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  1. Best All Star weekend ever. The slam dunk contest was like damn, plus the Buddy win , the roast of the hosts was perfect, and now they tricked the players into really competing during the the allstar game to keep their charity kids from crying. And the alley oop fest at the start of the game! This was a great way for the league to celebrate Kobe's death. Jennifer Hudson's tribute song was strange like opera and the shadow of Kobe's head above her looked elongated at one camera angle hinting at his alien heritage and then Magic Johnson said David Stern saved millions of people from HIV. Chris Webber was absent from broadcast duties due to load management. Tiffany Haddish's ass was so wide when Shaq saw her from behind he said, "Hey Chuck, how ya doin." Best Allstar Ever.
  2. Everyone is cussing on most channels this year, so saying the moon is a wily cunt who doesn't want to die doesn't stand out as much as you'd think it would. The two parter with the whales pretty much banged. The dark king story isn't totally boring. Totally boring is those uninspired fantasy novels where the dark lord is like, "I'm so evil, and also in a leadership position, just as you'd expect." Fen is off to have a faerie adventure next to get their side of the story. The librarian seems to have joined the gang. Penny is addicted to meth. Josh will give you the coronavirus AND werewolfism but you'll eat well. Todd is still stressed out despite being jacked off. Dean Fog needs to be rescued from paradise. Julia and Alice and Kady all working together is nice to see. Margo the gladiator. All Hale the king.
  3. What if there were a bunch of QBs on first down? Flood the field with QB's! New Orleans uses 2 at the same time already, but they could be doing more. They had Bridgewater, and if Rivers went there that'd make 4 QB's they could bring together in one play to completely confuse things. If one of them took a fifteen yard drop, another of them went in motion, the third took a direct snap and latteraled to the one who'd lined up in shotgun....... that'd really be something. Add to that the fact you'd be denying other teams access to backup quarterbacks by collecting all of them you possibly could onto one team. Just keep acquiring more and more QBs and don't stop. Hungry Hippo those MFs. Like china hoards all the super-rare metals we need for our high tech gizmos. Eventually it'll cause a league wide shortage at the position. Then, take one of your meaningless extra QBs and set him up as a cobra kai blitzer to "sweep the leg" of the other team's last decent QB. What do you care if your kamakazi gets banned by the league? That's just another way of keeping other teams from getting him on their roster. And as for where to put all these QB's on your own roster? Well, let's see. Every kickoff goes through the endzone these days, so clear out special teams. Why pay them anymore for trotting out to "achieve" another touchback. That's 11 slots right there (really around 5 or 6, cuz you need the kicking team and the guys who also play on another squad). Those are roster spots you can earmark for additional QBs. Then take a good hard look at your receiver corps. Are they still dropping balls at the same alarming rate they always have? And they're just about as skinny as QBs. Hmmmm. So if you replaced them with QB's, you wouldn't be giving up that much weight, and now you'd have guys who could both catch AND toss. Worried they wouldn't have enough speed to get open? That's already the case, except for the 1 or 2 guys your QB ends up throwing to all the time. Consider keeping them, or recruit fast QBs to replace them from among the ranks of multi-sport athletes. The center? No, you need to keep the center under contract. Unless you can find an older out of work QB who's really let himself go and has packed on the pounds to where he's starting to look like a possible fit as your new center. That's the blueprint. And it can honestly be said that no team has ever failed using this approach. Whether any of this current crop of milk toast coaches are sufficiently nutted to handle this amount of risk/reward is another matter. Most of their genitals if weighed against a poptart would be like egyptian souls found to be lighter than a feather. Clearly, I'm wasting my time pitching this to the nfl and need to walk it over to the XFL where ideas are listened to and applied. "Happy Valentime's Day." - - - Mr. T
  4. That girl in a planet crusher was a great start to a character, as was the getting tricked into unleashing a primal evil. Then she got out and was like, "I'm evil. Say, let's BE evil, mr. Hubby Guy." Evil husband: "Yessss. Evil. Let's!" And then back in the box. I feel like I could have done more with that. Like a new Maisie type presence in the universe. A modern pandora twist, in which her world had shoved HER into the box in retribution, but now once freed she'd do some really interesting things, an arc with perspective no other being would have, etc.
