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  1. The Mother of The Others

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    We haven't yet seen jojen drive his chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. We haven't yet seen him say this'll be the day that I die.
  2. I played cranium pong with your screed, allowing it to ricochet around inside me noggin! Here's some reactions that it generated, notions sent floating out the other side like driftwood on the stream of consciousness: The Watch blows its horn 3 times as their trucker code for white walkers. There are 3 heads of the dragon, significantly, we're told. Do the 3 horn blowings commemorate the idea that to bridge our Ice and Fire Divide the fire-blooded prophetic threesome, the "3 heads of the dragon," must complete their destiny by blowing the horn of winter and Otherizing themselves? (They with their special blood would survive the transition bodily, instead of dying like mere mortals and warging an existing white walker body. Similar to how the dragon horn explains any mortals who blow it will die, but phrases it as if some blowers might not be mortal and would get to survive the blowing.) I like that the horn could be used by the Last Hero's gang to deputize themselves as White Walker Texas Rangers. Then they'd go kick some long term ass up north like the ultimate jesse james outlaw bikers gang. Them harrassing the Others all this time was the real reason humanity hasn't been attacked again....because the WWTRangers were keeping the Others on the defensive! Being tapped to join this brigade would be like joining the deep special forces, becoming a ghost. Your thing explains why the horn being dug up by humans--from a human burial site- - would so worry the Others that they'd saddle up to cattle drive the humans south to sweep the threat away. Cuz the horn allows humanity to immitate the Others too closely and enjoy the Winter far too much for Their liking.
  3. The Mother of The Others

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    It is glaring, the inclusion of finger bone bags in the "random" list of ingredients she rattled off as if it was a common item. Or simply a fresh example in her mind after having recently been used to cast spells on Davos' bag. He got a second wind after the wreck in the bay, bouncing back from the edge of death. and maybe had that second wind sent to him on the wind. Can she do that? Voodoo monitoring of items and people she's enspelled. Vectoring a wakeup call to Davos like a distant shock to the heart you might get from those electric paddles in the hospital. I'd rather that. (So he's not a dead thing but was mystically attended to and is now strangely indebted to the witch.) An immortal would eventually tire of losing the rare stalwart companions she valued, and might use the magics to give them... extra chances. Davos sounds entirely himself in the POV regardless, so it's not a dead brain talking. There's probably nothing to this, but the disquieting thought it gives you while considering it is definitely worth a nickel.
  4. The Mother of The Others

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    That hot probing of the Citadel's security showed us you could get a lot more done if you were wearing the face of the port authority guy.
  5. The Mother of The Others

    Shade of the evening.

    Uhhh, we'd have long night all the time if the Others were in charge of bringing the darkness, cuz they reeely benefit from it. But we don't have night all the time, which makes it look like the Others aren't in control of it and they have to wait for the long night to come. I'm sticking with the known continent of magical darkness, Essos, as the source of magical darkness that sometimes covers the globe. This dwarf thing is so hot. So now we have a pattern of midgetry. They're found associated with the magic trees on both sides of the sea. And the trees are at least 51% in control of the long term relationship with bipeds. Is it a motif like... the dwarfs and elves are husks of their former selves after spending an eon in service to soul sucking trees that steal your vitality like a vampire? Or no. Is it more like a deep species-wide drug dependence upon the weir paste and evening shade, which was an evolutionary "advantage" at some point for the dwarfs and elves slaved to their respective trees, so these bipeds reduced in stature because they no longer needed to be robust (the trees now gave them all they needed). Their growth was stunted so the trees could grow tall, and they lived on while all the rest of their original (unaltered) biped species died out. Love your idea about the seeds being carried close to their hearts. They're the heart of the forest.
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Thanks to Nancy Kerrigan for blazing the trail for women wolverines back when people weren't ready to accept it 20 minutes ago. The unsung hero, Nancy.
  7. The Mother of The Others

