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Sweet Peach and Women


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The title name is a little strange, I agree. I'm going straight to the point.
I noticed something recently. I want to explain this. In past, I opened a topic about "sweet" word. According to this theory "sweet" word is mean "dead" or "almost dying". I searched all the books and identified the characters that the word "sweet" refers to. Most characters are dead or almost dead. I expect some of them to die. Or a bad situation where they almost dies.
There is a sign of death related to sweet peach in the series. The emphasis on sweet peaches is often mentioned and emphasized in the series; Renly/Stannis, Dany, Bran and even Arya and Asha.
According to this theory, Renly offered Stannis a sweet peach and also he ate it himself. Renly died and we almost sure Stannis will die too.
Renly's hand slid inside his cloak. Stannis saw, and reached at once for the hilt of his sword, but before he could draw steel his brother produced . . . a peach. "Would you like one, brother?" Renly asked, smiling. "From Highgarden. You've never tasted anything so sweet, I promise you." He took a bite. Juice ran from the corner of his mouth.
Bran, before fall he was thinking the climb makes him feel a sweet ache and taste of the air is like a sweet winter peach.
He liked the deep, sweet ache it left in the muscles afterward. He liked the way the air tasted way up high, sweet and cold as a winter peach.
When Robert has came to Winterfell, he said he brought "sweet peach" to Ned and he should come with him to South. (We know South brings dead to the Starks. He brought him dead, actually.)
"... The fruits are so ripe they explode in your mouth—melons, peaches, fireplums, you've never tasted such sweetness. You'll see, I brought you some.
Jorah brought same fruit to Dany and she ate it.
"I've brought you a peach," Ser Jorah said, kneeling. It was so small she could almost hide it in her palm, and overripe too, but when she took the first bite, the flesh was so sweet she almost cried. She ate it slowly, savoring every mouthful, while Ser Jorah told her of the tree it had been plucked from, in a garden near the western wall.
In the 5th book, Asha and Qarl were talking about peaches (as metaphor)during their make love and she mentions later sweet peaches.
Asha sailed the Black Wind down the coast, trading. They called at Fair Isle and Lannisport and a score of smaller ports before reaching the Arbor, where the peaches were always huge and sweet. "You see," she'd said, the first time she'd held one up against Qarl's cheek. When she made him try a bite, the juice ran down his chin, and she had to kiss it clean.
The real theory begins here. According to the sweet theory, anyone who served and ate "sweet peaches" died or would die. But how will this happen? I mean, who are the people who killed these people? (Directly or indirectly.) The answer is simple; WOMEN!
I don't need to explain the metaphor between peach and woman, everybody knows. Peaches symbolize women.
Cersei is responsible for Ned's and Robert's death.
Cersei is responsible for Bran falling and falling into a coma.
Melisandre was the one who killed Renly. Stannis will probably die because of her.
If you look at the TV Show and books, it wasn't hard to predict that Dany would die anyway.
If the theory is true, Asha will die too.
There's another quote to prove that sweet peaches, women and death are the same. The Dornishman's Wife song. 3th book, Jon POV.
The Dornishman's wife would sing as she bathed,
in a voice that was sweet as a peach,
But the Dornishman's blade had a song of its own,
According to the song the man slept a woman (a sweet peach) and died because of her.
If I'm right Dany and Asha will die by a woman. So in the books any woman can responsible to kill Dany or Asha. (directly or indirectly) Still we may have a good candidate. Who? We need a sweet peach woman. Arya Stark.
An old man sat down beside her. "Well, aren't you a pretty little peach?" His breath smelled near as foul as the dead men in the cages, and his little pig eyes were crawling up and down her. "Does my sweet peach have a name?"
Arya is in a brothel called Peach in the third book. (I don't have to tell you why it's called Peach. You know already. ) A man thinks Arya is one of them, a sweet peach. Of course she is not a prostitute but in Braavos, many readers think Arya will be trained in this(this part is not really important actually). She is already killing people and symbolized as a sweet peach. Arya may has reason to kill them.
If my "The Campions" theory is correct(or something like that), Arya and Dany will be enemy. After all Dany will want to The North to kneel but The North will not and Arya is a Northren princess who wants to protect her family and people.
And Asha is a Greyjoy. She attacked to North with her men and her brother Theon betrayed the Starks.
Arya added people to the prayer of death for much less reason. She may want to kill them all.
PS. Jon hears Dornishman's Wife song and 5th book, he dies because of Arya. ( stabbed )
Even if it's not Arya, they could die because a woman.
What do you think?
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