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  1. Yep the books 100% spell out that Ned acted completely naively and the whole point was that in this realistic world, acting that stupidly honorable gets you killed. Same with Robb Stark. The smart and savvy make the right moves and end up winning. The emotional screw up. Robb the tactician was great. Robb the honorable man got himself killed. Tywin the general basically won the war. Tywin the vindictive father got himself killed.
  2. Possibly that's one way it works out. Aegon however presents complications for Dany and a mummer's dragon is one of her prophecy points. So I could see a scenario where Dany realizes Aegon is a threat and prematurely ends his assault by burning him or some other method similar to how she took two cities without a whole lot of effort. This would leave Connington specifically out for revenge and could align him with Cersei. and give her the Golden Company. I don't think Cersei will perish this early in the books. Aegon is just one additional problem to her along with the Faith Millitant and the Tyrells. And honestly I can't see a character who was just added last book figuring this much into the endgame anymore. It wouldn't work with Jamie for Cersei to just get defeated this early imo. Also I just kind of feel like Cersei is an easier character to set up as an antagonist for Dany. She has the history of the entire book series.
  3. Probably the same way, I just would have given it more time to better flesh out the path. The biggest critique with the last half of the show is that it was very rushed. Most of the character choices were valid but the lack of methodically taking the audience to each of through each of those choices forced the audience to either accept or not accept them without much evidence to validate it.
  4. Not if Rheagar's motivation was partially in prophecy. Then making his child with Lyanna a prince/heir apparent is important. I think this is one where we all overthought it when the simplest explanation was the correct one. Rheagar fell madly for Lyanna, they ran off, he had a maester take orders to anull his current marriage so he could marry her thinking that their offspring was some prophetic savior.
  5. This show if nothing else will have the best televised battles of all time -Blackwater -Battle at Castle Black -Hardhome -Battle of the Bastards -Field of Fire 2 (needs a better name) should just bite the bullet and do Robert's Rebellion. So many good battles
  6. No I think it's just set up that at some point Sansa is going to have to choose to oust LF for Jon who she now see's as a threat. I get your point. But the problem is that if Sansa really wanted to be Queen of the North, she merely needed to say it. Jon wasn't going to resist her. Everything falls apart from that point. It's to much to reconcile that she was given the opportunity and did nothing without any reason not to besides it being what she wanted. Jon laid out a convincing case why she deserved it over him. There's a point where now the only person Sansa can be mad at is herself if she didn't get what she wanted.
  7. Jon literally offered it to her. She said no. She isn't Queen of the North because she didn't take it when offered. She knew it was LF's plan . Also I'm watching the post credits as I type this. They were talking about how she didn't completely trust Jon. Not that she was unhappy when he was declared King. If Sansa didn't want him to be King, she would be Queen right now.
  8. Yeah I think she realized LF is pissed that he didn't get his way and now Jon is an obstacle to be dealt with.
  9. I don't think it matters anymore. Sansa and Jon both know Bran wasn't killed. Sansa is a trueborn Stark. The northerners all agreed with Jon as King. After what he learned tonight, I don't think Bran is going to argue for his position back. Being the last greenseer is more important. He also will realize have a Northern King who is part Targaryen, especially when a Targaryen is about to conquer the South, will have advantages.
  10. There were Dornish ships with Dany's fleet. They probably had a rendezvous somewhere. They are landing to start next season.
  11. They were never consistent. And the biggest thing is that it's literally making the show beholden to whatever travel time you work. I mean what you want, but the approach you are advocating for mandates that several of the storylines in the show are delayed when they really didn't need to be for the sake of travel. Which I don't really see how pushing back the rest of the Mereen story for next season really makes the show any better.
  12. Baelish did. There's just very little chance they made it to Winterfell. That said its nothing Jon would know about. I mean unless there is the off chance Roose took them back to appease northerners.
  13. You should just watch it because there is precisely zero evidence to either claim. She said Rickon was dead the second Ramsay got his hands on him and she was right. Ramsay was never letting Rickon make it out of that battle. And if she wanted Jon dead, she did a shit job of it by having the Vale army save him.
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