    The Wall of Ice real reason for it

    The oily black stone is Space Phlegm. In space, it's just black stone. Inert. No oil yet. Then, once it crashes into a planet, in an atmosphere the stone has a chemical reaction. ----> Oily. The pollens and gases in the air make the stone's nose run. And that's how we react to black stone too, with massive phlegm. And insanity. As it controls us and overwrites our animal instincts with its weird outer space mode of existence. Then.... the people afflicted with Oil Sickness tried everything they could to cure themselves. They tried an ice pack, they tried applying heat to the oily skin. They did what Shaquille O'Neil , the people's champion, would do: they used Icy Hot products on their bodies' problem areas. (Ice and Fire magics are both panic reactions trying to deal with magic Oil sickness! The Others are trying to freeze the disease out of their system, dragons are trying to purge themselves with fire. Asshai is shadow-tainted by black stone contamination! And the Winter is belching forth unclean dead things because its Heart has been befouled!) This elemental sickness is splitting magic and tearing the world apart. Fire and Ice need to reconcile into Icy Hot once more. They need to hump. But yes, the wall is definitely a big dehumidifier built to prevent Oily Space Phlegm from spreading. One way or another, that almost has to be true.
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    That's the way he likes it. What about casting for max body hair over fame? What about Golum Guy? Nancy Kerrigan at first sounds flippant, but after you get into the 3rd or 4th minute of considering her in a hairy prosthesis...it clicks into place and you can't picture wolverine any other way.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    Quentyn's arc is preparation for Dany's

    she's a desert-wandering Moses without the itchy beard. (Well, she has ....Hizdar?) Hmmm, Moses didn't get to enjoy the promised land. Maybe the promised prince is similar. She gets us to the threshold but can't cross the finish line herself, held back by entanglement in the consequences of her actions. Is the cure for her ailments this simple: to fight only magical opponents all the time? Against them she's racking up wins. Just clear her schedule of all realism problems and you're off to the races. Sounds laughable but may be workable: Danny, inject more magic into your problem solving! A big dragon display for the crones could get them to issue in changes to the Dothraki, so the horsemen shepherd Essosi society instead of being only a force of chaos and destruction (as someone above labeled Danny's forces). Get Marwyn to proove himself by working the Harpy problem. - - - - - Chris I've noticed you've branded yourself as a guy with very specific detailed visions of the future. Decisive! I agree Daenerys has elevated herself with real signs of specialness. In Martin World, does that special quality give her immunity from suffering a "Tywin style" death? (A random groaner or laughing stock death). I think not. So we must guard our queen carefully against ignominious death. Because wouldn't it be great if she lived long enough to face off against some equally special opposition! That'd help to pay off the Ice & Fire concept , as we'd get to see those special forces in play , importantly, since they need to...accomplish.....something historic....before our ice & fire heroes die from a sex- related injury or from trapped gas.) Re: the topic title, doesn't Aegon's attack steal Danny's thunder moreso than it paves the way for Danny to perform a smooth repeat invasion? He's drawing to himself all the remaining good will of Targ loyalists, depriving Danny of any honeymoon period with Westeros she may have had. Now, if Aegon succeeds people will say he did all the heavy lifting so why should the crown go to her? And if Aegon squanders this opportunity and implodes people will say to Danny "Oh Hell No we already got 'burned' once by supporting a Targ, we're not really hot to trot for round two. " So what Aegon is really "preparing" for Danny is a cold reception, and for her invasion to follow a different trajectory.
  10. There was a superstition mentioned that the sandsnakes could bring Oberyn back. Well? Huh? The world gets more magical all the time. Are we going to let it get all the way down to animated pooper scoopers for stable boys before someone raises Oberyn? Oh yeah , he was dealing with crushed cabeza at the end. That'd impact his standard of living going forward. Anyway..... I've never wished for more Tywin because I recognized how lucky we were to see him go. Dude had no natural predators. He would have just outlasted and outmaneuvered everyone forever like the Putin of Westeros. I wanted more shadow baby. We never got to see shadow adult.
  11. The Mother of The Others

    Why didn’t Jon Arryn think of sending Sweetrobin to the North?

