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[No Spoilers] EP605 Discussion


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Non-spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who've not read the books or those who have but are happy to not actually reference them at all in discussion, taking each episode as it comes.

This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.

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How come no one is writing on this thread? Has everyone read the books except me? Here are some thoughts I have after that episode:

This episode moved the plot significantly, although it seems to me Tyrion is doing the same thing his sister- invite the religious person in the inner circle. That didn't work out very well for Cersei either, so for Tyrion's sake, I hope it's much better.

As for Arya, she definitely is not a "no one" because she still is wrapped up in her past emotions which she can't lose. She better get out of there before she gets her face removed.

As for Sansa, it is hard for me to root for her. If she didn't want Littlefinger's men to fight against Ramsey, she should have killed him. What he did setting her up with the monster Ramsey is inexcusable.

So now we know how Hodor got the way he did. I've noticed a lot of people upset by this, but I'm not. It had to be.....it was his DESTINY! (Hold the door!)


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On 24.5.2016 at 0:04 AM, TennisMenace said:

How come no one is writing on this thread? Has everyone read the books except me?

It just seems that every week someone else is asking this question but then not coming back the week after. ;)

I agree, great episode. Good story with Hodor, and I agree, Arya isn't no one and I also don't think she'll ever be. She might succeed for a while but she's too strong a mind.

Again I agree on Sansa. My least favourite Stark character, she pursues rule, revenge, power no matter what. So she knew that Littlefinger new about Ramsay and still trusts his word on the army? And lies to Jon when at the same time she persuades him to fight? Sad.

Nice scene with Jorah and Daenerys. I wonder whether he'll find cure.

The Osha part was a little quick. It was clear she wouldn't succeed and I thought she'd be smarter than that. Little patience to get a  knive somewere else and wait for a better position. At least he just killed her and no torture thank goodness. Quite un-Ramsey I'd say.

PS: Male private parts in the theatre scene? Are we finally moving towards more balance on female / male nudity? ;)

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