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  1. The Mother of The Others

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    So the only thing left for me to tackle is the accusation that Jon Arryn had bad breath. Well, if this really bothered Lysa she was in an excellent position to do something about it by changing the old man's diet, having a spicy chef tossed out the window, supplying her husband with a mint, the list goes on.
  2. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Was about to say there's no fire in space. ..... Withdrawn! Literally the biggest of fires. Like, really big and hot. Odd : in Oz the Great and Powerful, the witches employed very Melisandre- ish necklace jewels and wand tip crystals as their power cores. Mel's ruby safeguards the throat against poisons, but also glows at other times. If you smashed it, how much of her would poof away into dust. "Oh what a world, what a world!" Sansa had poison posing as precious stones. Mel is already poison and thus cannot be poisoned? Should they kiss? (NBC television execs pre- marked the YES box, and they want it to happen during a Will and Grace crossover event with Game of Thrones.)
  3. The Mother of The Others

    Professional Wrestling: Smark I

    Why does anybody need 16 championships. Aren't fans tired of that whole golden boy phenomenon , and Roman is just the unlucky guy who was Next in line for it when everybody rose up and said No More Cena's. I mean, Roman doesn't offend me. Go back to flipping a coin each week to see who wins and I'd have no problem with him. It's the forever push that's unfun and outdated. They must have numbers on it though, telling them that a hulk hogan goldenboy adds 22% to revenue historically, or something.
  4. The Mother of The Others

