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  1. The Mother of The Others

    Why marry Sansa to Tyrion in particular?

    Secret sympathy, Jim. Wrapped inside a burrito of regular strength cruelty. He knew things sucked for Sansa , and for Tyrion, and saw them as two peas in a podrick. A match made of two societal throwaways. Maybe they deserved each other, says the Tywin brain out loud, ....and maybe they can comfort one another in their misery, whispers the doting father Tywin voice which is kept locked away deep in his mush.
  2. The Mother of The Others

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Wasn't the Reader their family shrink?
  3. The Mother of The Others

    Wake Dragons From Stone = Sword in the Stone

    The Wall is stone. Melisandre is going through some changes thanks to being there. Getting stronger, undergoing a magic puberty as she transitions from a crone into something truly old. You can feel the heat coming off of her. Wakie, Wakie! Says Jon. With a stab perhaps, or a joint effort. And, umph, behold- - Meslisandre is a dragon. (Once more). Drawn from the stone after a period of incubation. The assertion: during times of low magic tide, when trueform dragons can no longer maintain themselves and are dying off, some of them choose to cast aside their bodies and seek refuge in human form, as this mundane manifestation can be maintained. These are the fire priests. The legit ones who are now manifesting fire magic powers, whom the church of r'hollr always knew to cherish as its most prized members even at low tide because when one of your priests lives for centuries you can piece things together. And they may also have had a hand in forcing some dragons directly into the service of their church by coaxing the initial transmogrification. Though Mel i believe they found after the fact, after a slave had manifested flame magic and had been killed by her terrified masters, they welcomed a befuddled groggy mel into their company. The dragon psyche rides along as a stowaway in the human it attaches to, behaving like an overactive id. The source of Mel's unstable womb shadow crossover birthing powers. (Because mel herself is already an unstable crossover species host.) The dragon psyche is the source of her visions that are so biased against ice magic. We don't know yet if the Others / Weir are truly the enemy of all Life, but in a religion founded by ex- dragons ice magic absolutely would be seen as The Great Other. Well, now you know.
  4. The Mother of The Others

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Maybe lightbringers are like when somebody drops a coin into a juke box. So each time around the Lightbringer can be sparked by various artifacts, rituals, spells and sacrifices, but they all pay to keep magic going for a while, keeping the Lights on and the candles burning. Until the jukebox is done playing one more song of ice and fire. You don't need to gank your wife, Jim. Not necessarily. Azor probably just used that excuse to get out of a bad marriage. You just need to pay magic's fee. And the fee, in short, is CUTTING YOUR OWN HEART OUT. .....T'would explain why the coldhearted Others are so good at the magics, wouldn't it.
  5. The Mother of The Others

    “All men must die” just a maxim,a mission statement, or both?

    A Maxim. For the living. It means all of us are held accountable by the gods. By death. And the FM are the newest gods. Governing the human realm of the living by sprinkling a little death here and there. As a gardener weeds the garden, so they prune the diseased growths they find within society. I imagine they take particular offense when wizards try to make themselves immortal. (All men must die, Or else the ones who make themselves exceptions to that rule begin to become new gods too, but of a less desireable sort who probably don't have full empathy for the human condition anymore, and would likely hurt society more than they helped it. ) The FM haven't struck at Danny, have they? They'd be watching closely to see if she can change the slaver continent in a way they couldn't accomplish through mere assassinations (which don't eradicate the practice of slavery but just create job openings for new slavers.) I don't think the Faceless are "with" the Others in a doomsday cult that's s helping create an apocalypse. They're trying to put more competent westerosi leaders in place and support their efforts! That doesn't sound like they're scrapping humanity- - It's more like they're moving in with a salvage effort. They might have some arcane weir- gotten lore warning them of what to expect next from the supernatural winter plotline, but I doubt they're in bed with the Great Other. Nor do they want to "kill all humans" as Bender would say. That wouldn't be good gardening.
  6. The Mother of The Others

    Winterfell - the Heart of Summer?