    Worried about the optics of, "eww, it's cold up here!" [ thud] 《--- (fell down dead)
  12. The Mother of The Others

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Right. It showed some sexism, but only as part of an accurate portrayal, not using it as a political grinding stone. The movie was gloriously above the fray and only showed a good example of the strength to overcome. All the toxic social justice stuff and virtue signaling isn't in the movie- - - it's on here, in the chatter surrounding a movie that wasn't tarnished by it. If what these trolls say is such nonsense why are y'all making yourselves into the trolls' interns by repeating it all and spreading their message and soaking in it, leading to this bad mood bile fulltime like it's an occupation. That's no way to live, son. I don't care what they're saying, for real. Don't need to hear it. If you don't either, feel free to stop living in their mindspace anytime.
  13. The Mother of The Others

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    Then the night king carries bran piggyback to the heart of winter and shoves a cone of cold up bran's butt to hook him up to the Ice Net that's been hacking the weirnet? And bran cries a cold hot tear as he melts the winter heart with love? The Santa's sleigh of Westeros emerges. The world will remember Bran's heroism by exchanging gifts. Bran is tiny tim, osha the ghost of christmas present, cold hands the ghost of christmas past, hodor represents the future.
  14. The Mother of The Others

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    I'm one of the ignorants, Jim. I refuse to read the samples this time. Doing so made the last book sucky/anticlimactic for the first 80 pages when it finally came out. So if this Braavosi Takeover idea is all nonsense, fine. Just let me know. I'm fine with hearing the spoilers from sample chapters relayed like in a game of telephone, because that's easily forgotten a month later. But back to the Braavosi Takeover.... if the Maesters are the current managers of Westeros, and everyone agrees they're doing a shitty job, then the Faceless could be infiltrating the Citadel as a prelude to saying, "You're fired!" to the maesters and having Braavos take over managerial duties. This would mean Sam's good luck continues- -as one of the few who has a clue, he'll be kept on and quickly rise high within the new Order. So it's "okay" and even "splendid" that "Pate" is standing so close to Sam ?? (crosses fingers and shoves them deep into armpits).
  15. The Mother of The Others

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    What if Euron never hired them but became sorcerous enough to mimic their invisible killer MO. Then they'd target him as a threat because people without an honor code can't be allowed such power. He'd remind the FM too much of the magic tyrants they had to overthrow back in the day. Whoa. And wow. This freeway to funtown even comes with an onramp: first have a bloody sea battle with an armada too big for your fleet to fight, wait for the carnage to draw the creature to the surface, then ease your way into its mind now that it has accepted your blood sacrifice and is more receptive. Then use the creature to finish off the armada for another impossible victory. (This mental onramp method gets you around the problem of how "nobody can warg a dragon"). I think the FM are karma. And they're on the side of human society finding balance, behaving sanely, following the golden rule, growing up and being held accountable for their actions. If all the people died off the FM would have failed as gardeners of humanity. I'm split on whether they want or need a glass candle. They do fine without one. But magic is on the rise so maybe it's time they upgraded their info gathering ability. They like to ninja you though... when you use a glass candle to eavesdrop, can other sorcerers see you on their caller ID? I think they're acting as repo men for the iron bank in this new espionage capacity. Braavos is moving in and wants to try its hand at running the show on the continent, believing they can't do any worse than the Andals have been lately. The Braavosi takeover will be more subtle than this, using influence like Iran does over the region, but imagine what a mere seven FM operatives could do: what if the seven kingdoms' rulers all simultaneously came out in favor of granting Braavos control over the assets owed to the bank, which would put them in bankruptcy and give Braavos a say in policy making decisions, and all of them called for the war to end. The stolen skeleton key for the Citadel could be used to reach lord Hightower, face gank him, and have Oldtown side with Daenerys (breaker of chains) out of the blue. Then, stealing the citadel's best book on killing dragons would protect Braavos' new dragons from outside assassination, while giving the FM the monopoly on dragon killing methods for when that time came, which would grow their legendary status even more.