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  1. The Mother of The Others

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about an all Wookie movie (AWM) ? This would eliminate the spoken word, which has been the downfall of the series. Throw out the script and write with action and emotion instead of silly words that just got Ryan in trouble. Chewie had a furry friend in Episode iii---it could be a buddy movie. Love scenes, chest pounding, finding huge fruit and celebrating, saving the franchise by showing the audience they're the real brains behind the rebel alliance who are working toward meaningful goals while the idiot rebel fleet from the last movie acts as the decoy.
  2. The Mother of The Others

    Anyone else dreading the prospect of Disney incorporating the X-men into the MCU

    Until the xmen make an x rated movie they'll remain hypocrites. Their stuff is weird, too, like when a Shriner drives by in a tiny car, only with powers. And Apocalypse wasn't done right. So they can stay out of MCU. I'll make some calls. You're welcome.
  3. The Mother of The Others

    Can Cat be happy?

    Yes. Not a superfan of Cat Meets Daughters. More behind the scenes. For your eyes only, Walder. Alive IS better. Luckily Jaime is. If the Thoros spark passes to the living maybe it grows your hand back? As per Jaime's vision. And say it lends you some unnatural gravitas, a lil' somethin somethin for standing out from the crowd and making a name for yourself during the end times. Cat had other missions in life. She's dead set on the state of mind she died in, but she knows who she was and that Catelyn had more passions than only hate driving her. She "knows" that hate is all she has left now, but if another of Catelyn's dying wishes presents itself, like a chance to preserve her line and castle(s).... the hate-only Cat may melt enough to honor the wishes of the living Cat. Those other missions could be rekindled, if you supply the kindling / hope. She may melt away completely upon that melting of her heart, unless Jaime and Brienne can keep her cold by promising another big name target for Hate-Cat to focus on. Such as..... a huge root system that, when you dig to the bottom of it, you find Weirwood and Essosi mage trees are intertwined in an under-the-narrow-sea slapfight? About Thoros manifesting evil god power or not: we've gotten the heads up that there ain't no evil gods who'll be weighing in, and Thoros was a non-believer in the red god to begin with (he acted secular at court), so I'd say whatever miracle happened wasn't really a R'hollr brand product. I think he pulled a Daenerys. Performed the usually mundane ritual elements, which combined with ambient magic, which combined with his mindstate being absolutely congruent in the wish that Beric not be dead. The ambient magic responded to that triggering. Maybe magic is harmful / toxic as its default effect when used by fool warlocks, but in the hands of the worthy soul it may, "Behave!" as Austin Powers would say. A true dragon may just mean a worthy vessel for weilding magic heroically.
  4. The Mother of The Others

    Can Cat be happy?

    Cat insisted upon a word from Brienne. There are words that can work upon Stoneheart. She is obviously capable of adopting strategy, and given the right argument can be moved to change her approach. Her drive for vengeance can expand into the drive to see resurgence from her loved ones, as the most satisfying cap to her vengeance campaign. She may not be able to take part in the warmth of Spring, but she can move to plant the seeds, maybe fertilizing them with her dissolution and transferring her spark to someone with a warmer quest locked in. That's the wordy exercise that awaits Jaime&Bree at their meeting.
  5. The Mother of The Others

    Can Cat be happy?

    The key to Cat's happiness is to reunite with ned-headed Rob Strong at the close and tongue him in front of a chastened Baelish. Like, "See Petey? This is how you do it. Not like that half-assed garbage you were trying on our daughter."
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Aegon is Faegon

    turnabout is fair play, so it must also be said that Faegon is Aegon.
  7. The Mother of The Others

    Walder Frey's End: Craster of the South

    Nice. If he has the time. I usually pencil in Catelyn for this for that reason. She gots the time. Maybe she could 'Marry' lord frey as part of his interrment service / death. Some memorable line like, "we owe you a wedding, i seem to recall." For needing flight to take Twins. Tyrion? Jon? Some spare dragon should be floating around. I'm not betting against Black Walder.
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Walder Frey's End: Craster of the South