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I don't see why Adam Warlock can't appear. Just because he hasn't been born yet? Pshaw. He's a wizard of the cosmos. Just have his adult self time travel back to now to help forge a better future than the Thanos universe he'd have grown up in. And right about here is when I remember to feel miffed about the Novacorps getting defeated off screen. Too expensive, errrr, "redundant" to include in the movie. Now poor Nova will need to be born in a flashback sequence, which usually leads to self esteem issues when your story isn't important enough to be told in the present.
  5. https://youtu.be/wmIRtqkwHX0 (Let me know if this has been done to death. Cuz it seems new- ish to me as a decoder key.) This lady ^ did a Melisandre = Greenseer piece. I rarely if ever considered this, because Mel seems to be everything else but that. Yet it holds a fascinating possibility that the youtuber left out: what if Mel is an Ebony Weirwood Greenseer, linked to the weir of Essos??? Events would make a lot of sense in that light. Like, a lot. Including some of the weirder stuff: º Black Blood is described as dripping down her thigh during a vision. If the sap runs in her veins, it'd be a deeper connection to ebony than warlocks drinking evening shade. º She's stronger at the Wall because it's built with greenseer magic??? º My Vision in the Flames: Mel's Backstory- - If Mel's use of Blood Magic seems odd for a R'hollor fire priest, maybe that's because she has a separate source for that magic- - her previous life as an Essos woods witch equivalent, a blood magic practitioner, back before her 'Miri Maz Durr Experience' of getting "rholled" and sold into slavery. Where she was then bought and trained by the fire temple because they prized her special greenseer aptitude for expanded magics!! Why, to get a greenseer on their team, they may have even gone so far as to raise her from the dead, which would explain her hazy memory of her first life. And it's also why they'd send her over as their #1 asset in this game of Red R'hover- - as a greenseer she's their closest thing to an anti- Children expert. Was Bloodraven showing her that Lot 7 vision of a forgotten past to snap her out of the fire cult's brainwashing, to remind her of her original nature as a woods witch.... like him??? º She identified Bloodraven & Bran as the Big Bad--as agents of the god that opposes hers. And everybody thought she was nuts. Well? If she's connected with the ebony weir, that actually would make Raven her opposite number. Directly. In a war of the weirwoods. (Fought mostly by their human avatars / dupes. Paste fools vs. Evening Shade suckers). The Fire & Ice magic poles of Planetos (Asshai and the Northern Wastes) each bled their emanations into the nearby trees and suffused them, and humans then bummed a brainwave contact high off of the trees... then the foreign brainwaves stayed, like an addiction, and brought those people under the influence of that magical agenda. Essos' semi-sentient trees are striking at "our" weirwoods' sphere of influence now, exactly the way the eastern religion is making an aggressive move on the western religion in the human realm. (i.e. it's really the underlying Root War that's puppetmastering the humans into waging their war): Petyr, who spearheaded the war of the five kings, has links to Braavos, which was born of the East, and whose Faceless cult incorporates ebony weirwood, and seems to have been drafted as the special forces division of the coming assault on westeros. They balance it out with regular weirwood, as if true to their mission statement of including all gods. Do they manage to remain above it all, a voice of true wisdom balanced between dark and light? or are they under its sway? Will we eventually see Petyr slip and forget to wipe his purple lips? Because Something is keeping him preternaturally ahead of the game, similar to Euron, who basically has to be numbered among The warlocks now, who are so full of malice lately, drinking the dark tree drink (it's more than coincidence that an orchard of the ebony trees surrounds their Undying HQ.) And what's Euron up to? Why, it seems he will soon strike a blow against the Citadel.... as an unwitting proxy of the Ebony Weir. Under the sway of whatever the tree drink does to your brain. People sometimes say he traded his eye away to receive visions from the 3 eyed crow. But Euron has closer ties with Essos ports than to Raven. If he was ensnared by a weir influence, why not say it happened there, where he travelled? º *Someone* is magically guiding Daenerys to ultimately cross the sea and bring dragonfire to Westeros. To burn....armies? Yes. Of course. Human armies. It'll just be an unfortunate side effect when the FORESTS also catch fire. (Oh wait, Tywin already took care of that! Ha. Maybe that's why Quaithe is in no hurry to get Danny on a boat anymore. Anyways, when it happens, it'll represent the essos Firemagic beasts invading the Coldmagic zone. The East again rising against the West. Maybe with good cause, like saving the planet from an icy death. But still, people are dying like flies with more to come. Thanks a lot, gods! º The children of the forest are the adults here? The mature gatekeepers of magic. Maybe the occasional users of magic nukes, sure. Maybe feeders upon human flesh.... But who are we to tell them that's evil? We'd just be the biased sore losers in that scenario, crying Unfair on the rare occasion when the ways of Nature don't profit us. We're not morally better. To see what you get when silly humans have primary access to magic trees, look to the East, at the warlocks. Babies. Showoffs. Creatures of ego, goadable into conflicts at the drop of a hat, given godlike tricks and powers. Trying to grab dragons. Jeesh! º Fire religion vs. House of the Undying. If this Two Trees conflict is real, what odd relationship exists between the R'hollor agenda and the Undying/warlocks??? Neither seems like an 'excellent' steward of essosi society. A choice between crooked purging fire and soul corruption meth. Maybe the trees prefer the Undying as servants because.... why would magic trees Ever want to be around fire magickers? They wouldn't! Trees burn. (Unless, and this is kinky... some trees' reproduction is aided by fire. The heat opens up their acorns, seeds, whatever. So dragons burning the land all willy nilly would spread the growth of those trees! We don't know if ebony weir benefits from this. If not, the reason to get dragons to Westeros would be to spread the misery to white weirwoods so they can also be decimated like their eastern counterparts.) º Hmmm, in my crystal ball I see the fire faith kneeling to The Unburnt. It just sings to me. Fire pope Danny. If she comes correct, the eastern continent might truly be purged of corruption. The r'hollor bunch has the ability to reorder society there to do away with slavery in a way Danny can't accomplish by merely burning towns. But first she has to purge the fires of r'hollor so they burn clean, not demonic. Hmmmm, might that not necessitate a dragonflight to Asshai & the Shadow??? (She must go right to go left , etc.) What if, while there, she burned down the adjoining dark weir forest groves that serve as the source of the warlock's evening shade! Eh? Eh? (Win the root war to win the war for planetos' heart.) (Neither white nor ebony weirs are good for the planet in the end). (Balance the planetary equation, the great imbalance that's causing the magic poles to spew toxic energies in the first place....then half of the armageddon has been defeated, her half. Half of the dance that Stark must then join in. Maybe with a dragon under him for luck. Because it's tough to ride a wolf, and that doesn't make the same first impression as a dragon. But then, after armageddon is put down, ...dragons can't stay, man. History tells us that. You know whatcha gotta do. The Faceless are on it.)
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    (porn voice): Oh Jonathan! Good stuff. So Rickon' s and Shaggy Dog's soured connection is directly analogous to how the dragon clan sometimes goes off the deep end, due to the same kind of feedback along the mental link. Mayhaps. That's sleazy hot by itself, and then the bit about Sansa being addled due to Lady's continuing presence. Wow. I don't see how Lady is supposed to manifest or contribute in Sansa's human dominated world, and the warg-housed spirit is supposed to fade over time (may have already). But it's definitely a gem to peer into and ponder, this idea. And the winter snow has caught up with Alayne, so if she finds herself on the run or in danger out in the cold, the wolf may assert itself then, as Lady would better understand that survival sitch than the usual Alayne problem of how to navigate a political landscape. (Alayne's daily life may not provide Lady with the kinds of stimuli that'd wake her from her subsumed coma, so the wolf slumbers during those boring chapters, same as the rest of us are tempted to nod off. (Kidding) ). .... Or, during a time of extreme identity crisis, a huge decision moment, the wolf could surface one last time to show Alayne who she really is by sleepwalking Sansa in the direction a Stark would choose, and then Sansa wakes with that clear omen unmistakable, cries, says Alright, Lady. Shall we walk it together?
  7. The Mother of The Others

