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  1. The next move from Disney won't be another studio. It'll be more subtle than that. Like, they'll buy up all the cough syrup. Everywhere. We won't understand what they're doing anymore.
  2. The Mother of The Others

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    The franchise is stagnating because they're playing it too safe, just reshuffling the same scenes from previous movies. Dealing all the same deck of cards. It's a fine deck to work with, but just reshuffling isn't enough. It's time to do something fresh with those building blocks. Add the joker's wild card and change the game. Something. Build a straight flush with this next trilogy, starting with the beginning lore and letting it logically point the way into new future territory so the saga feels like it's going somewhere, like it's evolving and culminating instead of merely blowing up more death stars or introducing more repetitions of the empire. Because that saps the soul of the viewer. Case in point: The Walking Dead. I watched all those original characters scrape and claw to survive and carve out a survivable town..... and then the show ripped the carpet out from under itself by killing them all off except for Carol, which left me feeling undercut and wondering why I'd wasted my time on their "journey." The sense of accomplishment was taken away. All their wisdom amounted to nothing. I don't know what makes the Gryst or Unknown Territory threat so worrisome. Does that region or its tech deny force users their powers? Or is that a species of force-resistant "naturals" who don't have jedi powers but who are unstoppable because everything just goes their way due to unconsciously controlling the force around them. (The leaders consciously). This kind of risk taking is what the series could benefit from, and if the new content is good the level of risk comes down, so hire the best people who live this stuff the way Patty Jenkins lives for Wonder Woman and go for it. The thing about mitichlorians from Phantom Menace seemed like it could evolve in a whole new direction, but they dropped it after the messiah birth. What if the mitichlorians finally lost faith in our ability to get shit done, so they started highjacking our central nervous systems to change the galaxy themselves more directly, so entire planets would be sort of demon possessed, essentially. Angel possessed? THAT would signal a damn 'Awakening of the Force." And it'd evoke excitement about the franchise again. You see that level of boldness mostly in Star Trek episodes, true. But that doesn't mean they have a monopoly on trying. Such developments could be made to feel organically Star Wars- ish. That shit load of Sith would be fun. Palpatine reacts with, "oh no, there goes the galaxy! Now the infighting starts all over again. That's why I tried to keep our numbers from growing. It's not just me being selfish, it was also socially responsible Sithing." Whoa. Maybe a sith benefits from having a huge territory to themself like a lion. They can draw force energy from that region in a way you can't do if there's hundreds of force users drawing from the same well. Maybe Palpatine senses another lion patrolling the unknown region, and that's why it's unknown: someone is blocking his force vision from spying on it.
  3. The Mother of The Others

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Was Brooke Shields' sitcom the turning point? (In the history of comedy, as the show that got on the air and was a huge WTF and then it stayed on the air and maybe paved the way for more 'comedy' like it?) (will Saved By The Bell be referenced by historians 300 years from now as the thing that defines our era?)
  4. The Mother of The Others

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    How come this guy isn't in charge? Especially if they delve into the past for the next set of movies. Did disney even bother to hire a consultant like this who knows all this stuff? Because it's really impressive. If some of this lore snuck into their product that'd be a great way of having the movie feel like it was "something."
  5. The Mother of The Others

