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ASOIAF 20 Questions v. 91

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Welcome to ASOIAF Twenty Questions, 91st edition!

Obviously no-one knows the rules:

  • Anything from the series is game! This includes Dunk and Egg and the show***. We've had everything from Theon Greyjoy to Willas' crippling to Renly's peach to Arya's fleas.
  • Animals are considered characters. So if you have an animal (or some other odd creature) in mind and someone asks if it's a character, you can just answer ''yes''.
  • Body parts are considered objects.
  • Dunk is considered a POV character.
  • The Iron Islands are considered South of the Neck.
  • Skagos is considered South of the Wall.
  • Plants are objects.
  • Hints aren't mandatory. They're common, but if you want to challenge us, don't feel obligated to include one (or two, or three, as the case sometimes is).
  • Once we get to around sixteen questions, start conserving questions, to be fair to other players.
  • Keep an updated list of all the questions in your post when answering.
  • It's customary to let the winner host the next round, although you can see in the registry that that's not always the case.
  • Post a list of the host, answer and winner of the previous round in the registry thread.

These are all pointers, but there are also some rules:

  • Don't chose something that's already been done. We've got a registry going, and it's updated every time a game finishes, so you can just check it. It's long, but don't feel intimidated. If you win a round, please update the registry.
  • You may ask one question, make one guess, or do a combination of a question and a guess. However, you should not ask more than a question or make more than one guess in the same post.
  • Editing old questions or guesses into new ones is not allowed.

Welcome, and jump on in!

*** The Princess and the Queen spoilers are not allowed.

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See Post #2 of this thread.


The latest game results are dded to the end of the thread and someone periodically adds them into Post #2.

Thanks, and yay! The one I've wanted to do for a while hasn't been done.

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