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  1. lancerman

    D&D's direction (sucks)

    So? Either you kill a major character like Jamie or Brienne and that because the biggest death of the episode and Jorah and Theon become afterthoughts or you kill smaller characters like Piod, Gendry or Greyworm and they end up being afterthoughts like Beric. I’m fine with the balance they struck
  2. lancerman

    D&D's direction (sucks)

    I like his first two points. Disagree on episode 3. You can’t just kill characters to kill them. Jorah and Theon got impactful deaths. The more you do, the more you dilute that.
  3. lancerman

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    Warren won. Castro boosted his profile and raised his chances a few points. Booker justified his existence and gave himself a punchers chance. Ryan torpedoed his campaign in that exchange with Gabbard. Delaney died a death of futility. Beto showed he was dumb for listening to whoever said he should run. Everyone else did some good things but I couldn’t help but feel they are Cabinet position fodder. Even Castro I think would be better suited towards Secretary of Homeland Security or a focused immigration position. Either way I think Warren was the big winner last night. Others shined, but there is another debate to make people forget about some of the smaller splashes
  4. lancerman

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    The North was in a war for independence. Not a conquest. They literally could have waited up North all winter. Nobody in the North wanted to march South anymore. Also Dany agreed to fight for the North before Jon and Dany every hooked up. It was beneficial for her as well. The White Walkers were a threat to her as well We do have different definitions of unreasonable. Jon gave her an army for a fight that had nothing to do with him in excahange for her arny helping in a fight that threatened both her and the rest of the world. Jon wasn't making a claim for the throne and only wanted to tell the people he grew up with who he was. Lawfully, Jon could have pushed a claim and he had every right to do so. He didn't
  5. lancerman

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    The important point you're missing is that Jon did do her favor. His favor was that he took a bunch of Northmen down South to fight her war for her. The othe point you're missing is Jon didn't stake a claim. He told his family members who he really was. It's unreasonable for Dany to ask him otherwise.
  6. lancerman

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    No the story is over. Even if she was, she'd be worse off than Stoneheart for the amount of time
  7. lancerman

    Rank the seasons!

    Same I remember when S4 came out and it was actually considered the weakest season of the show. Now it's kind of looked at as the point right before the show dipped. I think a lot of people felt the show meandered a bit there and lost some direction once Robb/Joff died and Tyrion's impending trial wasn't a strong enough crux for the season nor was the Battle of Castle Black. Anyways. My list Season 2: Classic GOT. Tyrion is the Hand of the King. Joffrey is on the IT and his malicous is showing. Jon is exploring North of the Wall and actually has some stakes in his storyline finally. The war with Robb and Tywin is finally raging in full force. Arya and Jaquen. The Battle of Blackwater. Stannis being introduced and the additions of Melisandre and Davos. Brienne coming into the fold. Realistically the weakest part of this season is Qarth and there was enough there to make it interesting. Season 3: The war goes on. Power jockeying in King's Landing. Robb's ultimate downfall. This was almost as good as season 2, I think where it really lacked was that the heroes really were at a disadvantage thats seemed insurmountable so it never felt like there was much hope to rally behind. Tyrion was behind the 8 ball, Stannis is defeated, Robb screwed up his campaign. Jamie and Brienne was great (though yes there was that one episode), Tywin flexing muscle was awesom as well. Dany gaining the Unsullied and Second Sons was great. Jona nd Ygritte was great. Probably just a small step under season 2. Season 1: Every bit as good as the book and the best adapted season. I think it only lacks where the book lacks. That being it's a bit too smaller scale and is really setting up for the good stuff we get in the next few seasons. It was perfect for what it was. Season 4: The last season where the writing was as methodical and tight as the show used to famed for. Some great stuff. Oberyn was the highlite. However, I really think in hindsight it was a bad idea to split Storms at the Red Wedding in the show. Once Joffrey died there were no real stakes in the season. Tyrion's trial is just not as interesting as a war. Bran traveling North is okay, but not as interesting as the siege at Winterfell. Jon preparing Castle Black was great. I really wish they would have condensed this season a bit and set up some AAFC/Dance With Dragons stuff so that they could have done a proper adaptation of the books. Season 6: This was the best post GRRM material season by a mile. It was very clear they viewed AFFC and ADWD as deadweight and a filler and wanted to get to the point. Once they did, they were able to put on a pretty good little season. A lot of casual fans do hold this up as one of the better seasons and it's deserved.. Jon's ressurection was probably one of the best kept television secrets ever. We finally started getting a long awaited Stark reunion between Jon and Sansa. The Battle of the Bastards will go down as one of the best television battles ever filmed. Dany finally got to get some plot progression after 3 season of meandering around Slaver's Bay. Cersei got her Michael Corleone moment and all the deadweight from Season 5 was closed off. Finally we got the big R+L=J reveal (which I thought was well done). The ending trifecta of Jon being announced King of the North, Cersei being seated on the Iron Throne, and Dany finally sailing to Westeros was probably the best and most promising endings since season 1 (Robb being King in the North, Jon committing himself to the NW and going North, and Dany getting her dragons). It suffered from the latter seasons having hyper fast plot progression and not being as methodically written (the latter season of GOT became more tv driven) Season 7: Every problem with Season 8 started here. The show knew the endgame it wanted to get to, but vyed for big set piece moments as opposed to small scale character build up to those moments. Basically the audience had to choose between the intent of the narrative and logical conistency and congruency. Good stuff happened. The dragon field scene was everything we wanted to see out of Dragons. The Dragonpit scene was probably a show highlite and the only time nearly the entire cast (minus Sansa and Arya) got together. Then you had inexplicable stuff like Sansa/Aray vs LF and the whole Beyond the Wall episode. Season 8: Same thing as 7 only now the problems with rushing were effecting character moments and the big points of the story. Once again, the audience is forced to choose between narrative intent with big set piece scenes and actual logical consistency. This is famously known as "show ending-itus, where things just need to happen to finish to get to the point. Unfortunately this was self-inflicted by D&D so it is less forgiveable. Here's the deal, if both of the last two seasons happened exactly as is, but you giave them 6-10 more episodes to really flesh out the story and properly set it out and lay it down, it could have been on par with season 6 in quality. Not the best the show had to offer, but strong enough to not having glaring issues. It's sad in a way that you can see the good ideas and good beats of the story underneath the race to get there. It felt like you were getting dressedup cliffnotes of the finale instead of seeing it unfold. Season 5: For all the flaws of the last two seasons, this was the worst season. There was no excuse here. They had the book material. They had narrative. Dorne is and will forever be the absolute dirt worst thing this show ever did. The most pointless sequence of events ever. This was when fast travel became a thing. Sansa's storyline, I can accept if you do it well. I get the fact that Ramsay was going to be the big bad of the next two seasons and you needed to build him up and have a logical viewpoint and it was probably better to have a character like Sansa that the audience cared about, than Jeyne Poole popping up out of nowhere, but it wasn't even handled well. It was all shock value of Sansa's character going through the ringer, and the pointlessness of Brienne being sidelined all season EXCEPT for the moment she shouldn't have been. Hardhome was a good episode, but aside from that Jon had nothing to do. King's Landing was okay, but it was ultimately not concluded and the arc ended with the walk. It was just a mess of a season because you could tell they really didn't want to adapt the books at this point and tried to keep it stupid simple so they could move on. I'll probably binge watch Season 7 and 8 one day and be able to dumb myself down to enjoy it. Season 5 is just infuriating on so many levels beyond that. Just terrible. No plot resolutions, very little progression, outright stupidity for every spot the characters were in.
  8. lancerman

