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R+L=J&M twins theory

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On 10/18/2018 at 2:15 PM, The Map Guy said:

"But it was only a game, and Bran knew it" - Bran's thoughts about taking the swords. Let us analyze the sword stealing in the Winterfell crypts, 

  1. Bran grabs Brandon Stark's sword, because Bran was named after his uncle.
  2. Osha grabs Ned Stark's sword, because she will symbolically protect Rickon, Ned's last bloodline.
  3. Meera grabs Rickard Stark's sword.

There was a forth sword taken. It was taken by Hodor.

Jojen had a dream. Jojen told his poppa about the dream. Howland sent his two children to WF.

A Clash of Kings - Bran III     As the newcomers walked the length of the hall, Bran saw that one was indeed a girl, though he would never have known it by her dress. She wore lambskin breeches soft with long use, and a sleeveless jerkin armored in bronze scales. Though near Robb's age, she was slim as a boy, with long brown hair knotted behind her head and only the barest suggestion of breasts. A woven net hung from one slim hip, a long bronze knife from the other; under her arm she carried an old iron greathelm spotted with rust; a frog spear and round leathern shield were strapped to her back.      Her brother was several years younger and bore no weapons. All his garb was green, even to the leather of his boots, and when he came closer Bran saw that his eyes were the color of moss, though his teeth looked as white as anyone else's. Both Reeds were slight of build, slender as swords and scarcely taller than Bran himself. They went to one knee before the dais.    "My lords of Stark," the girl said. "The years have passed in their hundreds and their thousands since my folk first swore their fealty to the King in the North. My lord father has sent us here to say the words again, for all our people."/

The swords taken from the crypts are related to the belief that the iron swords keep the spirits of the dead in their place.

Iffin I wanted to stir up tinfoil I would ask are there now ghosts walking the grounds of WF.

I mean, there is a DwD chapter titled "A Ghost in Winterfell."


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If Meera is the child of Rhaegar and Lyanna then Jojen has to be as well. They both have the same build and green eyes . Jojen is even described as being sullen, sullen like Jon Snow and Rhaegar Targaryen. R+L=Jon and Meera AND Jojen, triplets! Triplets trump twins!

Jojen is too young to be the same age as Jon and Meera you say? Well it only seems that way because Jojen has frail health and developed slower than his siblings. Plus he has strong magics. 

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