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Jordan La Cabra

Which elements of season 7 will also be included in The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring?

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As Season 7 begins to draw to a close, which parts of the story do you think will also be included in the books? And which parts are purely for the show?


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Certainly none of these ridiculous plans to go beyond the Wall and to capture and show Cersei a wight. Nor do I think Gendry will ever make a comeback (Edric Storm might), and neither will Tyrion be the one the plan out Dany's Westeros conquest.

Viserion dying and becoming an undead Ice Dragon will be most likely something incorportated. The Tyrells getting wiped out also looks like something the books might do. The Stark children will also probably be reunited in Winterfell as it happened in the show. The Jonerys romance is surely going to happen as well, though it won't be as forced and poorly written and a Field of Fire 2.0 also might happen similar to the show which will shift the tide of war against whoever Dany's going to be fighting. 

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-Dany lands on Dragonstone

-Dany and Jon team up.

-Cersei somehow finds herself as queen and the main antagonist to Dany

-Euron and Cersei team up

-House Tyrell is wiped out and High Garden is taken

-Viserion dies and becomes a wight

-Bran/Arya/Sansa reunite at Winterfell after it is retaken. 


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-Dragonglass supply theory:  Jon will go south for the Dragonglass, just like in the show.  That is how he will meet Dany.  That's what Manderly's fleet is for imo.  Dany will land at Dragonstone of course.  

-Jon will bend the knee to Dany.  Not because he thinks she's awesome like in the show, but because he will see it as the most expedient way to unite the realm for the Long Night.  Bend the knee to the girl with the dragons, encourage her to marry her nephew Aegon (lol), and the Targ restoration will unite the realm.  Things won't work out that way since Aegon and Dany will fight instead though.  

-Jon/Dany falling in love.  Jon will basically do everything Tyrion talked Aegon out of doing in Dance imo.  Jon will go to Dany, he will offer what resources he has to help her in a time of need (against Euron imo), he will then bend the knee and beg for her help.  And in that process of humbling himself to save his people, Dany will fall for him.  

Aegon's pride, not wanting to meet Dany as a beggar, will be his undoing.  Poor fool.  Tyrion led him astray.   

-Dany will save Jon at some point.  Remember that speech Tyrion gave about how Dany is a rescuer, and what will she do when she hears her brother's murdered son is hard pressed on all sides?  Yeah, that was clearly foreshadowing imo.  Jon will be in peril, and Dany will rush off to save him.  Not sure what will have Jon in peril, but something (not a wight hunt).  Maybe when he hears Aegon/Dany are fighting he loses all hope of uniting the realm and decides he needs to take the fight to the Others himself?  Leads an army North of the Wall, shit goes bad, Dany hears about it and rushes off to save him.  Something like that I imagine.    

-Wight dragon.  No NK in the books, but someone will manage it.  A dragon dies North of the Wall (while Dany is saving Jon) and the Others simply take it, or Euron does some fucked up shit, or something.  A stone beast flew from a tower, breathing shadow fire.  That's what that line means imo.  Wight dragon.    

-Euron fucking up Dorne...I don't think Euron is going to Oldtown after he beats the Redwynes like most expect.  Everything he wants (Iron Throne, Dany, Dragons) is East and North, and along that path is Sunspear and Aegon in the Stormlands.  While he waits for Dany to come his way, I think Euron does some damage to Aegon.  That little pup wants everything Euron wants (Iron Throne, Dany, Dragons), Euron can't allow that.  He'll wreck his shit.  

-Arya/Sansa feuding....sad to say, but I don't think D&D entirely manufactured this.  George has said that Sansa and Arya have things to work out in a past SSM (I think; I've seen others reference it), so I think we might see some issues between them when they reunite.  It won't be all hugs and kisses when they get back together.  

-Cersei retaining control of KL.  People telling themselves Cersei is done for in the books and won't play an antagonistic role in the endgame are deluding themselves.  The Tyrells and sparrows are not besting her, no way.  This bad bitch is in this to the bitter end.  She won't be as powerful as in the show (no big army or alliance with the Iron Bank), but she will keep KL if only because of her access to wild fire.  Aegon or Dany attack her, the Mad Queen will nuke the place.  Mexican standoff.

-Cersei/Euron alliance.  Since Jaime won't be cockblocking it in the books, George's take on this pairing should be something to behold.  Those two will get up to some sick shit, I can't wait.  Seriously, I can't wait anymore....george pls.

I think we will also see the destruction of House Tyrell, House Frey, and House Martell by the end of the series.

Oh, and Randyl Tarly betraying the Tyrell's.  Expect I think he will do it for Aegon, not Cersei.  

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