  9. Apparently it is: http://www.practicalsurvivor.com/basiccoldweathersurvival Those were experienced people using modern equipment that had issues getting a fire started in cold weather.
  10. It is not a minor point as it is the catalyst for Stannis's decision. Picking up fire on site, as you put it, requires time and interacting with Stannis's troops, who are likely to raise an alarm. Unless we think fires are going to be left unattended, in a snowstorm.... where people are going to be freezing. Any source of fire would probably be used to warm people and any decently disciplined force (which hasn't picked up new recruits for months now) isn't going to welcome new faces cause Ramsey.
  11. So 10 pair of two men in ten different places, all of which are critical to the encampment and should be well guarded, have the time to douse supplies in a liquid catalyst and start a fire in sub-zero temperature with snowfall without being noticed. Do we have 10 sets of sleeping guards. Did they carry the fire with them into the camp, because they don't have lighters or matches? No one would notice ten sets of guys wandering into the camp from the outer perimeter with torches? In a camp run by supposedly one of the most experienced and disciplined commanders in Westeros? Starting fires in cold, particularly on substances that have been seeped in snow or ice, is very hard. The physics don't support it. It is a glaring plot hole.
  12. Stannis burning Shireen in the books is ludicrous. In order to do so has to win the Battle of Winterfell, and once he does his plan is to push South. I suppose something could force him to march back to Castle Black for the purpose of burning Shireen, but that would necessitate a threat at the Wall her burning would counteract. In which case Mel and Selyse would almost certainly do it before he gets there. Its logistically difficult if not impossible.
  13. Welp, I hate to admit it but D&D pretty much outed themselves as shock artists. I wasn't happy with Sansa taking on Jeyne Poole's role but there is a valid story economy argument there. There is none for having Stannis burn her instead of having Mel do it at the Wall. Hell, they even had Jon away from the Wall so he couldn't have stopped it.
  14. Those saying Hardhome makes it so that Jon can't even consider leaving the wall to march on Winterfell because Army of the Dead are missing a very important point. If the Pink Letter arrives and Jon believes Stannis is dead, what choice does he have but to march on Winterfell. Can he really leave an enemy like the Boltons at his rear while trying to fend off the Walkers? Or will he do what military commanders often do when between a rock and a hard place, and roll the hard six, take the big gamble because not doing so is far worse. Marching on Winterfell is bad, but at least the Wall still stands and there is a chance of him returning with the united North backing him before the Walkers attack the Wall. Leaving the Boltons in place while fighting the Walkers seems like an even worse risk to take.
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