    Nice. And Persephone learned to split her time and live in the other realm effectively. Because that's what was needed. The starks need Sansa as their toe in the southron pool, playing that game too, so there's an ice and fire swirl and not more isolation, because...better. I don't like the notion of entire POVs reversing course at the end. Bran should make his supernatural project work, Sansa should make her sun court endeavor pay off.
  7. The Mother of The Others

    Sansa really is Alayne

    Re: "fooling" wolves Nothing was wrong about Sansa's body language because she believed her own Starkness. Tis a state of mind. And the wolves saw that Sansa had the other Starks' full trust, so they extended Pack status to her. She loved her wolf true enough, so it reciprocated, but maybe they shared a non- warg kind of love, and Sansa didn't get the full smart- blood package of perks? But then Robb had that and is dead because he ignored those wolfwarnings, so she wasn't missing out on much. Hunting dreams weren't her style anyway. Baelish Blood The charm of Baelish is he's doing it all as a mutt outperforming the top human purebred types. You may be diminishing him by giving him secret Targeryen blood! As for how he impregnated Catelyn, the Bill Cosby method or the Revenge of the Nerds switcheroo in a dark room? Mordaine as Petyr's watchwoman at winterfell I like. But you guys. If he's the father of Sansa we're left with the problem of .... ALL THE TONGUING. My God the tonguing. It's worse now if he's her pops. Yeah..... so what if Catelyn's revenge fling was with that man- at- arms guy instead- - Rory Castel? Rodrick?
  8. The Mother of The Others

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    If the trees' consciousness is outside of linear time, they may be constantly psi broadcasting all of their memories of the whole timeline, like a streaming service! Not just one 'Vision' deviously aimed at you, but everything they've got, all the age rings in their psychic treetrunk screaming in your ear at once. OUR minds are the ones pulling specific visions out of all that noise based on what's relevant to us, like rivulets drawn from a vast psi ocean, just the part that relates to our... bloodlines. Blood Magic was what the woods witches used to read fortunes, not holding up a divining rod of weirwood. Blood, taken from the subject. Then, the blood- drinking weir library of future knowledge can be turned to the right page. When the trees' psychic radar pings our infantile minds, our thoughts may mark us, define us, showing the weirs a spectral analysis of us as petty things who live in the now, but we aspire to ideals, a more timeless greatness that the trees can sort of relate to. We yearn for this, that, and the other. And these thoughts bookmark us within the Dewey decimal system the weirs use. We then receive the most relevant Vision. I think Will matters in this subconscious interaction. Thoros mainly brought a great Will to that burial ritual that raised Dondarion. This death is so greatly wrong, he broadcast to the world with his suddenly incredibly congruent psyche. And the listening magic field answered, Would This then be more right? And Dondarion breathed. Jaime dreamed his psi- definition into that treestump, and got a vision that reinforced his specific aspirations to be more than bottom- dweller kingslayer in the muck, but a flash of the creature of integrity he could yet be, an honorable death for humanity's truer cause of surviving as more than animals, with the return of valor and all that's been absent from the hollow knighthood of his age. So the powers that are 'granted' to someone with a darkened psyche- - like Euron , or an Other- - would skew toward 'evil' but would mostly be a reflection of their own psyches, and not the weirs' necessarily. We should always leave room for the trees to be fully devious I suppose, because that's a scary and fun worry to leave hanging over the readers' heads. But the birth of tree consciousness would most likely be Nature Neutral in its default mindset. And then specific Tree Drivers could have been responsible for going off the rails by infusing the weirnet with their malice to give us history's most human-esque devious events like natural disasters that break Dorne's arm. That's my take on the weirs getting involved in human affairs. A bunch of white harbor fools blooded up the trees for long enough that the great Shamu whale of weir consciousness swam over closer to us and began paying closer attention to our affairs not because it bore us any great malice but simply because we were making ourselves more relevant to It by feeding It, inviting It in like a vampire into our homes, literally planting it in our godswoods. Now that the original pact makers are dust, forgotten on our side, It continues to feed with us unaware of why we're being mauled by this dangerous pitbull pet. There's no meeting of the minds. The trees are too Other for us that we must meet them only in a dream state, and that doesn't let us parlay very well. Bran and Daenerys have a good track record with sleepwalking to good effect, though. They may be able to meet with the weir consciousness and hammer out a new pact.
  9. The Mother of The Others

    New Theory for the Perfumed Seneschal

    You know, we've spent zero minutes discussing the possibility of Daenerys running into Qyburn's creation that could very well flip back its visor to reveal Usurper Head. That'd allow the slap fight she thought the world had denied her with Robert's passing. Would it also be turbo dumb? (Yes.) And yet... My favorite ending for Catelyn and Eddard would be if RobertStrong has EddHead , meaning that Cat and her hubby can reunite as everyone's favorite undead couple and close out the story together on a porch swing outside the front door of the burnt out derelict Twins castle that's become a ghost town.
  10. The Mother of The Others

