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  1. The Mother of The Others

    Did Varys wed Ned to the trees?

    It's a bitter cup that's served to those in bitter situations. The bad wine underlines their sad state of affairs. That's probably the end of its significance. For today I'm sticking with bones are bones and branches are branches and Varys rolls the bones without any magic, and Ned now has to live with that boner he pulled (death) for a long time. Why would Ned = Rattleshirt? You mean Ned will appear again as an apparition when someone wears his bones and magicks it up? That'd bang. I hope the series ends with the zombies of Ned and Catelyn sitting on their porch swing made of Frey sinews not caring how cold it gets. I like the Osiris body part gathering of evil comet fragments concept. Someone will be driven to recombine the shards like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again? The Magicians already did that last season, though, and The Seven are famous for not manifesting miracles or producing any magical relics, so there'd be no trail to follow to track down those Seven comet fragment god-cores. Euron dredging up the drowned one would be boss! Maybe some merfolk will swarm his ship and drag him back down into the waves with the prized godding stone while also messing with him dolphin style. You know. But we'll probably just get more political intrigue until it kills Euron. like that time Dawn Marie killed Tori Wilson's father with sex. Mundane earthbound stuff like that.
  2. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Loyal to the new family. To a fault, and then had trouble putting the loyalty car in reverse.
  3. The Mother of The Others

    An Evil Name

    I don't know what Jon's deal is in his last chapter. Is he under the influence? Mel lifted his dog off of him, seemingly transferring the old gods' special connection to herself? Or she began passing the wolf test by truly allying herself with Jon and posing no threat to him? Did they plan the weird letter sharing plan together? Eh. Is there a magic component to the plan that's yet to be seen, such as Jon being only a simulacrum in that last chapter to safely determine who would stab him without putting the real Jon at risk? Eh. Even if it all really happened the way we read it, with Jon losing his cool and entering the war, it's still not Jon being Evil. It's Jon being Eventful. And getting people killed. You could argue that getting people killed is always an evil that tarnishes the commander and puts that blood on his hands. I wouldn't say that. There are good causes, times when getting people killed is one's best option, the world's best option, the best try at a good act that minimizes future evil and suffering by paying the price now in death and suffering. The cliffhanger Jon chapter of course withheld the info we need to make a final decision on whether Jon is helping the world here or merely flying off the handle and bringing the world to ruin because he reached the end of his discipline and patience. Is it failure we're seeing or proper action? Unclear. But he isn't acting evil. And the Starks weren't evil actors when the rest of them from this POV generation were alive. So if the Stark name has been evil historically, we've seen that purged out of them and a fresh start of sorts happened when the gods sent them divine puppies. Some of their tragedy may be them having to answer for all the bad karma their family has built up. Even if you swing the sword for good cause, even if the blood isn't on your hands metaphorically, it's still on your hands physically, staining you and staining how other families think of you going forward. Until you collect some judasses in your ranks. So they're taking the brunt of that suffering in the novels. Everyone takes aim at the top dog. But if the test for whether they deserve to live on or die out is whether these Starks are Evil, I'd say they'll pass the test and prove to be worthy pillars of civilization, worthy of leading the winter survival effort and rebuilding the realm thereafter. Arya, maybe, gives me some pause, though. Her lie detector ability may be best suited to 'reading' the true intent of the Others at any parlay meeting of the species. And if they're evil, she may be best suited to answering them in kind, keeping pace for the win. Is the House of Black and White infusing her with an ancient evil.....or are the Faceless and their magics an expression of true divine Justice that seems like outdated Eye for an Eye brutality but when you look closer it's actually more evolved than the justice practiced in the rest of the realm? Depending on the answer to that, Arya may be tainted with evil or may simply have a set of magical tools that are neutral and it's how she applies her powers that will prove her goodness or wickedness. I like the second view, and I think she'll remain Arya (not No One), but I fear that Arya won't be able to remove herself from any magic tainting of evil, if evil is what the Faceless end up being. That could mean an eventual realization on her part that she can't return to a life in the sunlight and is defacto a shadow creature who....in her own estimation... should "make an end." To keep the Stark name from becoming evil anew. But the fire and ice baby, Snow, is in a position to wipe away any smudge of ancient evil from the Stark name and renegotiate a better deal with the Others. (Veiled Trump reference saved for the very end! Evil to some for sure! Dealing with the Others like that! But what if Jon's efforts end any need for a Wall?!?! That would make him a true hero of divine virtue, no? Ah, we've arrived at true confusion. Just as the author intended. Now I'll take a bow and bring down the curtain. Fin.
  4. Shakespeare used to do that. One set of jokes for the commoners looking to see fools getting hit in the crotch with a baseball, and a second narrative for the more highbrow audience, all woven together into the same script. So Strange 2 will make sense by itself for people who only see the movie, and at the same time will have deeper connections to the TV side to tantalize you as a reward for watching the shows. Could work as a way of offering casual fans the Lite Beer option and giving obsessive fans some Sam Adams content non-essential to the plot.
  5. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    The Starks weren't sharp. They all contributed to the family implosion. They hadn't had clan loyalty hammered into them from growing up on a war footing, because they knew they'd won the war and Robert had their back so there was no threat from the south, so they stopped doing drills to meet that threat and they got soft headed and unready like the U.S. has. Not ready for prime time. They all fractured along their own "fault lines" when wartime pressures were applied to them. Not only Sansa. Sansa sometimes gets an extra groan from the reader owing to how her fail came at the tipping point when you realized things weren't going to end well.
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Euron will commit Dany's treason for blood.

