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  1. bent branch

    Aegon VI

    Did I say there couldn't be any future twists? I just re-read what I wrote and I do believe you are putting words in my mouth. I am often accused of getting pissed off because people don't agree with me, but what really pisses me off is how my words are twisted. What I said was that GRRM called Aegon "Aegon VI" because that is how he is being represented in the story at this time. For GRRM to act like he is potentially someone else would be the real spoiler. Whether it is just the current state of the reveal or not has yet to be determined. If GRRM never openly reveals Aegon to be fake, then the current understanding of who he is stands. I actually believe there is some evidence in the text which suggests Aegon is fake. Not the long list of out of context quotes usually cited, but there is some. I think there is enough of a possibility that Aegon is fake that I would never make a bet against it. (Although I think the whole Serra thing is bogus.) It seems to me that it is people who push the Aegon is fake narrative that can't stand any suggestion that it may be wrong.
  2. bent branch

    Aegon VI

    Let me try to state this in another way. At this point in time, GRRM has presented Aegon as the real thing in the books. The hints you think you see may or may not be real. GRRM may or may not in the future reveal Aegon to be a fake, Blackfyre or not. But for GRRM to call Aegon anything but Aegon VI at this time would be the spoiler.
  3. bent branch

    Aegon VI

    This isn't a spoiler. After the reveal, Aegon is NEVER presented as anything but the real deal in the books. Some fans believe that Aegon is fake. While they are probably a majority, it is nowhere close to all. People just stop arguing with them because they insist upon interpreting things their own way. Many people also argue that if GRRM never actually reveals Aegon to be fake, then that will mean it remains a "mystery". This statement by GRRM shows that if he doesn't reveal Aegon to be a fake, then he intends the reader to believe that Aegon is precisely who he is represented to be.
  4. bent branch

    Have people given up all hope?

    I am reiterating my opinion that if Jon ends up on the throne, Aegon will end up on the throne in the books. I think they gave Jon the name Aegon Targaryen, because that is who ends up on the throne and in D&D logic it would be the same ending as the books.
  5. bent branch

    Varys and Illyrio under the Red Keep

    Viserys with the Dothraki and Aegon with the Gold Company.
  6. bent branch

    Predicting and Gambling

    I would bet that the Tyrells had nothing to do with Joffrey's poisoning. LF, Dontos and Sansa were the only people involved with Sansa being the one who put the poison in the chalice. I really can't express enough how convinced I am of this.
  7. You are aware that you are the one who made the claim that the interogation would have gone only one specific way (your way), right?
  8. 1. You assume Ramsay is the only one interrogating. 2. You assume that everyone, including the author thinks like you do. The author has written a letter that has some unknowns in it and requires the reader to recognize that everything in the letter (except for the Stannis/battle information) can be known by Ramsay. You have to be paying attention and you have to be able to intuit what non-POVs are seeing and experiencing. If Ramsay had enough information about that scene to know that Rattleshirt was burned instead of Mance, then he would have enough information to know who all witnessed Mance's "death". Once upon a time I went through and literally gave a quote for each and every piece of information in that letter (except for the Stannis/battle stuff) and some individuals still refused to believe that Ramsay could know all of that. Therefore, I will leave you to believe what you want to believe, I will stay with my opinion that Ramsay wrote the letter, because I have never heard an even semi-good reason why it wasn't written by him.
  9. I agree that the Wildling women wouldn't call Val a princess, but they would report what they SAW. Ramsay would interpret it in his fashion. GRRM tells the story from certain POVs. From those POVs you have to be willing to shift your focus to what other people in that scene are seeing and experiencing to understand how information travels.
  10. Not only did Mance witness this scene, all of the spear wives with him witnessed this scene. They were in the group of wildlings that were given the choice to burn a piece of weirwood and join Stannis or turn back.
  11. ??????????? If you are talking about the men who died, then the only one they "confessed" to was Yellow Dick (at least I think that was his name). The other deaths, besides Little Walder, were probably accidents.
  12. bent branch

    Poll: Has Myrcella Already Died Off-Page?

    No. Although I do think there have been some good arguments for it.
  13. bent branch

    Did Kevan approved the WoS?

    Yes Kevin arranged for the WoS, but he had a good reason to do it. It was not simply about pulling the reins in on Cersei, but it was also about saving her life. If Cersei was found guilty of what she was accused of while still in the custody of the church, she would have been put to death immediately. By having Cersei inside the Red Keep, they could refuse to give Cersei back if she was found guilty. That is why the Septon demanded Cersei do the WoS in order to get out of prison, that way Cersei would have some public punishment even if they couldn't get her back after the trial.
  14. bent branch

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    No. Honestly, this is a question that I am really split on. Knowing what all the parties in question look like and that LF and Lysa had an ongoing affair, I would be inclined to say yes. But I still don't see how it would be relevant to the story, so I'll stick with no for now.
  15. Fascinating observation. Perhaps this should tell us that the PtwP is now present somewhere in the world and it isn't anyone else's children or grandchildren.