  5. If you ever want to see it, check it out now. Last time they were out of money by... week 3?
  6. It's weird, right? now that we hear of a connection between Mirri and Marwyn. How can Marwyn be cool with what went down? Even though i want him to be the Merlin to dany's Arthur, this mirri shit seems to portend his stint with Danny won't go any better than Maz Dur's! Are we supposed to believe mirri and marwyn are playing a long con here? Marwyn will find a dragon really receptive to him riding it because that dragon contains the spirit of his loyal servant mirri? She gets to live as Fire, he gets to weild it. That's if the dragon eggs were even on her mind at all when Mirri got herself executed. On the surface, based on her face acting, it was either a botched magic surgery or simple revenge, to make Dannee suffer for the town's suffering. Any deeper motive on her part to wake the dragons on purpose is..... just a conspiracy theory still, even with the marwyn connection. Remember when Annikan Skywalker was told to stay away from the senate building as the jedi arrested the emperor? That reminds me of danny being told to stay out of the tent during the soul transfer. Neither Vader nor Stormborn could stay away, they were both in the midst of an emotional bind that twisted away at them until they broke their orders. The emperor put Annikan in that position on purpose.... I can easily picture Mirri knowing in advance that she could create a shadow show worrisome enough that Daenerys would find it impossible to stay out of the tent. Her need to see what all the weirdness was doing to her family was....predictable. Did Mirri talk the Khalisi into voodoo knowing the ceremony would be fouled? I think so. In Mirri's best possible world, Danny would have blamed herself fully for the tragedy and Mirri would have walked away from a broken queen unscathed. But she was also ready to pay the price for revenge if required. So.... mirri got the magic swirling in the air..... and put Danny into a situation that brought out Stormy's true fiery soul of rage and turmoil and conquest and blood and fire......and Danny then behaved her way into waking dragons the way the first dragonlords must have figured this stuff out long ago.... by intuiting their way through the magic. Part luck, part experimentation, and part of it is having a fiesty human spirit the dragon eggs resonate with, to the point the lil' dragon eggs wanna quicken so they can join mommy on the other side of the eggshell.
  7. Oh no. The wanda bits look to be employing the time wasting method from Legion. Winter Falcon looked the crispest.
  8. Andy! You're a beautiful individual. Have a trophy and a salad. So nice to see a career long postseason frown turned upside down. Both teams are babies and will be back for Rocky II. Proof that it doesn't have to be about commercials.
  9. They wouldn't have a crib. putting babies in a cage is the worst savagery imaginable. Like unto being benched. So, astro turf. No. They'd get tiny turf toe. Real grass then, in a 10x10 room, with down and distance markers to measure their crawling fitness.
  10. So really it's like you're saying Just, you know, using different language to get there. Each of us drawing analogies, yours coming from a background in sports and mine heavily influenced by porn, yet both arriving at the same inescapable conclusion based on known physics and physiology. And my God this is the most serious discussion of football ever seen outside of the break room at Foot Locker. If only there was an internet Emmy category for this topic to be nominated in!
  11. That seems incendiary. Maybe it'll be like lord of the flies, whoever holds the conch gets to speak. Whoever has the shield Right This Second is captain 'merica.
  12. Hit Monkey is officialy deep into the Bin of "Huh?" and I've looked into the wiki at this point yet never ran across a link to.....him or it. I've heard of modok, and know that he presents a challenge similar to the fantastic 4 in terms of how do you keep the mainstream audience from just smirking when you unveil him. Wanda show can be sold as big potential fun as wanda is wild and there's her high level mystery to unravel. but bucky and falcon and other shows are heading into the weeds far enough that the main entertainment road has been left behind and they're on a dirt hiking trail now. This is where disney has built it out to, as they should, to see how many will follow them offroad, but we're at the point where I wouldn't get a streaming service just to see these shows. This is more for keeping the people who already have the service, giving them a feeling like the purchase is unfolding more value like a flower. It'll also trap people into watching some things that.......are best enjoyed by a captive audience.