    I'm no expert on love, but the fiasco where she lost her family may have involved love. Blood magic was Mirri's method of betrayal, but was it Mirri's motive? ( 'A betrayal for'.....) Maybe Mirri loved the town that Stormy had just tore up. Maybe Stormy loved her family enough to trust a witch with their fates and souls. Betrayal for love. Now, if you believe that Mirri's whole purpose there was to knowingly birth dragons back into the world, then it becomes a betrayal for magical blood. But if you read it as Mirri being out for revenge on Stormy for conquering Mirri's city, then it was a love/hate thing. The ritual then produced dragons only as an unintended side-effect when Danny the true dragon instinctively behaved her way into Mothering those eggs while magic was still swirling in the air. The betrayal for gold would most obviously be Tyrion striking a deal with the crown where he gets the Lannister seat for his own ass, along with the gold mine, Casterly, in return for switching sides and denuding Daenerys of at least one dragon, which would be worth a great deal to the crown. If it's something less obvious than that, I'm less likely to guess it in advance, right? So I won't list possibilities 2 through 10. The betrayal for blood. Uhhhhhh, if Euron bleeds Daenerys for her kingsblood so he can do a ritual of his own by sacrificing her, that'd be betrayal for blood that a non-relative like Euron could still perform. But it'd be a groaner. Like, what a cul du sac for Danny's great journey to dead end into, you know? And if she's dead after the 3 betrayals, my issues with Quaithe would be 1) why'd you even bother to warn Danny, then? and 2) Why you gotta talk in riddles when people really need you to be more clear about this shit? So, if the blood betrayal is yet to come, it'd likely be one of her trusted inner circle betraying her to side with their westerosi kin who are suffering and dying now that the invasion is real. Maybe someone won't be mentally ready to make that adjustment and they'll shiv Stormy bodily or tactically. Aegon could betray her for Arianne & Dorne's Love, I suppose. But we've already done that bad choices thing with Robb! Going back to the scenario where the Mirri thing was a blood betrayal, that would leave Love.... And if it really does mean Love involving Danny, and not merely her supporters' family loyalties outweighing their love of her cause........ who would Danny fall in love with at this point for real? I don't want Daario being elevated to the level where his character matters this much. He should only betray her by stealing some rugs or taking the last Eggo waffle before his army bails. I don't expect to read about him manipulating her based on love leverage. Ewww. I make jokes about Ice & Fire smoochies with Jon because that makes some other people go Ewwww too. Because it's not a response you'd want to see when Jon and Danny ever meet, right? You want to see them being responsible people shouldering massive burdens at that point. So it becomes excusable only if the fire and ice crisis brings them together and they see the pattern of endless fighting and decide to change it by.... tounging for the resolution of history? That'd be worth some deep french kissing. But seriously..... Victarion? No, right? I mean, his gruffness and effectiveness might make him the antidote to the fake marriage Danny just had with Reznak Whomever in Meereen, and that might bring out some legit warrior queen wetness from our heroine. But still. Victarion? That can't end well........ oh. Hey. If it can't end well, and she can manage to legit embrace Vic as her man of action and ships, ....that could be your "most obvious" betrayal for love candidate right thurrr. Which reverts Mirri's shitshow back into Blood betrayal. Eh. Whatevs. War out.
  7. The Mother of The Others