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    No it's not a legitimate fear. Her life is at risk for no other reason than because she decided she wanted to take the Iron the Throne. If she wasn't vying for it, she would never be in any danger. She literally could have sold her dragons for a fortune and lived the life of arguably the wealthiest women in the world and would have been safe and wanted for nothing. Any danger she is ever in is a result of her bid for the throne, which yes makes any rival claimants a potential risk. She could withdraw her claim at any time and be perfectly safe. Why is Dany wanting the throne more important than Jon's identity? You're framing far too sympathetic for Dany to make it look like she is entitled to something. Dany didn't get kicked out of her home. Her dad was a horrible monarch who got kicked out before she was ever born. She's no different than any other child of any other great house that was stripped of lands and titles. And she wasn't a beggar, her brother was. Her brother also could have easily decided she was dead weight and left her to die years before. Dany got a lot of privlidge from her last name. You think some peasant is going to be entertained by wealthy nobles as a child? You think Illyrio is going to care for some nobody? I'm sure every poor girl in fleabottom gets married off to a Dothraki Khal and is given three dragon eggs and has knights and kingsguard flocking to her. Jon's not being selfish. Jon at any point in this could say "actually lawfully your claim is wrong and I'm the real king, so step aside or face the entire North and Vale, and Riverlands presumably, and maybe I'll find some Dornish Princess to marry to get them as well. Oh and since Rheagar was beloved I'll be far more accepted as his son and if you oppose me, we'll label you a foreign usurper who is pretending to care about her family dynasty while trying to step over the line of succession and bringing a bunch of barbarians and dragons to destroy the kingdom". As dickish as that is, it would be lawfully correct and Jon would be entitled to press that stance if he wanted. He's not. This is about spoiled Dany being upset that her own ambitions have a speedbump.
  9. lancerman

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Possibly that's one way it works out. Aegon however presents complications for Dany and a mummer's dragon is one of her prophecy points. So I could see a scenario where Dany realizes Aegon is a threat and prematurely ends his assault by burning him or some other method similar to how she took two cities without a whole lot of effort. This would leave Connington specifically out for revenge and could align him with Cersei. and give her the Golden Company. I don't think Cersei will perish this early in the books. Aegon is just one additional problem to her along with the Faith Millitant and the Tyrells. And honestly I can't see a character who was just added last book figuring this much into the endgame anymore. It wouldn't work with Jamie for Cersei to just get defeated this early imo. Also I just kind of feel like Cersei is an easier character to set up as an antagonist for Dany. She has the history of the entire book series.
  10. lancerman