  13. And they had mastered their visual effects up to the point of making it look good but not making it feel like anything. Uniformity was still the main concern, making sure it stayed believable from shot to shot. Adding tension to the computer images is an added layer of the animation cake that came later from other companies who remembered to bake it in. This production didn't really reach that far or didn't have the luxury to. Also, maybe the cold feel of it....... makes it a MORE genuine space battle vibe. The firy explosions may not be consistent with a space battle, i forget the specifics, but didn't they make an effort to muffle things to imply how sound wouldn't be carrying across the void? And the isolated feeling of your X- wing watching ships blow up in a way that felt disconnected emotionally because there's no atmosphere connecting you to them. It would feel kind of like it's presented, just a bunch of spacecraft waling away on each other with no pathos being felt by the participants, your death having already been decided by the political situation so you wouldn't feel any Answers or Meaning or Turbulence of Truths coming from looking around the battlefield, just the chaos at the end of things.
  14. Names- - Skywalker is too on the nose and makes you feel silly? It sums up the future we're being shown in that one word, so it's a better name than the movie titles lately. It sounds native american, spiritual, and the force is a spiritual connection, so that checks out. And look at our last names now: Porter, Slaughter, Miller, De La Sol, White, McFarland, Goldstein. Lots of places and jobs and deeds and traits become names. In a world where space travel was a job, Skywalker would be a name. But Solo for a character who wants to fly solo and not join the resistance? That is too on the nose. And I feel Newt Gun Ray also insults my limited intelligence. I suppose making ray guns is a profession that might stay in the family for 10 generations, so you might have Gun Ray as a family name. But people would giggle, and then you'd have to shoot them with your ray gun. I know I had a tough time taking that action figure seriously.
  15. This is what they did. (The movies-only crowd of fans knows not of these brain chips.) (Similarly, the movies didn't confirm the Darth Plagueus timeline or that he was siddy's mentor, which apparently confines sideous to a regular human lifespan in EU lore. What the movies did do is show him as a semi- fucked- up- faced hoodie wearing emperor-looking guy already in the AotC final reveal BEFORE HIS "DISFIGUREMENT" in RotS. This means that movie-only viewers were in fact steered to believe the fuggly face was Sid's real face, that he was an ancient being fooling the mere mortals into accepting him as their chancellor as his latest fake ID, like a vampire uses various aliases throughout the generations to disguise his immortal presence among us.. ...... maybe LONG ago he'd "learned everything his master had to teach him" before killing Plaguiss, and among those skills was "the ability to cheat death." (And then became a gross-assed witch man like Melisandre whose true visage was a saggy bag of wrinkled skin and hollowness.) The resurrection thing (of Padme) was beyond Sid's ability, because it was too life-based whereas his skill is more like an undead thing. He had an imperfect / lesser / corrupted understanding of his old master's legit breakthrough force ability. But he just didn't tell Anikan this part until after Ani went sith and was trapped. That's what the movies implied. And I'm gonna stick with it, because better. All this other stuff that's filled in the blanks differently is inferior in my view, like the stormtrooper brain chips. Brain chips are in our near future, so I'd fully expect them to be in stormtroopers.....because they'd be in Everyone in the far future. They'd be normal. What changed the troopers minds after order 66 would be more special, like a sith-brewed abuse of the clone brains' incomplete reasoning center, pouring evil commands Through those brains in a way that wouldn't need chips. The brains can't disobey. Just have regular chips send evil orders to redefine the troops in that moment, not to release some built-in malice they'd been holding back before then. That would have been messier, left more of a trace, more likely to backfire, like it did in the cartoon apparently. No, they were reformatted in that moment of 66. like a finely crafted work of art that used the clones' pinched off brains as a sith canvas to paint their masterpiece of human manipulation in spilled blood.
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