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    When the most vocal democrats sound and act crazy as they have over the last couple years people will try to moderate that for the same reason they'd try to put out a kitchen fire. Because it's not good for anyone. And you would naturally find it a bother, because interventions aren't popular among the intervened. China has been economically at war with us for years, picking our pockets electronically to nab patents and steal intellectual property and then undersell us which drives our companies out of business and people lose their livelihood, for which your noted compassion is noticeably absent. China plays games with its currency in an open attempt to spear us using our own weapon of choice, market economics. Constant cyber attacks. This is a game of thrones waged to destroy our futures in eutero, an invisible assassination of our future viability. Something we numbnuts don't recognize for the true threat it is. The economic war already exists, Trump didn't manufacture it, he recognized that China is waging war on us and he stood up to it. The article quoted above of course gets it backward and describes Xi as standing up to us. Xi was already standing for a while, standing over us while this nation remained seated masturbating on the toilet. To do nothing about China's unfair one-way trade imbalance is its own form of acute cowardice. Or are we in love with China on here and give them a free pass cuz of the communism we wish we could share in. Another wish for communism? Russia's media isn't doing so hot. Our media has fallen into the hole of letting ratings drive everything they do. That is tied to money, yes, but the solution isn't so much about bashing capitalism as returning some dignity to the profession, hiring journalists who have some renewed backbone, integrity, who take their egos and opinions out of it when they do the news. The media needs to climb out of the hellhole of laziness they've dug themselves into. Newpapers need to stop caving in and changing their hidelines whenever someone to the left of them bitches, because the folks on the extreme end will then make you cave all the time. They know the truth doesn't serve their interests and will move to squash it. Now we're seeing the acute cowardice of the newsrooms to fight back as extremists tell them what's okay to print. Spineless pervs dug their own hole. What's funny is these all-important ratings they're chasing are low as fuck for msnbc, cnn, et al. Yet they keep going with it. (Another definition of crazy.) This is a rallying cry every election, so don't worry it's sure to happen. Claiming that the right is the source of racial division is another prime example of how the democrat pins their personal failings on the right and labels the opposition with your own worst qualities. The dems stir up racial divide every time in their stump speeches at their convention and then blame republicans for the heated environment they just heated up themselves. Because the opposite of the truth is what works best for the left. Because they don't got shit if they're being honest. The party that presided over slavery is now the enlightened expert on calling out racism. Yeah, no surprise there. Dems perfected it, so of course they know racism best, but like a drug shipment it's better if someone else carries their product through customs for them. So they slap that racism label on others. But dems are lacking in self control so they've started dipping into their own supply, believing their own bullshit. They're calling out racism more often than they put fake meat on a burger. They're heavily addicted to the hard drug of unfair argumentation by going nuclear right out of the gate. And the result? The word racism has lost all meaning. Congratulations. You misapplied the word until nobody believes when you cry wolf anymore. And that's a great disservice you've done to the people who are still suffering ACTUAL racism. Where's the compassion for them? Well, what you just let slip is who was actually inciting the violence. That's who tends to get arrested in those situations. Speaking in general terms. I don't follow every counter-protest's specifics, because white supremecists have been irrelevant my whole life long, and they remain just as irrelevant today. They are ignored, have always been seen as fools by normal people. That's the natural reaction to them. But now you guys are listening to everything they say. Which is perverse. And you're doing all you can to prop them up and make sure everyone hears about them ad nauseum. Which is you stirring up racial divide. For the purpose of artificially connecting the right to racist groups to tar and feather the opponent instead of winning on the merits of your argument. Going so far to avoid real debate is another showing of acute intellectual cowardice. Or you just know that the truth doesn't serve you because your agenda is traitorous and that's why it's time to drop that label on Trump, because that's what dems do. Not that Trump is super great. But good god do you still not get why you lost to him? It's because he's the non-traitor.
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Once the neck valve becomes a reality we'll never poo again as a species, nor get fat. All the flavor of the food, none of the consequences. Another million dollar diet fad idea i'm giving away for free---stock only survival rations in your snack cabinet for a week, then for weight loss switch to eating them full time. Ironically, they make one not want to survive. Daily food intake will go way down. Then for the exercise part of this life changing health regimen, you'll need to acquire a donkey. (I'll wait.)
  7. The Mother of The Others

