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  1. I gave it a 4. It was entertaining, but also hollow and stupid and felt like a waste of eight seasons of buildup. Too many characters saved inexplicably when they appeared to be overrun on numerous occasions. Ghost with the Dothraki, because...well, hell, I have no idea why. Jon was almost useless in this episode. That's OK, because Jon has been mostly useless for a while now. Bran serves no actual purpose. Sansa's fan service match of the week with Tyrion (sorry Theon); let me guess, Sansa/Sandor next week? No epic one on one fights with the NK or a WW. And then there's Arya killing the Night King. I'm actually fine with the fact that it was her, but the flying leap from nowhere was nonsense. At this point, I feel like the show has finally devolved into full fan service.
  2. 8/10. It wasn't without problems, but I actually liked it. Mereen was awful, especially that Tyrion joke scene, but I've always found Mereen to be awful in both book and show format, so nothing new there. Arya's recovery was more than a bit unbelievable, but otherwise, I liked the scene and the episode overall.
  3. 8/10. Although I felt there was something missing, there's not much I can complain about. Positives: -Finally, we're starting to see a potential payoff in the High Sparrow mess. It seems Margaery really is playing him after all. -The Lyanna Mormont kid is great. -I mostly liked the scenes with Jaime at Riverrun. The previews for next week have me a bit concerned, though. -If it was necessary to bring Sandor Clegane back, I think they did it mostly right. That being said, I think they spent too much time on it. -Its good too see Arya's story is finally going somewhere, though obviously, that ending is worrisome. -No Dany this week. Negatives: -The Jon/Sansa/Winterfell story line that was largely carrying the first half of the season is definitely starting to feel rushed, much to the detriment of that entire story line. -The Theon/Yara scene seemed like mostly pointless filler. I could live with that, if it weren't for the fact that this was a short episode and that several other story lines desperately need more time onscreen than they're getting.
  4. 7/10. Not bad, not great. I expected this to be a slower episode to set up the rest of the season and that's what it was. I liked the scenes with Bran and Arya quite a bit. The King's Landing scenes were OK, if perhaps a bit rushed. Getting Jaime out of there and into the Riverlands should be a major improvement. The Sam and Gilly scenes felt like mostly filler, but I didn't mind it. And finally, I don't know if its the producers' intent or not and its certainly nothing new, but the over-the-top Dany crap is well beyond being obnoxious at this point.
  5. 9/10. Unfortunately, I'd stumbled on a spoiler for the final scene, so perhaps it didn't have as much impact for me as it should have. Otherwise, it was maybe just a bit slow at points, but did set the stage for the rest of the season. Even Dany's scene wasn't obnoxious, for a change.
  6. Not a bit. Sick and tired of that character finding easy ways out of bad situations.
  7. I would have given it an 8 or 9 before that last scene. FFS, that was awful. That dropped it to a 6.
  8. 9/10. I could nitpick a few things if I wanted, but I don't really care to. It did everything it needed to and did most of it well. The fact that we got the answer to the Jon Snow cliffhanger from the books AND appears to be setting the foundations for resolving several other major issues soon pretty much clinches a high grade for this one.
  9. I gave it a 7. Barely. It worked well enough as a setup for the rest of the season. The Castle Black scenes were mostly good, as was the Sansa/Theon/Brienne sequence. There were a few noticeable problems in these, but nothing I couldn't overlook. Much of the rest felt like glorified filler. Dorne is still a mess with no apparent way to tie it back to the books, and that scene on the ship with Trystane was absolutely awful. And the scene between Daenerys and Khal Moron was asinine, yet another (partial) contrived plot gift culminating in the whole 'oh shit, we're really sorry about what we said about you!' routine. At this point, I'm actively hoping that she gets eaten by one of the dragons.
  10. One of my crackpot theories has been that Jorah might eventually be the one that kills Dany out of jealousy and despair over her rejection. Granted, I never considered that it might be through a greyscale infection.
  11. Not really. Davos is generally a good, just and honorable man. The things he has seen of this religion often greatly conflict with his sense of morality. He's also quite wary of Melisandre herself.
  12. I gave it a better rating because I thought the rest of it was pretty good, but I'm in total agreement about that last scene. I know it has its problems in the book as well, but the way they handled it here made the problems with the scene blatantly obvious for all the reasons you mention.
  13. No, I agree. The book scene has that problem, too. My point is that the scene was already cheezy enough in the books, but they seriously upped the ante with that portrayal of it.
  14. If the show maintains consistent logic (LOL), then Dany should have greyscale herself now. I'm still trying to figure out why those harpies are alll standing around like morons when Dany's crew are surrounded 200-10. Of course, its so deus ex Drogona has time to make an appearance and whisk Dany off to safety. Even if we ignore the contrivance of that, why, after that happens, don't the harpies rush the rest and kill them all? I've read the books and I know that it goes down in a vaguely similar fashion, but the portrayal was not so hot, IMO.
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