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    other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.”

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  1. As you point out with the Plumms this does seem likely... but I do think there is a difference between “the three heads”, if you will, and just being decended from Targs, or having a drop of dragon blood. Not only are the Plumms have a super interesting history, poping up at remarkable times, but since Aegon the Unworthy may well have jumped into the family tree, and he legitimized all his bastards, not just certain ones specifically, they could have a real claim (better than Baratheons for instance) to the Iron Throne through a male line. They are also descended from the First Men and so have a noteworthy combination of ancestors. Also, Brown Ben is the leader of the Second Sons... I don’t know exactly what it means yet, but this company has a long history which includes some truely remarkable members... not only that, but it really can’t be coincidence that every male POV in game of thrones is a second son. Also, I didn’t realize this but apperantly the Plumm heraldry is three purple globes on a field of gold. Before getting into Fossoways, as you point out here, it seems we have our Blackfyre for the modern parallel, not one of the Three Heads, but an important scion of House Targaryen. The fossoways are fun for sure, and the creation of the green apples I really enjoyed seeing in Dunk, but I’m not sure I’ve drawn any conclusions yet... hmmm
  2. @Seams love it, I’m gonna have to process the Baelor stuff and come back... especially since I always kinda thought of Breakspear and the Blessed as almost opposites, one practical and a good ruler while the other doesn’t seem like a bad man he clearly didn’t make a great king. I would suggest there is a more obvious parallel to the three great bastards, Bloodraven, Seastar, and Bittersteel in our current series... Jon, Dany, and Tyrion. I believe these are all Targaryen bastards themselves. (R+L=J and little sister D) Tyrion learned about all we know about the Golden Company, it seems to be a big part of his arc considering he basically inspired their current invasion to take place without delay. There is also the fact that Tyrion is a bitter exile who escaped his punishment by fleeing to Essos, branded a traitor, hoping to return to Westeros with an army. Dany has been visited by Qaithe, whom many suspect is Seastar. She’s beautiful, practices blood magic, and takes multiple lovers, possibly one day to include a sibling. Loves the sea and dreamed of being a sailor as she crossed the narrow sea half a hundred times. My take on her is probably the most controversial, but let’s just say lemons make your eyes water, and lemon juice was an old cure for cataracts. Jon who’s body is loosing all memory of warmth, like Bloodraven in his hollow hill amidst the frozen land of always winter. Both served as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, both appear to have loved and lost, and both have lost brothers they loved. The dragon has three heads!
  3. Truth does seem to be a theme associated with lemons, I'd go so far as to say the bitter truth... As opposed to the sweet stories of a summer child (innocence) you nicely point out Sansa's repeated references to this dichotomy. But I don't like the idea that Dany's lemon tree is the same metaphor, it certainly shares the "bitter truth" aspect, but lacks the sweet desert portion... Instead Dany remembers the sweet smell of home... Flowered feilds, perfume, etc. Of course, as many have pointed out before the problem is that both the lemon tree and sweet smell are tied to the house with the red door, supposedly in Braavos, but neither Lemons nor sweet smells fit with Braavos. I would also agree that Lem Lemoncloak possesses a secret, and is likely Ser Lonmouth, the knight of skulls and kisses. But this identity alone isn't really much of a secret... he was however a close confidant of Rhaegar, and was at the Tourney of Harrenhall. I expect his secret to be about Dany and not Sansa... But my theories about Dany's parentage don't seem popular round these parts... What are the other ideas for what his secret is?
  4. Dany's first chapter: Somewhere beyond the sunset, across the narrow sea, lay a land of green hills and flowered plains and great rushing rivers, where towers of dark stone rose amidst magnificent blue-grey mountains, and armored knights rode to battle beneath the bannersof their lords. The Dothraki called that land Rhaesh Andahli, the land of the Andals. In the Free Cities, they talked of Westeros and the Sunset Kingdoms. Her brother had a simpler name. "Our land," he called it. The words were like a prayer with him. If he said them enough, the gods were sure to hear. "Ours by blood right, taken from us by treachery, but ours still, ours forever. You do not steal from the dragon, oh, no. The dragon remembers." And perhaps the dragon did remember, but Dany could not. Then in Dany's 9th chapter: "… wake the dragon …" The door loomed before her, the red door, so close, so close, the hall was a blur around her, the cold receding behind. And now the stone was gone and she flew across the Dothraki sea, high and higher, the green rippling beneath, and all that lived and breathed fled in terror from the shadow of her wings. She could smell home, she could see it, there, just beyond that door, green fields and great stone houses and arms to keep her warm, there. She threw open the door. "… the dragon …" Home, Westeros... smell home=flowered fields green hills/fields stone buildings, And wait for it... Banners of their lords = Arms The Dragon Remembers, but It's wolves who have a pack to stay warm... "Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you … and I need both of you, gods help me." Perhaps the "arms to keep her warm" is a new banner?
  5. So Selaesori Qhoran means Stinky Steward, more or less?" "Fragrant Steward, rather." And... On what terms?" Beware the perfumed seneschal, Quaithe had said. The masked woman had foretold the coming of the pale mare, was she right about the noble Reznak too? "I may be a young girl innocent of war, but I am not a lamb to walk bleating into the harpy's den. I still have my Unsullied. I have the Stormcrows and the Second Sons. I have three companies of freedmen." "Them, and dragons," said Brown Ben Plumm, with a grin. Love that one... And the formatting on this forum is out off control, I apologize
  6. The letters of "Daenerys" rearranged spell "Ser Dayne" And of course, Sarella is Alleras backwards...
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