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  1. That girl in a planet crusher was a great start to a character, as was the getting tricked into unleashing a primal evil. Then she got out and was like, "I'm evil. Say, let's BE evil, mr. Hubby Guy." Evil husband: "Yessss. Evil. Let's!" And then back in the box. I feel like I could have done more with that. Like a new Maisie type presence in the universe. A modern pandora twist, in which her world had shoved HER into the box in retribution, but now once freed she'd do some really interesting things, an arc with perspective no other being would have, etc.
  2. You want your church to be broad. It's all about the buttressing without which your transcept is too narrow to support worship. You want a knave to feel awed by your nave or they end up navel gazing and miss out on the nativity. This season is starting off big like I got accustomed to from watching Who marathons. So that's good. That new guy is no Missy, but then who among us is. The family of doctor-helpers is starting to get laughs too, after being merely British most of the time last year. Nice start.
  3. So.... the new writers are the main reason the new doctor didn't get the awesome treatment Capaldi got, with all his emotional soliloquies and big deal moments backed by an orchestra, I'm left to surmise. Ready and waiting for them to grow into the awesomeness of past seasons.
  4. https://www.chess2020.com/index.jsp It's real. My chess guy is the youtuber Agadmator. His intros can ramble but provide context for the game he's reviewing, and I find he breaks games down with a minimum of wasted words and is comprehensive about showing players' plans and then showing why it did or didn't work. And his accent is understandable! In chess that's a real bonus.
  5. Well i am kinda tired already of the spooky sound that plays over and over when he attacks. They can't keep going with that for much longer, can they? (Fast forward two years to when he's still doing the same schtick.) Sasha played the role of Mick Foley tonight, only with chairs in place of thumb tacks. Bummed. Also, i was kinda sure the hugger would come out from under the ring at some point. Oh well. Decent violence anyways. Not much quality stuff apart from that, though.
  6. How the poisonrana can exist in this day and age of the concussion and worrying about quadraplegics, i don't know. It takes me right back to the days of the full piledriver of Paul Orndorff and associates. Only more dangerous looking. My amateur opinion of AEW was it looked amatuer, like a shinier Impact, as in something I'd normally spend 30 seconds on before changing the channel, if not for all the current business drama making it interesting enough to stick through the premiere. I see why the Bucks are a big deal now, and the women's championship made me feel something I must admit. Jericho is moving slow these days. But he's like everyone's dad, so you give him a pass. So, the Rock is here to save Kofi, must be, and perform the hollywood banishment witchcraft that will remove Brock from the roster, hopefully. After that, though, and after seeing Sasha in a cage on the cheap, I'm done. This week was special but I don't got the time for this constant wrastling.
  7. Uhhhh, nope. I'll look it up. We had houseplants in the 90s, and 90s cats were cool with it, left em alone. Then the 00's came and cats started huffing and eating the plants. Now we have plastic ones and for a while we had to tie a rubber band around the kitchen sink cabinet nobs to childproof them so he couldn't paw-pry them open at night and tongue the cleanser. Total pervert.
  8. Tries to eat the grass constantly. I tap him on the noggin, pull him away, and dispense anti grass eating propaganda. I lean down close to make sure he hears in stereo when I say emphatically in plain English, "You're not a cow!" Just looks back at me with disdain and eats more grass. "How do you not see the connection between this and your barfing? Are you just blind to the analytics or is this your new diet fad to lose fuzzy pet pounds." So I purchase indoor Pet Grass brand pet grass. And then the big moment came to introduce it........ and neither cat gave a shit. Not even the level of interest you usually see from them when a new object appears in the house. The deeper green of the outside grass must contain the pussycat tobacco they crave. They shun this indoor stuff like it's Ghost Grass. So, me being one of the pre-eminent minds in the game today, I embarked on the ingenious guile-craft of taking the indoor grass outside and placing it on the lawn so it's the tallest weed of them all, the obvious target for pet munching....... and the puss was not fooled. It's as if he saw right through that high level deception. And this is the cat who burrows into my armpit to get a closer whiff of fresh deodorant.
  9. This is a cross-over event with the drunk topic: Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Available for $24.99 Black Barrel Mule: 1oz lemon juice, .5 oz simple syrup, and 1 strawberry muddled together. Add 1.5 oz rum, shaken with ice, strained over Other ice. Top with 2 oz ginger beer, 2 dashes of bitters, and a slice of lime. I'm not a mule expert, just passing along the relevant gay info. The most flamboyant sounding drink I fancy is the Bird of Paradise Fizz. I don't go for any of the drinks that are actually flaming, as that seems like a rip off if the booze is burning away before you even get hold of it. Well, that's all. Also, what's with the Q? Does that cover additional people not mentioned in the LGTB part, or is thrown in there more as a summary caboose for the acronym?