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    She reminds us too much of ourselves. When we're here to read about feats of magical perversion and bravery, all to take us away from our usness. Then there's this American/British tween in the story. Whom we identify with but don't want to.
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    That does sound like a one in 14 million shot. There was a story where he stepped down from complete power like that. It does leave the heroes with less to do... maybe they can make their own fun by finding new trouble in whatever timetravel or alternate reality jumps they try in desperation.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    That's something Fie- Ghee should have to answer, since there's no pornstar scandal to grill him about. ....Maybe if you can't stop overpopulation disasters you also can't get funding together for spaceships.
  10. It looks like every captain's log will be hard next week. But this ep had good talking! And that's good, from your ear's perspective. Rich tycoon evil science guy got less sketchy when he remembered that people are people and then dove right back in to shady behavior when he remembered dividends are dividends. So that's like doing the hokey pokey and ending up where you started, like in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the two sisters and how their "character development" returned them to where they were in part 1, so you sort of ask, "was that anything?" Still, i liked the characters enough in this one to forgive a talkie talkie ep. Sometimes, though, it'd be nice to get away from this focus on one crew.
  11. The Mother of The Others

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    I always expected them to, even during the otts (2001-2009) when raiding was trending. I was saying the boltons might not qualify as hosts. They didn't break guest rights, they broke the universe of trust.
  12. The Mother of The Others

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Is this news? The entire tradition of wildlings is raiding for people's daughters and stuff. That's never been neighborly, and it isn't now. So I'd rule that if the gods saw only a polaroid snapshot of Mance invading Winterfell, then they'd be angered over his abuse of guest rights. If the gods cared to look further into the context of the situation , though, they'd see the Boltons are also guests who have horribly abused the host castle.
  13. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    I think the far north is home to another order of life that re-organizes the ice crystals into Others and then seeks to apply this to everything else it encounters, such as our dead, which is why we built the wall. Not just to halt specific Others but to halt this 2nd Order of Life from speading its infestation over the globe like the ghost grass example in essos. So...what if after it sinks its roots into a region the dead in that region just rise because the ambient energies of Life2 are present, re- ordering all the foreign matter. Life2 is Not able to reformat us living specimens of Life Type 1, but once we die and go inanimate, it is able to incorporate us / reanimate us into its grand design of crystal- encrusting everything. The hive mind of the wights = multiple facets on a snowflake spun into a mathematical design. So Others slay us Not out of super special spite, just the spite with which you swat an ant that Doesn't Belong in the house because it's not your kind of living thing. But once a bunch of ants have been Rearranged, put into an antfarm, you have no trouble with them being on the countertop anymore because they've been slaved to your vision of how things should be orderly in the house. ...Now what about the trees? The woken trees, the ones that seem to be reaching out to incorporate the world into their OdinEye Root Zone the way the Northern Wastes seem to reorder things into Cold Life. It's as if the weir's evolution has been influenced by Life Type 2. Directly or indirectly is the question. Nature evolved the pollenating plants and their insect pollenators into a teamwork arrangement.... it also developed thorns to deal with some bugs. So which is it here? Are the weirwoods where Life2 met up with Life1 and started to hit things off, feel each other out, with nature managing to harmonize a working relationship between two different orders of life?! Or what if the trees are nature's anxious defensive reaction to its deadly run- ins with Cold Life..... nature feared mass extinction unless it adapted to defend its perimeter by putting watchdog trees in place, with psi- laden roots as barriers that can disrupt the progress of cold life, so that It Can't Lay Down ITS ROOTS. The weir as thorns in the Cold's path that can fight back against those foreign psi powers of crystalization. But nature had to copy some aspects of cold life in the process of defending against it. So now we humans are experiencing some wacky coldlife side effects (psi-effects) whenever we interect with the weirwood trees, or sleep on a weir stump. What does all this have to do with Sansa? Hell if I know. I suppose she'll have very little to do with creating a bridge between 2 modes of Life. That looks like Bran's jam. Whoa. That's a new prophecy: if all the Stark kids find their way into an altered mental state around the same time, we could see a big turning point chapter of the warg- realm meeting of their minds. A chance to get on the same page with one another, to rejoice, to plan together their resurgence, so one's efforts dovetail with the strategies of the rest and everything comes up Stark in the end , when their efforts converge. Maybe it wouldn't all be conducted through the limited wolf consciousness either, but would seep into their human dreams so they could understand and speak to one another. Sansa in particular may be bolstered by this revelation that there's still something to fight for, and may find the will to reclaim her identity with startling gusto.
  14. The Mother of The Others

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    So........ is Thanos what we've got now, ongoing? (i.e. he maybe loses the gauntlet but survives, limps away, takes a movie or two off so there can be some variety where other people get to shine, but then we see him come back with some new scheme that makes him relevant to the heroes again, the same way we were gifted with Loki for a while in order for Marvel to get their money's worth out of the villain. Or is Thanos so unloved that he wouldn't work out in that kind of hangin' around for the long haul way, and he just needs a quick definitive end? I favor keeping him around for the sake of eventual matchups when we do gain access to more of the celestial characters.
  15. The Mother of The Others

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    Is negan to be like those theatre muppets who crack jokes from the balcony? His shoulder movements were already sort of animatronic. The way they handled it was dumb when maggie & jesus & inid revealed they don't like Rick anymore. But if it's over the way he murdered the escapees, i can see that changing their minds about him. I think they ran out of good stuff to do right about the time they went with "we're just getting started!" as a tagline.