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I've been watching The White Queen A Showtime Mini Series About The War Of The Roses. Now, it does have historical fiction but it is very good. 

Now, who is who in the war of the roses. 

We know Sansa is Elizabeth Of York (Mixed with Catherine Howard) 

Jon is Henry 7

Ned is Jasper Tudor

Daenerys is the conquering part of Henry's life

Little Finger is Richard 3 


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On 2/26/2018 at 4:16 PM, LiveFirstDieLater said:

I’m sorry, what???

George based the books off the war of roses and there were a lot of people involved. And I was watching The White Queen and I saw all characters counterparts. Like Robb is Edward York and Theon is Anne Neville. 

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George did base much of his story and the characters on actual history, but to say that this event or that character is synonomous with that historical event or this real person is inaccurate. There are similarities and parallels, but they are not the same thing. 

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I think you’ll find it difficult to fit GRRM characters into one single historical figure because while yes he has taken from the War of the Roses he has also taken from other parts of history as well. The more you dig into it the more you might find that one of GRRM’s characters might fit into four or five different historical figures throughout history.

And he hasn’t just been inspired by historical figures either he has also been inspired by fictional stories like the Arthurian Legend.

I think GRRM has stated somewhere that Aegon the Conqueror is based off of William the Conqueror.


Aegon II = Stephen of Blois – Rhaenyra = Mathilda: In Plantagenet England, the crown of England was promised to Mathilda, the daughter and only heir to the throne but was taken by he cousin Stephen of Blois.

Daenerys I’d place as a mix of Alexander the Great and Henry Tudor

Cersei - Agrippina the Younger

Lyanna Stark – Helen of Troy

I think part of Jon Snow’s story was taken from Lancelot’s story ‘Joyous Guard’

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