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First casting calls for Long Night released

The Dragon Demands

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This has been circulating through news sites, but Elio & Linda were out-out-country:  casting calls for a "confidential HBO project" that begins filming in February 2019...just like Long Night, and using casting director Lucinda Syson - who previously worked as casting director on Jane Goldman's past projects Kick-Ass and X-Men-First class.  It seems a reasonable conclusion they're for Long Night.

Like Game of Thrones from Season 6 onwards, they've stopped releasing character names and switched to code names.   In this case, just code-letters assigned to all four:  "A", "S", "I", and "F"....which fans have noted, may be the acronym "ASIF" = ASOIAF = A Song of Ice & Fire.  The descriptions are:

  • "A" - Series Regular, Male, Playing Age 17-22, Mixed Race Actor
  • "S" - Series Regular, Female, Playing Age 24-32, Black Actress
  • "I" - Series Regular, Female, Playing Age 17-25, Caucasian Actress
  • "F" - Series Regular, Female, Playing Age 16-23, Black Actress


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