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Jayne Poole


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It would not be Jon starting the war - it would be primarily Stannis, who has very good reasons for that.

It's not odd. It's one of the 'power lies where people think it lies' things. It's not that people don't know that Arya is fake, it's that nobody dares speak up about this, because nobody else is. A sort of tragedy of the commons/"the king has no clothes" thing.

That only works for a while and it also depends on the viability of how the 'thinking' is set up.

Roose only has a handful of Northern Lords, and they seem shaky and Wyman Manderly seems on the verge of an internal attack at Winterfell. The realization that there is a fake Stark is just the kind of thing to break any thinking about where 'power lies'.

In the version I presented above, Roose simply gives even fewer f*cks. He's the Warden of the North, ruling from Winterfell. What are you going to do about that?

That's why I said that the fArya story feels extremely boring/superfluous to me in the books. Ultimately, fArya is just there for Ramsay to abuse and Theon to save, and Theon can save someone else.

What will the Northern lords do , ally with Stannis and smash Roose, tho the way GRRM has it poised seems Rmasay and Roose are surrounded by enough antagonists and harbor a nest of vipers , they are not long for Planetos.

I think fArya is there as Geroge's plot device for breaking Theon out of his funk, I don't find this boring or superfluous just a bit illogical.

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And what does roose do with ramsay? He needs him to get married, in order to continue the Bolton line. Any children he has with Walda will be killed by ramsay so that is not an option. this way he kills two birds with one stone, appeases the northern lords and continues his houses line. cutting farya only makes the story more complex.

Roose is in a weird predicament. for him to appease the Freys, he marries fat Walda so they can have children to further the Bolton and Frey bloodline for the propose to rule the north and riverlands. The problem is that Ramsey was legitimized by Tommen which makes him heir to the North, plus Ramsey marries fake Arya so they could trick the northern lords thinking the Stark bloodline is intact.

If Roose has Ramsey Killed without a son with fake Arya then he is screwed, because what he will do with Jayne. Let me know if you disagree.

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I think roose hopes that the son ramsay has is less insane than ramsay. The death of domeric left him in an impossible spot. He had no choice but to legitimize ramsay. He does not want a boy to be his successor and ramsay was the only option.

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