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Nothing to contribute, really, which is always true of my posts here if you really wanna get technical. But let's procede nonetheless, as this should at least prove interesting- - Why not go for broke with this hidden face business and say it's Bran behind there! The fate of a time traveling Bran the Builder , after he's done going back in time to build the past, is that he has lots of spare time to wander the earth as an immortal thing, and then he realizes the most important roles he has left to play involve moments like this where he must not change things but rather Fulfill History. He must identify moments that stand out in his mind, like, "Hey that sure was a lucky break when Coldhands found us and got us through that rough patch. We wouldn't have survived without his very Timely help. Say, I should peek into the timestream and figure out a way to thank that old dead guy who went out of his way to.... Oh. There is no such being recorded in history. Coldhands doesn't exist. That means.... it was me. I have to do it now, become 'Coldhands' so as to add Coldhands to the timeline myself, or else it will never have happened. The trickiest bit for time travelers is recognizing when they need to stop their usual policy of, 'avoid changing anything' and realize, 'Oh, this is something I would have changed, which means I... did, which means it's "always" been part of the history I remember, which means I Reeeeely need to step out of the shadows right now and act to fulfil that bit of history which, it turns out, I've always been directly involved in, unbeknownst to me.' Sexy, right!
  11. The Mother of The Others

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    3) Lya was a very strong telepath, and the fungus seemed to be particularly interested in absorbing her telepathy talent. This is what I think the weirwood wants with Bran. 4) *the penis 1) we are evil and demonic like that from the cows' perspective. So that's a vegetarian reading of the text. But wait, things are looking up as we go! 2) I'm not saying you're making stuff up. I'm saying it'd be really funny if you were because I wouldn't know. However, that Steel Angels bit WAS convincing, and I'm sure it's real. And it led directly to me solving the series as follows, so thanks(!): 3) This is how the series ends: (Spoilers)- - -The trees want Bran's brain to amplify the madness they're sending into the westerosi population, so Bran can't stay there. But Bran can't allow himself to be "rescued" by the 3 eyed crow either because the Others want his brain too, to make him their own tipping point guy by plugging him into Winter's heart so he can swallow the sun like Fenris of Ragnarok, bringing about a Thimble Winter that will freeze out the evil trees....but it also freezes out humanity at the same time! Bran foresees this, can't accept it, strains real hard like he's psychically constipated until he succeeds at changing the timeline in some small way * (at first) that gives humanity a chance. He wargs a dragon and flies right past the Others to systematically burn all the weirwoods. Daenerys catches on when she sees the pattern and joins in, but Jon doesn't because those are poppa's trees, so they fight the predestined battle of Ice and Fire armies squaring off (from the prophetic vision). Bran has to let Jon die for the greater good. Arya is pesky and has the strength to quit the weir cold turkey. But then she dies anyway. * The small initial change Bran made to history: He planted the impossible lemon tree Daenerys remembers from her childhood- - planted it in her mind as a false memory. This shared lemon fixation is what keeps Danny from killing Sansa when they meet and Sansa offers her a lemon cake. (It's like when Batman discovered he and Superman both had a Martha in their lives). Sansa then lives long enough to broker peace between Danny and Aegon, her new boyfriend. This prevents Danny from dying in a Targ civil war, which means she's available to make all the difference in the north by burning the weirs. 4) indeed
  12. The Mother of The Others