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    Uhhhh, nope. I'll look it up. We had houseplants in the 90s, and 90s cats were cool with it, left em alone. Then the 00's came and cats started huffing and eating the plants. Now we have plastic ones and for a while we had to tie a rubber band around the kitchen sink cabinet nobs to childproof them so he couldn't paw-pry them open at night and tongue the cleanser. Total pervert.
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    They should probably be sequestered again. Like tell them it's for a reunion show on BET, but it'd really be so university level researchers can study them. Let's get more of a look at how that bunch functions in a variety of situations. The Summer is dumb for doing stuff outside. It's not the Pepsi party in the street that Summer tries to make us think it is. Can we skip seasons? Or would you miss too much and not know what was going on if we jumped ahead to Autumn tomorrow. I say pull the lever.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    Tries to eat the grass constantly. I tap him on the noggin, pull him away, and dispense anti grass eating propaganda. I lean down close to make sure he hears in stereo when I say emphatically in plain English, "You're not a cow!" Just looks back at me with disdain and eats more grass. "How do you not see the connection between this and your barfing? Are you just blind to the analytics or is this your new diet fad to lose fuzzy pet pounds." So I purchase indoor Pet Grass brand pet grass. And then the big moment came to introduce it........ and neither cat gave a shit. Not even the level of interest you usually see from them when a new object appears in the house. The deeper green of the outside grass must contain the pussycat tobacco they crave. They shun this indoor stuff like it's Ghost Grass. So, me being one of the pre-eminent minds in the game today, I embarked on the ingenious guile-craft of taking the indoor grass outside and placing it on the lawn so it's the tallest weed of them all, the obvious target for pet munching....... and the puss was not fooled. It's as if he saw right through that high level deception. And this is the cat who burrows into my armpit to get a closer whiff of fresh deodorant.
  10. The Mother of The Others

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Niles Crane had the physical comedy masterpiece where he was ironing, cooking, bleeding, fainting, etc. with the dog watching. Arrested Development. Pop Pop is released from jail to play God in the park then runs for it while never-nudes are introduced as a faction King of Queens , 30 Rock , and Malcolm in the Middle had some great ones. Blooklyn Nine Nine tries pretty consistently. Seinfeld made Kramer a pimp one time. Friends succeeded sometimes but i forget with what. Phoebe? Some stuff clogging the dvr - - - - Reno 911. Dangle's Wedding pt.1 ; Weigel's Pregnant; Tanning Booth Incident Community. First Chang Dynasty; Fist full of paintballs; For a few paintballs more. Futurama. In- a- gadda- da- Leela (the most elaborate attempt to get into anyone's pants, ever); Holiday Spectacular; the Day the Earth Stood Stupid. (also the one when they traveled the whole timeline after Fry is really late for his date with Leela.) (Also other ones.) New Girl. See Ya (the one mentioned above); Landing Gear (schmitt's wedding prelims).
  11. The Mother of The Others

    ASOIAF or Memory Sorrow and Thorn?

    TAD! I like how he handled his big evil gods & mole people in dat Shadowmarch series. Made me incredibly horny. As does this news that his mythos and George's are touching each other like the roots of Essosi and Westerosi weirs under the sea.
  12. The Mother of The Others