    An Evil Name

    He's the Nixon who can go to cold-China and say hello to them in his new chill body so they won't instantly strike him down as warmblooded scum but may tarry long enough to 'warm up to him' and begin a dialogue. Finally, some human has shown the decency to appear before them in a coldbody form that, according to their ways, allows for discourse, diplomacy, safe passage and all that. Being the turncoat at the wall is bad if the wall has a future. Being nigh on 1000 Lord Commanders is the bombshell here. A symbolic jail sentence completed. That tells me the wall's aeon is done. By turncoating the nightswatch for the good of the world, Jon is the 'bleeding edge' trendsetter, so to speak--soon everyone will have followed his lead and overcome the wall, the great impediment to solving the North's age-old problem. They will have either all been bled (if Jon fails) or will be celebrating a new beginning as the Others help us live through the winter instead of weaponizing it against us. Finally dealing with the Others directly will render the Watch moot. The long appeasement of these cold gods should end. By itself, without a lasting fix, it is just species traitorism. (I liked the thing someone said about 'mad' Aerys maybe killing the two Starks as traitors to humanity who had been sacrificing to the Others in secret!) The current distrust between the species of the north leads to corrupted legends and blood magic secrecy that should end. Let's do this in the daylight. Find out what their 10,000 year long gripe is and address it. If they need our babies to continue their species .... uhhhh..... address it! Part of this may involve Jon marching with Them to the Godseye, or to Oldtown, and to outsiders it may take on the appearance of a humanity-ending invasion. It may be very tempting for the humans to panic and turn it into the apocalyptic battle of fire army vs. Ice army forseen in the House of the Undying vision by Stormborn. But we can fight temptation? Let us put our faith in humping! Specifically, the interpretation of Lightbringer as a fleshy sword that fights a crotch war instead of killing people on the battlefield, and is tempered in Nissa's loins not her heart, except for how it also slays her heart when Jon and Daenerys totally get their smoochies on. Amen.
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    I'm glad you were able to get something out of the movies, Mr. Bear. Saying that VII set things up which VIII then followed through on is quite an accomplishment, and you pieced it together better than the movies told it! I did benefit from reading that. So thanks. I just can't agree that VII set anything up. It did a lot of spinning its wheels, folding and unfolding its X-wings, serving up a collage of familiar imagery. And it tore down a lot more than it set up. Then VIII took that mess and turned it into a hot mess by adding fuel to the bonfire of what Star Wars had been. It literally burned the jedi tree and more figuratively burned through all the positives of the older movies & cast and gave us in its place this new cast of absolute zeroes. I'm sorry but Ren is a zero. I can't attach any sense of importance to his ' journey' as a character, nor do I feel empathy for his plight, nor does it matter what he thinks or is going through. The tantrums and the abject stupidity of his mask and then Rian destroying the mask like he hated it as much as I did, and just the absurdity of a character like that being taken seriously by people, it's too much to ask of me to join in. it's on the level of the Teletubbies, where we're all dumber for having seen it and I'm just astounded that it got greenlit to begin with. He kills Han and then ....what?, I'm supposed to hang around and hope he redeems himself? No. I tuned out because that was the proper response. They gave us no reason to get invested in that idiot. He hadn't earned the murder of Han. I hope someone telekineses the mask back onto his face so hard it kills him. No, wait, I don't even care that much. It's just too late in the game for him to start to matter now. And Rey, if she is double-powered to go against Ren and Snoke (or now the Emperor) that's the first such explanation I've heard for her untrained powers being so profound, because the movies failed her character utterly. It was their job to provide in-universe plausibility. Just give us something. Anything. A rationale for why the force awakened. Nope. Just the movie title is all we got on that one..... which means you might as well not see the movie if you know just as much by simply reading the title. And Luke has been pants'd by this portrayal. Guess what kids?- - every hero is actually a failure! See? Leia died from that first movie. Horrible. And the new resistance members are zeroes. Fin hoots as often as Ric Flair. The big side mission in TLJ is an abortion shown to be pointless , so why is it in the movie! The wartime bravery we get demonstrated for us is someone trying to sacrifice himself but then he's "saved" from sacrificing himself, which doomed them all, including the ex-stormtrooper who was just 'saved', because they had no way of knowing Luke would show up like that....to commit suppuku (however that's spelled). Just.... not good. This hasn't set up IX to be anything but more of the same. The vampires have taken this thing over. Abrams is their sire. But there is another elder vampire queen. And through them Disney's mistake is now complete.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    She has all but secured the trans vote. Now with this plan she's making a play for the mathless community who have no concept of numbers such as trillions. Will this add votes? The one group will be confused and may stay away from the polling place due to bad associations with the word pole, and the other group won't have any way of remembering which day is election day as the calendar has no meaning to them with its numbered squares. Ask the party if they think she can win. They're not so sure on account of how their answer is, inwardly, No. And the big money dem donors are all lining up to say they won't done, on account of how she's come out as the enemy of everyone with money enough to donate. They're saying about a Warren presidency, "Not in my America." And the big news of the day is that one of the people who'll be going to jail for the last few years' worth of fabrications and leaks and claims of evidence that never materializes is named....... Chalupa!?!?
  10. The Mother of The Others

