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Match Day 6: Slovakia/Russia, Romania/Switzerland, France/Albania

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45 minutes ago, The Killer Snark said:

I'm not sure it's their rhythm that's at issue, but their lack of creativity. They've been methodical, but lacked spark or adaptability. It's hard to believe this is the same side from the last World Cup. That side didn't have to plug on relentlessly in order to get goals.

I think the lack of rhythm is causing the creativity issues. They're lacking the ability to keep control. A lot of the problem is that Kante, Pogba and Matuidi are too similar, as are, in the end, Griezmann/Martial/Coman. Last time, the creative, passing load was shared between Valbuena, Cabaye and Benzema, but this time, especially with Pogba struggling to find his range, it's all on Payet (Coman and Martial can create well enough, but it's a more individualistic effort from them after a direct run, they don't control the game). I really do think they need to drop one of that midfield three - neither Pogba nor Matuidi have been at all impressive- and introduce either Cabaye or Schneiderlin to bring in a bit of exactly that- rhythm. Someone who can chill the tempo and offer an out-ball when needed.

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4 hours ago, Ser Zlatan said:

You gotta feel for Albania here. They defended very well throughout the match, only to concede in the very last minutes. I hope they win against Romania.

NO!!! Romania will put them back in their place. Oh wait, I'm supposed to root for the Czechs. :P

Romania looks like they have the potential to actually take the game to anyone they play, but it's their mentality that's keeping them back. There were plenty of opportunities against Switzerland to press higher, get more players close to the Swiss goal, but they just didn't do it. Disappointing in that regard.

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