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[Poll] How would you rate episode 604?


How would you rate episode 604?  

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There was quite a bit to love about this episode. Tyrion's bit was probably my favorite, because I'm a very boring person. But Ramsey's letter to Jon Snow was pretty cool as well. I think they tried to milk a bit too much emotion out of the reunion of Jon and Sansa, seeing as I can't recall them ever sharing a scene in this series. The ending was ridiculous, but in a fun sort of way. 8/10

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Giving it an 8. I enjoyed it. I know there's going to be a lot of complaints about the end, but for me they just swapped Drogon ex-machina for fire-proof Dany ex-machina, which I can more than live with. And it was good to give her a bit more agency.

What I liked:

 - Sansa/Jon reunion. Actually did bring tears to my eyes. Beautiful moment.

 - Tyrion's deal with the Mereneese. Finally, we saw a bit more of the original Tyrion; though I would have liked to see him threaten them as well with the dragons.

 - Dany's stuff. As I said, her being impervious to fire in the show doesn't really bother me, and seeing as I was expecting Drogon to fly in and save the day, a surprise was actually nice. Also liked her seeking allies among the Dosh Khaleen.

 - Theon/Yara reunion. They got the tone right there.

What I wasn't wild about:

 - Jon not jumping up and rallying everyone when Ramsay's letter came. I like that Sansa's all for it, but I didn't quite buy Jon being so reluctant. Before they knew Rickon was there, yes. After, not so much.

 - Littlefinger. I get that they're trying to move things along there, but once again they haven't done much to show that he's cultivated loyalties there. Also it's very unclear what his endgame is, and I don't see how he gets away with what he's done unless he rides in and saves the day during the battle of Winterfell.

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The Wall was great. The Dothraki stuff was great (albeit a bit cheesy at the end). The other scenes were all solid. With one exception, Kings Landing; which has just gotten way too boring. The Lannister scenes were okay, but everything with the High Sparrow went way too long and wasn't that interesting anyway.

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Actually a high point and on the quality level of Season 4. The weird plots were handled very well, especially Littlefinger and the Wall, the Jon Reunion was really nice.

So alone for the cleaning up of the messed up plots and motivations of characters, like Asha and Theon, Littlefinger, Daenerys getting approval and being heard by the Khals, and also the Meereenese story,

this episode gets 7 from me.


Big plus points are still the actors themselves, who manage to recite and act even the stupidest script lines. Amazing on their part.

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Very lackluster episode. Hardly any plot progression. A series of scenes all too long by a half. Many characters acting completely out of character from their book versions. 

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2 minutes ago, Rhaegar the Unworthy said:

You didn't like Badass Khaleesi?

There was one badass woman in this episode and that most certainly wasn't Dany. 

I am a huge Stark fanboy so that reunion deserves a lot of points so... 7/10... Highest this season.

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giving it a solid 8 for keeping the story moving for the most part...the unburnt redux was surprising and cheesy or not, i liked it

i am looking forward to seeing what she does next and what she thinks of tyrion's deal

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Best episode of the season so far. Progressed every major plot point and also dealt with some of the issues they created by messing with the book plot. LF having complete control of Robin and scaring the hell out of the other Lords of the Vale makes the Lords not look stupid and maintains LF's chessmaster motif. Advanced the Northern plot and set up a clear endgame and layed out the stakes. Dany/Jorah/Daario taking care of the khals without the obvious "Dragon's make the save" was a nice twist and got us out of this hell hole of plot that we've been stuck in. Cause really the last think Dany's plot needs is more stuttering. She needs to go back with Dothraki, clean up Mereen in one episode, then travel to Westeros. Ironborn seen was fine and the Lannister's finally consolidating power now sets up a clear path to an endgame with the Sparrows and sets the stage for whatever the conflict with Dorne will end up being.

Basically all the plots progressed, any of the issues left over from last episode were dealt with. Solid pacing, and a great ending.

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It keeps getting better; except for those Davos / Melisandre / now Brienne scenes.

Davos: "Where's Shireen, my good and gentle lady?"

Mel: No answer.

Brienne: "Oh, by the way, Ser Davos, I know we just met but I killed Stannis! Sucks, I know."

Just really irritates me. I'm not even gonna mention how the sight of Littlefinger just disgusts me. The sooner Sansa can stab him in his heart

What I loved most of all was the strength of all the other women on display. From Sansa, Cersei, Olenna & Margaery, even a little in Asha / Yara, & firestarter Dany, the women were tough tonight, planning their futures. Admired the scenes with them a lot. Just with Osha - goddamit.   

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So now they have Boss Ass Bitch Sansa also taking on the role of motivational speaker and poor  stupid Jon Snow needs a pep talk from BAB to take Winterfell back from the Bolton. All because Jon's tired of fighting. 

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This episode was a huge improvement on the previous three, Sansa and Jons reunion was touching. I have always suspected there may be a possibility that Jon and Sansa would have a romance, based on how George seemed to want to create a distance between them from the start and I believe George originally wanted Arya to fall in love with Jon so it is something that crossed his mind plus Jon has a thing for reheads.I didn't like the whole kings landing stuff there it seemed a little idiotic as if the thought of marching the tyrell army into kings landing hadn't crossed the minds of the Tyrells without Cersei thinking of it. The high sparrow scenes feel repetitive at best, complete pointless drivel at worst. The scene with Ramsey murdering Osha was utter garbage. I liked everything else I have to say although the dialogue is still no where near the standard of Georges writing in the books. I prefer the idea that Dany burned the khals alive herself and was unburnt than Drogon arriving at the perfect moment to rescue her again.I'm looking forward to Theon presumably taking over victarions story Alfie allen is a one of the better actors on the show and the Ironborn need to have more screen time in my opinion. It was a fairly enjoyable and entertaining episode overall I gave it an 8

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