    An Evil Name

    Who among humanity would you entrust with Otherization besides your own blood? Is it a sacrifice if you know they're being given over to eternal coldlife and awesome empowerment? It's a bloodmagic baptism into the big leagues, it's like a lottery win for the geneology. Be the first to cross over into a new speciation that ensures the babes will endure forever. More a dark prize than a sacrifice. And especially a no brainer for Night's Watch, who have already waved goodbye to the joys of civilization. If you're already a lifelong shiverer in the cold, how much are you really losing out on by giving yourself over to the cold completely? But what about Boltons' cold blue eyes of death? Doesn't it kind of piss on their chances of having Otherblood if we're now saying the Starks have it? Maybe a deal can yet be brokered here to allow Stark magic to come from Otherblood while also saying Boltons stole some of that cold magic action for themselves the way they steal skins. Odd contrast. Boltons aren't interested in your magic blood, they want what's on the surface, the derm layer. They'll wade through your silly blood to get the skin off of you to steal your visage. Like a counterfeiter hoping to sneak past some magical checkpoint on the road to hell. Stupid, right? I mean anyone alive could look at them wearing someone's skin and instantly know something was amiss. So they're not fooling anyone......alive.
  11. The Mother of The Others

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    Erin is letigious in defense of her dignity! If she's knocked up, she's definitely suing! That could make Jimmy 19-1 this season.
  12. The Mother of The Others