    This is how the Freys will come to an end (the last big clump of them huddled at the Twins). Not a red wedding sequel. (Because the whole reason the red wedding is an outrage is because nobody else will stoop to that level. If the north's response is to copycat Walder's offense back at him, that's a dumbing of them and the story and it diminishes Walder's original crime if other families rush in to repeat it and share in that accursedness). So they won't do that. The north's response will instead be.... to flee the Others (some will stay to fight, the rest will flee south). This migration of humans will speed right past the Twins, because the great river will be frozen over and easily crossed by both the living and the dead, taking away all of the Frey's leverage as bridge holders. Walder will have nothing to offer the Others, then, when they arrive. Except for his abundance of wives and babies. And his character is such that he'll slide his way into Craster-hood with little resistance from the qualms, ethics, and decency that might prevent most people from handing over their family to the Walkers. He's made to be Craster II, not the recipient of red wedding II. He'll know he's erasing the Frey line from history each step of the way, but his sniveling need to live on another day, another hour, will drive his Crastering on and on till no one's left. Along with a more real martial understanding of things that tells him a braver last stand would be equally hopeless. I saw all of this in a non-porn vision this morning, and am forwarding it to y'all because of how this idea has a feeling of eerie correctness to it that recommends it for low-cost time capsulization here in its own thread. By your command.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

    Uh, medieval physics govern the breaking of these armies, right? So they don't have modern discipline or see themselves as professional soldiers, they're just scared of disobeying their lord or getting strung up as a deserter. But if their lord's forces just got fucked up and they were there to see it, they're in a good position to know their lord is no longer in a good position to punish desertion. And the army dissolves as part of the traditions of old world ways? Anyway that helps me to not notice the things you guys are noticing. (Go Bears) (Go Eagles)
  10. The Mother of The Others

    How do you think Martin makes his characters so interesting?

    Include bodily functions in your characters' daily routines. Have the events be bigger than the characters, so it's not about them like it's their story, so they're not "equal" to their challenges as if the story is contrived just to show off the characters. Rather show them coping with a reality that's larger than any of them, and with varying degrees of success. Realism.
  11. The Mother of The Others

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    But the letter isn't a lie, not in that case. It's an accurate prediction of Stan's near future as foreseen by the man in the know, Stan. If it's a secret message to Mel, the message basically consists of, "You were full of fiery crap!" In which case he might as well have just told her that openly.
  12. The Mother of The Others


    He's unable to cause consequences currently while peeking through tree eyes. Butt, actual time travel would bring actual consequences. So your hot mind is thusly put at ease, or a'tease as the poets would say. Time travel wouldn't undermine or be a cheat around consequences, it'd add a second story onto the House of Repercussions.
  13. The Mother of The Others


    If the festering bad relations deal with the Others dates back to a forgotten dispute over their own version of R+L=J, and if the Others are the equivalent of Thoros' loyal Kingsmen whom the world turned its back on, Bran could look into the past's truth and know how to settle the Other problem properly. If the Others have their own rightful claim to westeros and were displaced by ancient betrayal, that might be why Jon is strangely seen joined to their (just?) cause in the prophetic vision. Are the true Three Heads of rulership a dragonlord, an Other, and a fire & ice mixed blood hybrid?
  14. The Mother of The Others


    Babylon 5 was a big deal idea-wise in the 90's when this ice & fire thing got conceived, right? So sending Bran back in time to be the historical Builder Bran could be George's homage to how Captain Sinclaire (B5 spoiler) went into the past to become the mysterious minbari war hero "not born of minbari." Bran knows where every brick of winterfell would need to be placed... and he's started feeling his way into the past. He'd maybe give the Children the psi-power to control the giants who built the Wall? Eh.
  15. The Mother of The Others

    Has A Song of Ice and Fire influenced your life in any way?

    These books distract me away from porn. Lovecraft also works as a safe harbor when one needs a respite from sailing on an ocean of lust. Chess as well cuts through the haze and delivers you into a clear minded state. Certain well told vampire stories with an involved mythos about more than just feeding can also put me in a contemplative frame of mind, start me thinking about what this species could be, given time and a redirect to our culture to cull out some of our pettiness and chaos so we might be worthy and capable of attaining the stars. But then at that point it's usually back to porn.