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Once again I'm accused of the failings you're currently suffering from. It's a real pattern, the left labeling the opponent with your own problems and then shouting loudest to make it stick. Pin the tail on the elephant. When the actual name of the game is pin the tail on the donkey. For good reason. It's you who have put critical thinking aside. Kids, a generation or two back, used to have access to guns all the time, just about every kid knew where a gun was and could have grabbed it and shot people with it on any occasion, but these kinds of carnage shootings didn't happen. The culture hadn't changed to that point yet. We were like these other places. There were still too many things holding a person back from conceiving and executing such an act. More fostering of a sense of human decency. A feeling of community that has since eroded into isolation and anonymity and a constantly stoked devisiveness. A fear of God. (Not saying it as a lightning rod, just stating the historical reality. I don't seek a return to heavy religion based morality, but should we be blind to the comparative holes in modern ethical training? Kids have less keeping them from turning killer now. In fact the thug culture kind of, you know, pushes it.) Stronger father figures to keep people from going totally off the rails. It's a thing. It's true in the animal kingdom, recently observed with elephants whose youths only started goring rhinos- - something elephants don't do- - after they were removed from contact with adult males for human convenience reasons. It's true of the human. To not be taking it seriously is a failure of critical.... common sense. Another casualty of the modern era. So, with our unique cultural ills, if you then combine that with lifelong repetitions of headshots counting for more points.... if order and sanity are seen blowing up in the latest movie every week.... then our population is set up to respond in our own special way to this stimulus. The mass shootings. There you go. That's what it has to be. Because we are what we are, so looking at what we are becomes..... pertinent. And you do pay for the new porn. Streaming services. Cable or satellite tv packages. Theater tickets. Maybe torrents are free, are you saying everybody uses exclusively those? The point is we're choosing it real hard. We're willing participants in glamorizing the blueprints for our demise. And it is odd. And it is a cultural blind spot--our culpability in how things got to this point. A culture turned suicidal. We don't want to see the killers as our mirror. we look away from that. Hence, blind spot. If you're looking for an example of just saying whatever, AOC one week: "the government is setting up concentration camps!" AOC the next week: "there's no reason anyone would ever need these rifles." She obviously didn't believe or remember her first blurb, because the combo of the two is just wow. You can really feel the sincerity coming through. The rush to make the government bigger and unopposable by disarming people can't end well. Grant the gov more and more control and eventually you will be controlled. And it's not pretty when you get that wish. Hong Kong as the real time example unfolding before your eyes. But that's another offbase example because we're lightyears away from a China situation. Why is that, though? An armed citizenry is one leading reason, it keeps the gov sufficiently afraid of trying shit like that Hong Kong clampdown. The government should fear the people more, not less. It's all that reminds them of how they exist to serve us. Supposedly. Because that's become a laughable notion. The Biden barbs was just me joining in the gleefulness everyone exhibits here. No harm intended. Funny is funny. Joe is Joe. Joe is funny. The gaffs and laughs may well be correlation without causation, but the laughs and the gaffs do tend to happen in close proximity.
  13. Hey it sounds like I'm getting the villain I wanted for the Movie! And the cast & related news sorta fits the plot I was angling for too. Minus Some other wrathful perv baddie is rumored too, but that's just tossed in there for moviegoers who crave toxic masculinity.
  14. The Mother of The Others

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    This is a cross-over event with the drunk topic: Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Available for $24.99 Black Barrel Mule: 1oz lemon juice, .5 oz simple syrup, and 1 strawberry muddled together. Add 1.5 oz rum, shaken with ice, strained over Other ice. Top with 2 oz ginger beer, 2 dashes of bitters, and a slice of lime. I'm not a mule expert, just passing along the relevant gay info. The most flamboyant sounding drink I fancy is the Bird of Paradise Fizz. I don't go for any of the drinks that are actually flaming, as that seems like a rip off if the booze is burning away before you even get hold of it. Well, that's all. Also, what's with the Q? Does that cover additional people not mentioned in the LGTB part, or is thrown in there more as a summary caboose for the acronym?
  15. The Mother of The Others

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Why did it take so many years to realize I can buy chow mein noodles and a bag of stir fry vegetables and cut some pre- seasoned chicken into strips and do my own stir fry at home? Good god! And the sauces! An entire aisle of marinades & stir fry sauces. The Mongolian one pours like water, you can go through a bottle of it like an alcoholic. The Szechuan one I respect but as an Away Sauce to be experienced as a taste bud tourist. It's not a Home Team sauce I feel at home with. Next on the sauce journey I will seek an audience with.... The General. Or that Panda Express one, sweet chili something. Fuck! Oh, and for jury duty, just raise your hand and ask the lawyers a question as if you're legit interested in how things work. That scares them more than anything. They'll answer real polite, just as you were polite, but you'll be booted off that jury. If I'm on a jury, it's because I'm there for the sex.