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    A short novel on the significance of droid slavery- - Star Wars was about feeling dwarfed by the metallic future (that star destroyer entrance) but then feeling hope that we might still have a place in such a future after seeing characters who could hold their own in a world of tech gone wild. Aren't the lightsabers a silly way of saying that we and our human ways can continue to matter even in the face of laser fire from robots? But look at how unlikely the jedi are! Even in the 70's, that's how far Lucas had to go to imagine us carving out a niche to occupy in the machine future. In our world, lacking lightsabers, things look a bit glummer for us once AI is capable of doing everything better. As part of the StarWars future, one of our keys to success has been holding AI minds back to droid level intelligence so they'd remain bumbling things who'd need our guidance when not doing the one job they're good at. Except for R2, the Michael Jordan of droids, who shows us droids have to potential to do everything well. Maybe if we brought our "free the droids!" protest signs to Coruscant everyone from 100 planets would say "hell no!" and regale us with stories about exactly why droids must be kept in check, because of how quickly they enslave human populations who let droids grow into full AI. Maybe it's the common sense of the future: every species who survived Earth's modern era on their own planets just knows from experience that you don't let droids outpace you, because on all the worlds that tried it the biologicals went extinct or became sad sack sluglike lumps of inactivity. Maybe it would be more complex than one side being right and the other wrong, and that could be a compelling movie / revelation. Maybe it's just a matter of what biologicals have to do to survive. Battlestar Galactica dealt with this, showing the ongoing pattern of human vs. AI abuses , wars , enslavements that went on and on without any clear end in sight. Like a lesbian scene, it could in theory go on and on indefinitely unless someone yells "cut!" So the Cylons addressed this unending cycle by creating a hybrid race to see if that might do the trick of bringing the wars to an end. And Lucas showed something of this idea by having Vader & Luke's bodies replaced with machine parts as time went on, and Grievous with his beating biological heart, and stormtroopers as a machined mind of sorts. As if things are heading somewhere more complicated than simply one side freeing the other to continue the cycle of abuse.
  13. The Mother of The Others

    Killjoys (Season 3 to 5)

    That's right i let this finale sit on the dvr unwatched for months to keep the show alive on a respirator. To delay the end. A lot of things happened on Killjoys and I've already forgotten them all. Which highlights the show's rewatch value. The main brain strain problem with this series was having three characters who could all wear Dutch's body sometimes. So inside the green dimension it was like a shell game to figure out who the Lady was bodily possessing at any point in time as she changed back and forth often while people offed themselves defensively or fell unconscious for no clear reason. And then the show went back to the Quad for the rest of each episode and I forgot who the Lady was inhabiting so next week I was like #What's Going On!??! But aside from that it was great! If StarTrek The Next Generation had an onscreen cast chemistry rating of 0, this show rated an 8. The comraderie was nice to see in sci- fi where that usually suffers. A buddy movie in space basically. And the character motivations guided the flow of the dialogue so much more naturally than when shows use tech talk as the centerpiece. I hope this example can influence other shows. Then , with this kind of writing, all you need to do is add more blockbuster plots, less obscure, more straightforward. And there you go. Also it would have been gooder to keep variety going from week to week rather than painting yourselves into a 2-season-long plotline corner, with a weird ongoing story that chased new viewers away when they couldn't comprehend it, I'm guessing. Now I'm off to finally watch the finale of Game of Thrones! Can't wait! Expectations so high!
  14. The Mother of The Others

    How would you kill a dragon?

    As long as you're dealing with its butt you're better off than the people attacking it from the front. Unless magma farts fly out as soon as you strike it there. But that shouldn't happen. You can trust me on that. Now go hop on your griffin, which will give you a sharper turning radius than the dragon, and fire the griffin- mounted harpoon into the dragon's ass. Then, when the dragon tries to circle round on you to breathe fire, you simply make it miss by pulling its hind quarters sideways via rectal centrifuge forces. It's all physics.
  15. The Mother of The Others

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    So the GoT guys wanted to do something besides blow up a deathstar and they were told no and took off. Do we know what creative differences got Lord&Miller fired? Were they also trying to add something to the mythos, or was it a fight over style choices like the 'feel' of the movie? If the pattern is that whoever tries to add something new gets fired but Ryann Johnson gets to have people running around doing nothing much as he burns the SW universe down like Seth Rawlins, that's a disservice to the future of the franchise too. They should gather competence, have a plan, show reverence for the material, add some ambition into the mix, and take the risk of writing a genuine new chapter in the saga instead of keeping us in a holding pattern. If the jedi origin story is out, what do you want to see? Put your pitch together and send the studio some ideas. They seem to need help, and after this departure maybe someone over there will be shaken enough to listen.