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    the colour pink, reading, movies, netlfix, comics (mostly dc), politics, cosplay (i don't do it, but i find it cool), youtube videos, animals, colouring.

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  1. As I read these books I find more clues that Jon is Rhaegar's child.
  2. Sorry I'm never on. It's that you all hate Sansa Stark

  3. manchester_babe

    What’s your all time favorite book series?

    The Cousin's Wars Series. It's so good.
  4. manchester_babe

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    Tolkiens 100 %. It's so good. And I love the histories of the world. Rather than the history of the known world in A Song Of Ice In Fire.
  5. I thought Tansy was a plant. They used for aborting babies.
  6. manchester_babe

    Favorite POV Character

    Daenerys, Jon and Sansa, Reek *Theon*.
  7. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  8. manchester_babe

    When Did You Start Re-Reading?

    Today. :-)
  9. do you think craster forces his daughters to call him daddy in bed?

  10. manchester_babe

    So, what's your head canon?

    Jon has purple eyes and has to wear glasses, Varys is a merman, Little Finger is Sansa's father.
  11. manchester_babe

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I am a Daenerys fan? I like her madness, I just h8 her. So I am I fan of hers?
  12. Am I the only person who thinks Evanna Lynch would've made an amazing Daenerys?

  13. manchester_babe

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Cersei, Brienne, Jorah (I think I already said him oh well!). Jeyne is cool.
  14. manchester_babe

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Robb King Of The North!
  15. manchester_babe

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Ygritte is amazing.