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  1. I was just thinking about how a few very minor changes to the series penultimate and finale episodes would've left fans far more satisfied. What if Yara Greyjoy had been involved in the attack at kingslanding, it would've mitigated the deus ex machina element of Daenerys attacking the ships without getting hit, well to some extent. If Jaime had led Cersei into a Dead end under the red keep with Dothraki closing in realizing that they would most likely rape and kill Cersei Jaime mercy kills her by strangulation before dying of his wounds. I would remove the line where Jaime says he never cared for the innocent and also that line from Euron "I'm the man that killed Jaime Lannister" If Yara were to witness Jon killing Daenerys from a distance and arrest him after Drogon flew away with Daenerys it would make far more sense in terms of why Jon wasn't killed. If Jon is brought before the council of Westerosi lords instead of Tyrion. If at this point Bran tells Jon that the NightKing will come back that it's an unbreakable spell. Jon names Bran as his heir and abdicates the throne to him. Bran in turn could name Sansa as Wardeness of the North. Jon decides of his own volition that his place is in the Nights watch.
  2. If you cast your mind back to season 2 you will remember Bronn and Tyrion have that that exchange about the correct pronunciation of Archmaester ch'yvonthan yes it appears as if Bronn is literate.It actually opens up the question how Bronn learned to read. The show established through Tywin Lannister and Aryas interaction at Harrenhal that it is unusual for low born small folk to read. Why do I bother, it's probably an unintentional plothole per usual with D&D
  3. Tyrion: We serve at your pleasure King Bran the broken, ruler of the six kingdoms and protector of the realm long may he reign. That will improve 90 percent of the Game of thrones audience: no it won't Tyrion, no it won't
  4. He didn't have to sneak away just walk back to his own men. He didn't owe any explanation to Grey worm or any of Danys forces that he watched commit atrocities. They would never have known about Dany's death in the immediate aftermath if he hadn't gone out of his way to confess to it. If you saw any actions that were based on known character and race customs this season let me know bc it was all very inconsistent.
  5. It was a plot device to get them to their ultimate goal Bran as king and Jon in exile in the North. There were 101 ways Jon could've avoided capture, the simplest would've been to return to his men and take them back to the North and wait for the unsullied and Dothraki to come to the conclusion that Daenerys flew away and abandoned them. If they didn't return to Essos of their own volition Jon could have raised some kind of resistance with the remaining Westerosi forces.
  6. If it all comes across as whiney, piss and moan why do you read these forums? if you don't like it don't read it, see what I did there? I think the show has earned some legitimate criticism. If fans want to air their complaint through a petition then they have that right, they were the ones that financed the show from the beginning until its end.
  7. The thing about “Game of Thrones” that’s always been amazing is the fact that there’s always been crazy twists and turns, right from Season 1 with Ned’s beheading. So Daenerys becoming something of the Mad Queen — it shouldn’t be such a negative thing for fans. It’s a shock for sure, but I think it’s just because it hasn’t gone their way. All of these petitions and things like that — I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season. Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it’s not what they want to see is just disrespectful. - Sophie Turner You hear that guys it's because it didn't go your way that you are so pissed off not because the writers wiped their arses with almost every character arc, shame, shame shame
  8. You offered your own interpretation as to why someone would give a newly crowned monarch a title that would denigrate them to being nothing but their disability or their flaws in general. I read it, I politely disagree. I can't see how that would be common place enough to be anything but wildly implausible.
  9. can you give some examples of monarchs that were crowned and had people chime in and give them titles that sound demeaning to their face?
  10. I'm sorry but I can't let the "Bran the broken" idiocy go. If someone gets a title it's something flattering or impressive, Why wouldn't they go with Bran the wise or Bran the 3eyeRaven, I know it's Brendan Rivers nickname in the books but on the show it is a title that is passed on. If they do get a condescending nickname it's said behind their back. I get it, it was supposed to be a throwback to the whole "cripples bastards and broken things" line Tyrion spewed in Season 1. I guess the show doesn't use the term cripple anymore because they pandered so hard to the liberals so now Bran is just one of the "broken things" that's so much better right. These guys can't write anything for themselves and when they drop these little season 1 references all the time its just cringing. I think 90 percent of anything D&D contributed was meme generated crap.
  11. Meera stayed at Greywater watch bc it was awkward for the writers to explain that Howland Reed would be there to tell Jon about his true parentage and it would be embarrassing, in short she and the other Reeds were probably wytes. Yara Greyjoy conquered the Ironislands apparently even though it would be very easy considering all of their soldiers were with Euron at Kingslanding. Edmure Tully is in the Freys dungeon wondering why nobody has come to feed him in months. Quaithe is in Essos. Daario Naharis lost his teleporting device and couldnt make it to Westeros on time. Illyrio Mopathis, he should be in Pentos but I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in the next episode. Jaquen H'Ghar is in Bravos, he wouldn't have any interest in Westerosi affairs apart from killing Arya. Robert Arryn is in the Vale, Sansa/The north has all of his troops. The Hill Tribes of the vale, I think they would be back in their villages with their numbers significantly depleted. Kinvara is in Essos, it would make sense for the followers of R'hllor to send support for Daenerys but I guess nobody asked them. Salladhor Saan is a pirate motivated purely by money I don't think anyone apart from Cersei would hire him. Sadly the actor that played Illyn Payne died of cancer so they removed that character completely from the show out of respect to his memory.
  12. It is a parallel but it isn't a reasonable comparison. The Tarlys refused to swear fealty. They denounced Daenerys as a foreign traitor with savages supporting her. She excuted them with Dragon fire. Rickard and Brandon Stark demanded Rhaegar return Lyanna Stark who they believed had been kidnapped. Aerys burned Rickard alive and had Brandon in a device where he choked himself to death trying to reach for his sword to put his father out of his agony, all the while Aerys laughed, two very different acts , one with only Tyrannical control being its motivation that clearly brought him sadistic pleasure and the other a military execution without any sign of pleasure from Daenerys
  13. There were no slave masters in Astapor which were the only target of Daenerys attack that wouldn't have actively enslaved, castrated slaves, ordered the killing of children, whipped or crucified slaves for any dissension. If you are referring to the masters of Yunkai or Meereen then you should remember that Daenerys didn't attack them directly. It appears most of the masters that were targeted by the slaves during the slave revolt were the sadistic ones or those that participated in selling and buying gladiators in gladiatorial fighting pits I'm sure there would've been some that didn't deserve a violent end but is that any more unjust than being enslaved or what was being endured by the slaves, again they had the choice not to be involved in that practice or being associated with that class within slave cities the slaves had no choice.
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