  10. You'd think senility would be good for wrestling, because it's kind of like Vince is returning to childhood again, and kids are a big demographic for WWE, so as Vince gets more in tune with that childlike perspective, it should give us a second golden era. No? That's not how it's playing out. I'm realizing Sasha was a huge part of why I was watching again. The femme tag division is abortive. There was more tag action Before. The Lass coming to Seth's rescue was the first time I've really cheered for her in a while. And the rest of the show is just taken up with dudes. Dudes? Really? I ain't got time for that.
  11. Nope. Just popped in to shout my new wrestling slogan like a democrat:
  12. Whenever Lovey sees a new lifeform of any species, male or female, his 2 step response is the same: * make the cute baby velosa raptor greeting sound from jurassic park * walk calmly around behind it and bite its neck. Like the devil, he is known by many names, including "The Devil." He supervises any and all housework and repairs, needs to physically occupy every square foot of the house on a regular basis, and if there's a cabinet he hasn't had access to recently he'll let you know. Lately he starts meowing without a clear objective in mind. The neighbors know us as the jovial weirdos who walk a cat on a leash and drive past them with puss roaming freely in the car. (Wear a crotch guard). You have to model it for him first for a day or two. When he sees how much fun you're having.....
  13. This is a Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie. It's always been about their 2 identities merging, intertwining, exchanging underwear and intimacies. So it felt more organic and less like a stunt (such as when a space sci-fi show shoehorns in a gay crayfish alien lawyer). This way Eve had a chance to start things off at a safe distance, too, which for me is more believable considering her character and their trust issues post-stabbing. Carolyn may not really and truly care whether Eve lives or dies, for her it's more about having a hand in everything and getting results while limiting personal embarrassment. Kenny sees all these spy people get weird over time. He thought he and Eve were the normals, now sees Eve getting too caught up in it, unsafe. Also if Konstantin & mom have a new swerve planned Kenny may know something specific about what's next for Eve & V. I'm having trouble with Villainelle's motive for...what happened in the storage facility. What was she saying there with that? I get the part about "Eve would never forgive me." And in some ways Villie did Eve's will in that room. But the result? It seems Eve is now further away from being "available" for Villainelle. Eh. Something to chew on.
  14. Gemma. Of the doomed cleavage. When Jamie Comer killed in front of Eve, what was the show's goal when they stopped time and gave her vampire makeup? They tried a new kind of imagery for that moment when Eve saw the murder happen. I think they tried to show the soulless quality of the murderer, making her ghastly like Death itself. But also there was something shiny about it. Because it's the "interesting" thing Eve keeps chasing, and is now considering doing. Vill was like, "here it is. The truth about me and the thing you're so fascinated with. Do you still want to cross the line and become like me all the way?" Like a test. And because Villy knows Eve is pretty deep into the weeds, she knew Eve would pass the test by not running away from their "friendship." A mental cult, like the hold a vampire has over a thrall.
  15. In a surprise twist, Villainelle is developing a taste for not killing people. (Look out!) But can the rest of the cast say the same? And what kind of health club has that high of a ceiling for fencing class? And this rich guy character is really taking advantage of all the zuckerberg paranoia and dislike. He may be V's opposite number, if he's been doing all the sly murdering himself. Like, he'd be her natural peer--who's also lonely--meanwhile she's trying to veer away from people like him toward more normal friends. Quaint. Compelling.
  16. Her empathy for that hospital kid had me asking for a second if we were seeing the beginning of her redemption arc.... and then, No. Really not. But then again,...maybe a little bit. Considering. It was a party overall, more important to me than going to a BBQ! Even higher priority than looking at wrestlemania highlites. Lots of laughs. from Eve's coping methods to her boss interactions.
  17. Merry Mania Mofos! I know cheering for Dave seems wrong on the surface.... but hunter going on a victory tour late in life against the legends like Taker who gave him trouble earlier on? He prob should retire if he just gonna tear a tittie anyway when he wrastles. Charlotte? Because what if the plan is to drag out the Becky payoff on and on into the future?!? The Brock thing just makes me tune out instead of getting angry at him. I dont even get his deal. Big paycheck no show. Weird. It'd be so funny if Lindsey Evans tries her catwalk-only thing again and the other women come out of the ring and drag her into the match so they can pummel her. Then she wins.
  18. They did so much with it already, what's left for year 2? Season one took all the good stuff! Lots of collusion with villainelle ahead, probably. Just in time to show people collusion isn't a bad word.
  19. Hawaaian chess! It's the best. (Pacific) the armies are like a bunch of supernatural creatures using their strange move powers to invade and bang. I like that youtube guy adamator or whatever his name is and what's surprising is when he shows pics of the players most of them look like really cool guys. Snazzy even. Stylish. Sometimes there's a boris of course with that intense front cowlic you see on russian heads sporatically.
  20. I was shocked to see that show Loras is still gay. Also the show continues to improve upon the books. The show came up with that great way of tying two loose ends together by having Hound fight Brienne. Then last night the show streamlined the Robert Arryn problem by having Petyr drop the kid off at daycare, which will probably last all season long! Excellent. It's fun that they're doing their own thing. It's alive that way. There's a reason to watch.
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