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Get Out! SPOILER THREAD Jordan Peele Triumph

Lily Valley

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On 3/28/2017 at 11:26 AM, Manhole Eunuchsbane said:

Another angle on Lil' Rey that I enjoyed was the TSA thing. Many of us in this country see these folks as being ineffectual, bumbling security guard types, and Rey runs into that attitude on a couple of different occasions in the film. Turns out he's more effective than the cops at the end of the day.

NOBODY in America is happy to see TSA, except for everyone who saw that movie in the US.  That was so freekin completely totally utterly omg awesome.

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On 3/28/2017 at 0:29 PM, Week said:

I loved the essay on "What Becky gotta do".  In her own essay, she does extrapolate on how graphically white women are (usually and casually) murdered.  I took that back to the bank on my rewatch.  The film LOVES throwing horror tropes on it's head.  The only comment I have on that article is to say that this one didn't have ANY slasher man-on woman violence.  Her point on dead grandma footage was excellent.  I am still curious about why that was onscreen.  That scene is that it was so poignant and so cheap.  The curtains being that it was the only lady death permitted screen time and it wasn't Chris's fault.

That character also had the best close-up in the entire movie, so I feel like denying the audience her death would have been awful, too.

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