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    They'd want a nice long coma sleep for that so the patient wouldn't roll around and break the early root shoots off before they cinched him in place. I bet that coma was supposed to happen during the 5 year fast forward Georgie originally planned. With all of that long quotestorm, what you failed to take into account is I've also read the same books! Just because the trees digest blood doesn't make them evil, it makes them hungry. They just happen to exist above us on the food chain, which is an uncomfortable mental adjustment for us humans, but we're not angelic/good, so the creatures that prey on us are therefore not evil. It's tempting to see it that way, but they're just hungry. Neutral. Like nature overall. The "blood on top of their leaves, rot beneath" is a description of the mulching that drives the life cycle of any healthy forest or jungle. We imagine we're apart from nature, above it. The weir feedings remind us otherwise. Maybe the weir set themselves above the forest in some ways, putting their tree egos in competition with ours, the way U.S.A. and France see each other as jerkish when really they're just bumping into a mirror image ego culture. The blood sacrifice stuff makes the forest awesome is all. Those are deaths with purpose at least, whereas we have totally senseless Chicago street deaths. Which is more heinous an environment , really? Bran is being offered a quality wheelchair job where he can make a real difference, and the visions he sees will convince him of that and he'll opt in. Manderly's ancestors seem to have done well for themselves by earning the blessings of the blood trees. It's not a wholly antihuman scene to be involved in. Now what I haven't read is all the obscure short stories like the Worm one. Thanks for bringing those in. I can't say for sure whether you're making up some of these references, but either way it's awesome stuff so keep it up! What I'd submit for your consideration though is that this is a new story of George's and don't you think he'd want to approach it from a fresh angle? Maybe even do something new with some of these symbols whose meaning you see as being so set in stone. - - - Thanks also to Megorova (Meg?) for taking the confusion out of the early Barristan incident in the kingswood! I'd be happy with that as Aegon's origin story and the rationale for the Brotherhood's oddness. Selmy and Swann could then be the living bridge between the armies of Daenerys and Aegon, and whether or not he became one of Danny's 3 betrayals it'd be interesting at least. There'd be chances for Targ reconciliation. I see what you're saying about how Shiera has set up a potential field of fire between the Targs. But back when she set fAegon up, lots of people were doing that; Targ Farming was incredibly popular as a hobby among the well- to- do back then. And I can't fault any of the Targ farmers individually because you don't know which Targ babies will survive to adulthood, if any, so you best plant a field full of them and worry about potential overgrowth later on. So I could still spin all that as Team BloodStar (Bloodraven and Seastar, sitting in a tree...) working in tandem on opposite sides of the Narrow Sea and building toward the prophesied 3 heads of the dragon. Now if she did train up Euron later on in the game, specifically on how to steal a dragon from Raven's targ, that'd be more problematic. It's Asshai, though. I have to believe there's other options for who mentored Euron in the dark arts, because honestly he does reek of a darker shade of mentoring than Operation Aegon, which I'd feel good about characterizing as Soulful Invisibility.
  13. The Mother of The Others

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Because Maester Luwin only puked at the end, after Ramsay revealed himself. Until then, he was hopeful the world would show him something better. Same here. Why are you guys so eager to see all those Bran travel chapters produce rotten fruit? That's an investment I don't want to see go bust. Did you have a bad sensei experience at your afterschool kung fu class that left you distrustful of weird authority figures? Plus, of course the Essos undying tree people were pervs- - the humans are running the tree show over there, and humans are the worst. But on this side we've got inhuman park rangers, so the tree hotels in Westeros instantly get a couple more stars on Yelp.
  14. The Mother of The Others

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Isn't everyone Loki in this story? Jeoffrey. Theon. Varys. Ramsay & Roose. Cercei. Petyr. Renley. Brave Companions. It's like Loki's body was sliced up and served to the whole kingdom and they all became agents of chaos, and now their blood feeds the trees. Hasn't George smoothed out the icky vibe in that Merlin / Morgana relationship, though? In Westeros, he's added a wonderful reason why Bloodraven would want to be tree bound. It's an extension of his vows to protect the realm, and there's upside to joining with the weir. If Quaithe is Sheira (Morgana), don't we see more teamwork than opposition coming from her? Bloodraven is a Targ loyalist, and Sheira is doing her best to usher a Targ across the sea for him. In what way do you see them being darkly at odds with each other? (Unless you think her goal is to "help" with too much shadowy half truth, to where Danny sees betrayal everywhere and strikes her own chances down via paranoia? Eh. That's not proof of Quaithe's false friendship to Danny as much as proof that everyone reacts to prophecy in their own way. Plus, Danny seems to be handling it okay. So I don' t see that as even something Quaithe and Bloodraven would argue about. He'd tell her, "Thanks for taking care of the Essos side of things, like we agreed.") What I'm saying is this inevitable loss during Ragnarok may not be part of what carries over into Ice&Fire. Ragnarok may represent the end of the gods (Targ and Stark bloodlines, and the Children & weirnet) but Bloodraven could still make it count by clearing a path to Spring and a magical rebalancing of the planet. Pulling a victory out of Ragnarok and doing his duty for the realm and the wider world no matter the losses incurred.
  15. The Mother of The Others

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Early crowning. You want to crown last.