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    the colour pink, reading, movies, netlfix, comics (mostly dc), politics, cosplay (i don't do it, but i find it cool), youtube videos, animals, colouring.

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  1. manchester_babe

    What’s your all time favorite book series?

    The Cousin's Wars Series. It's so good.
  2. manchester_babe

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    Tolkiens 100 %. It's so good. And I love the histories of the world. Rather than the history of the known world in A Song Of Ice In Fire.
  3. manchester_babe

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    If D!NY were real. She would be ugly. She'd have the habsburg jaw since her family tree was more of a family bush. But then again. I barley know anything about the incestuous dynasties. Like the Habsburgs and the Ptolemaics. here's a link to effects of incest; Genetic Mutations From Incest.
  4. manchester_babe

    how inbred is daenerys?

    she has six fingers?
  5. manchester_babe

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I'm smiling because he is.
  6. manchester_babe

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Would my True Love theory make sense?
  7. manchester_babe

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Well, Dany has this connection with him.
  8. why is drogon dany's favourite dragon?
  9. manchester_babe

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    I'm talking about his skin and it's scars and the skin that's been taken off. Will it heal?
  10. manchester_babe

    Speculation on Targaryen dragon family tree

    Same here.
  11. manchester_babe

    how inbred is daenerys?

    how inbred are daenerys, rhaegar and viserys?
  12. I thought Tansy was a plant. They used for aborting babies.
  13. manchester_babe

    what happened to margaery?

    what happened to our little queen?
  14. what really caused the doom of valyria? i've been reading the world of ice and fire and i'm wondering what caused it.
  15. manchester_babe

    R The Bolton's The Blood Of The First Men?

    I always thought it only meant the starks.