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[Poll] How would you rate episode 604?


How would you rate episode 604?  

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On 5/16/2016 at 9:27 PM, xjlxking said:

What a great episode. 9/10

That Jon and Sansa reunion. Sure, they never really shared a scene together, but they carried their names, their blood. When viewers talk about Starks, they think of Jon, Sansa, Arya, Robb, Cait, Edd, Bran (NOT RICKON). Seeing at least two finally reunited after 6 years (or 15+ books wise) is something else.

I'm sorry some of the book readers that were hating on Davos are eating their words now. After the storm has somewhat passed, he is asking the question they wanted him to ask. I wonder what excuse they will use next to hate on the show... wait, lets not go there. Last I check, some posters hated an episode because the color of someone's hair was blonde"ish" rather brown.

I think the ending was ugh.. I think it resolved way too quickly. 

Kings landing is shaping up to become a center ground of either a huge civil war or a small mission impossible episode. I like how Cersei took control and you know she is already planning on killing a particular someone

I'm glad to see Peter but I had wished we see more of him. I'm sad to say, it seems his end is coming. I just don't think the show writers have the screen time to actually show how smart he is. I think by next episode, Sansa will "out smart him" and take control of the veil. I really hope now

I like where Pyke/Theon is going

Tyrion.. AWESOME. I love how ended that diplomatic game with just one sentence about Westoros and Lannisters. 



I'm sorry, keep dreaming. the way they finally had him ask way too late, and without even getting an answer because of the brute was even dumber than not acknowledging it at all. which was hella dumb to begin with.

the storm has somewhat passed, ha, what a lame excuse. :lmao:

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16 minutes ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

Not remotely. The storytelling in every scene was woeful in that episode.

Production value means precious little to me. Like... Wow... They've got money to spend on making it look good. Well done. Some of the worst films I've ever seen had good production values. By the same token, some of the best films I've ever seen had relatively poor production values.

:thumbsup: Like lipstick on a pig. Or in this instance, lipstick on a mutated and deformed pig.

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On 16/05/2016 at 6:04 AM, DarkAndFullOfTurnips said:

How else was she supposed to get out of that situation? Either Drogon comes and roasts the Dothraki or she pulls off another miracle. How do you think GRRM is going to have her survive the Dothraki horde confronting her? With her wit and incredible leadership? The story set her up for another one of these moments, and thankfully she didn't just have Drogon come and rescue her again, something that happened 5 episodes ago.

Well actually yeah, I wouldn't mind if she did something with wit for a change (she kind of did that in Season 2 when she pretended to give Drogon to the slaver). You're probably right that this would be difficult to make happen but it doesn't change the fact that, for me at least, the outcome of these type of scenes with her are starting to wear a little thin for me.

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