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  1. Isgrimner

    Ozark (Netflix)

    I was about to say I still have all my teeth, but within the past couple months have had a root canal and a cap put in, but otherwise all orgianal teeth here bud. I also read that the guy who created the show used to work there during summers when he was a kid.
  2. Isgrimner

    Ozark (Netflix)

    I think that is a pretty fair assessment of the show. I just finished the last episode yesterday. I liked it and went through it pretty quickly but its not going up in my top 10 list but I will watch the next season. While I'm a certified world traveler , I have lived in the general area of the show off and on for many years. I'm pretty sure this show is actually filmed in Georgia and to me I can kind of tell its not MO. I do think I like the way they handle the kids' characters in this show say versus the kids from Homeland.
  3. Been gone from this board for a while. This is sad news.
  4. Isgrimner

    References and Homages

    "Marya" Seaworth could be another nod to Memory Sorrow and Thorn as "Marya" is an alias used by Princess Miriamele early in the trilogy.
  5. Just saw the profile comment you left me. Guess I missed it many times. Glad you liked my first timers take. I enjoyed doing it.

  6. Hi, Isgrimnr. I'm really enjoying your thoughts while reading the books. I hope you will continue. You have a mind like a mousetrap to notice so many things about the characters.

  7. Isgrimner

    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

    I'd just like to comment that the reason I found this place was that I saw a referance for this thread about those who detest Tairy (as I've already learned to call him) on another message board. While I only read a couple of the books years ago when I was in my late teens, possibly early twenties, my hate still lives for the works of the yeard.