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Spoil me in style

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More or less been away from here since the show started. Read all the books; watched the first episode, did not care for it, jumped off, dodged spoilers (more or less successfully) since then awaiting the book. 

Now, seeing as it is gonna be straight on impossible to remain unspoiled on the matter (because it's EVERYWHERE) without becoming some sort of cave-living hermit, I have decided I might as well spoil myself in style...and where better than here?


There are two categories I figure the show spoilers fall into:

1) In the parallell-to-books story; deviations from the book series

2) Spoilers from where the show has left the books behind (most of the content of this thread would necessarily fall here, I imagine)

These will be dry and dusty facts, but I'd like to have it juiced up a bit.


So. Here's your chance to let me know just how YOU feel about the show, on every nook and cranny, every emotional high or low, everything.

If there was something you hated, describe the scenes with dripping contempt.

If there was something you thought was fantastic, describe it so that I will literally feel the goosebumps through the screen.

If there was something dead in between, give it your best stoner "That happened" impression.


Now....SPOIL ME!

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If you want to be spoiled in a classy way go to reddit/freefolk and look at wonderful memes the final seasons of the show created:

Some of my choices are:



The ending makes sense, think about it...
Arya went west, Jon went north, Drogon went east, and the show went south

Thank you and goodnight

by Not_ARthunder


Cersei this whole season


Who has better story than Bran?

Episode 5 in a nutshell

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