    Varys motives to return a Targarian to the Throne

    The plotline from season 1 was one of many book plots that they dropped as the series progressed. As we know in the books part of the plan was to marry off Viserys to Arianne so that they could have Dorne join up with Drogo's khallassar as part of their conquest. In the books that got shifted to fAegon because he can act in Viserys place, and Dany is the real wrinkle. In the show, it's just portrayed that Dany was the potential ruler who could offer the best to Westeros and then Varys found another Targaryan with a strong claim who he liked better
  11. lancerman

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Regardless of her purpose in life, it's not her place to ask Jon Snow to continually hide who he really is for her sake. Imo it makes her look worse that she's so married to an entitlement of the throne that she's desperate for her only living relative to pretend he's someone he's not just because of the possibility that people might want place him there over her. Why is what the throne means to her more important than what Jon's identity means to him? Her family lost the throne. She's no more entitled to it than any other would be king or queen anymore. Jon will always be the son of Rheagar and Lyanna. That's something nobody can take away from hima and he already lived a life of being a bastard without a place in the world under the guise of that secret. Dany for better or worse got to spend her life proudly proclaiming and using her name to get every advantage she could out of it. Jorah and Barristan woudn't have followed her if she didn't have her last name. Illyrio would have never cared enough to give her three dragon eggs and married her off to a Khal if it weren't for her last name. She wouldn't have a single justification to do anything she's done if not for her last name. Jon has the same last name and he was denied all of that, and all he wants to do is let the people closest to him know who he is.
  12. If I had to guess. Winds: Dany will travel back to Mereen with a Dothraki army. She and Tyrion plot some clever way to take it back. Dany has to be talked back from just trampling it with Dothraki and and burning by Dragons. Jon will not remain dead for too long. His body will remain preserved until Mel can ressurect him fairly quickly (we saw what a long lay over does with Catelyn). I think the Pink Letter will be true but we will actually get a perspective of the battle somehow and see how it goes down. Possible Stannis loses and his army is on the brink and that's what gets Mel to burn Shireen and maybe burning her is a sacrafice that brings Jon back. Either way Stannis still falls in a similar fashion. The early to middle portions of the book will be a newly ressurected Jon consolidating Northerners to his cause to defeat Ramsay while Sansa and LF scheme in the Vale and similar situation happenes where Jon is backed up by a Vale army and wins back Winterfell reuniting with Sansa. I also would bet that they would confirm that Jeyne isn't Arya beforehad so that a lot of Lords back off from Roose and Ramsay. Dany honestly shouldn't set sail for Westeros until midbook as this battle is going on. Meanwhile Cersei is dealing with a three pronged assault from the Sparrows and knowing that Aegon is mounting an assault. If I were to guess, I would think Winds final conflict is Dany realizing that a pretender is trying to usurp her claim and Dany and Aegon have a Dance with Dragons where we see a particularly brutal Dany win back Dragonstone. and burn Aegon. However, Dany's army gets nerffed in the battle. This sets the stage for Dany needing a Northern alliance to help her in the war with Cersei Lannister. A Dream of Spring: Roughly what we got in the show. I think Dany will be fleshed out more as a bit more brutal and self serving. Her primary purpose for aligning with Jon will be more about gaining a Northern Army and we will see heavy doses of her distrusting the Northerners and growing irrate that she is not being accepted with open arms. I just feel it will be a lot more fleshed out where Dany's experience in Westeros will be less than stellar and she'll feel isolated and we'll see self righteous indignation. I really don't know how the battle with the Others goes. If there is a great Other I would expect Arya being the assassin still gets the kill in the end. Part of me thinks that it will be less one sided and more of a brutal slugfest where mass causalities will happen but ultimately the heroes slay the Others and burn every last body. I don't think it will get out of the North though. I would assume this is the midpoint of the book and it's a big heroic victory. Then we get roughly similar beats in King's Landing. Dany loses a dragon to Euron's horn, it is more apparent the North distrusts her, the people aren't rising for her like she hoped. Personally I think she just goes compleely rogue and just burns the city from the jump and doesn't even get the moment of surrendering. I'm almost 100% positive the climactic scene will be Jon killing Dany in the throne room. That is just way too specific and seem's like such a center piece to the story to not happen.
  13. lancerman

    Aegon VI

    It's obvious he's going to make a claim for himself. Once you make a claim you are calling yourself the rightful king, regardless of whether you actually have the throne
  14. Honestly Robert was a crap husband anyways. Cersei was probably the worst fit for him since she didn't have the cunning to bend his will and wasn't docile enough to not combat and agitate him. He'd actually have done best if he married someone like Dany who could be alluring enough to keep him interested yet was able to bend him the way she bent Drogo.
  15. lancerman

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    For the most part it's just a study of the various forms power takes. From the lens of the different types of people who hold it and the where people think it lies.