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Lockjaw of House Boltagon

#Wexit or #Wemain?

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Iron Islands = Wexit.

Dany agreed to support Yara's claim to the Salt Throne, which I guess means she's fine with their secession. 

North = Wexit. 

With a new KitN, they're going independent again. 

Westerlands = Wemain.

I assume they're still ruled by the Lannisters and therefore subject to the Crown.

Reach = Wexit. 

They seem to be living the current administration to support Dany, not to pursue independence of their own. 

Riverlands = Wemain.

For the time being, at least. With Walder and his two odious sons dead, however, the Twins can devolve into an outright Frey civil war. In any case, I think the Freys are done, since I don't see the show bothering with some other random Frey lord. The question is whether Edmure returns or not, and if he does would he bend the knee to Jon? He's certainly not bowing for Cersei, that's for sure. 

Dorne = Wexit. 

Dorne has always been like Norway with regards to the EU: somewhat independent for some things but still subject to the Iron Throne for others. I don't know if the Sand Snakes and Ellaria mean to keep that status or if they're going to bow completely to Dany. The fact of the matter tho is that they're not bowing to the Crown under the current administration. 

Vale = ?

Technically, LF is still somewhat keeping his promise to Cersei, to march North and seize Winterfell. That last part isn't true yet tho. But whatever he's planning, we know it involves the Iron Throne, so I don't see him or the Vale going fully independent. 

Stormlands = ?

Do they even exist in the show?

What do you think? Who's gonna Wexit or Wemain? Who's gonna Regrexit it?

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I think we might see a broken up 7K by the end of the story.

The North (Lady Sansa Stark), the Vale (Lord Robin Arryn) and the Riverlands (Lord Edmure Tully) as one kingdom under King Jon Stark. 

The Iron Islands under Lady and Queen Yara Greyjoy.

Dorne (Princess Obara Martell (legitimized by Daenerys)), the Westerlands (Lord Tyrion Lannister), The Reach (since the Tyrells are practically extinct, I think Dany might give Highgarden to someone, but not sure who) and the Crownlands and the aforementioned three kingdoms under Lady and Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

If Jon and Dany marry they can unite all of the kingdoms, with the exception of the Iron Islands.

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9 hours ago, Lyin' Ned said:

Too soon?

Between my 401k and my mutual funds I've lost $1600 in two days and I haven't even checked today.  And I'm not even British!  All because those slimy time limey's don't like Polish people.  Hope those wankers sink into the ocean.

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