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Information from A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide

The Wondering Wolf

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As Ran stated here, the Campaign Guide can not be considered semi-canon. It has the same level of canon the show or the video games have, which is none at all. I think we should have a clear distinction between canon and non-canon information on the wiki and not spread information which can not be traced back to GRRM himself on book related articles.

Here is a list of articles which use information from the Campaign Guide. 

There are a few articles about unnamed towers or keeps that have been given a (mostly rather uninspired) name in the Guide: Mormont Keep, Pebbleton Tower, Harroway TowerOakenshield Castle. I can see no reason why to keep these articles, the information can be placed easily in other articles (Bear Island, Pebbleton, Lord Harroway's Town, Oakenshield). The name of Castle Lychester is stated to have come from the CG as well and may be only one where it would make sense to keep the article.

The following statements and information are based on the CG. If there are no other sources, I think they should be removed.


*House Umber: The Umbers' proximity to the Wall puts them at risk of wildling raids and they have often been called upon to help defend the north against wildling raiders.

*House Prester: Garrison's heir is Forley Prester

*House Rowan: Mathis has three daughters

*House Swann: They have governed their lands for as long as any can remember. From Stonehelm they control the Slayne, a major river route inland to the stormlands, gaining them much wealth and power. They are probably the second most powerful and influential family in the stormlands, after the Baratheons. + Lord Gulian is one of the few storm lords that agrees to receive Davos Seaworth, and even breaks bread with him. He does not respond to Stannis Baratheon's demands, however. In the War of the Five Kings, Gulian pleads illness and takes no part. Having participated in Robert's Rebellion, Gulian has no intention to committing more lives to future wars.

*House Beesbury: Jeyne, Alys and Beony are sisters

*House Chyttering: According to semi-canon sources, the Chytterings have long held close ties to House Baratheon. + Lucos is late Lord Chyttering's son

*House Darry: Mariya and Jeyne are Raymun's sisters

*House Flint of Flint's Finger: Robin is lord + Since House Flint of Widow's Watch is ruled by a lady, the passage probably refers to the Lord of Flint's Finger, who may be Robin Flint. 

*House Flint of Widow's Watch: a semi-canon source states the Flints of Widow's Watch are the senior branch of the extended Flint family, which includes the mountain Flints and House Flint of Flint's Finger. + Robin as Lord of Flint's Finger

*House Grafton: Marq was the Lord of Gulltown and father of Gerold

*House Locke: Donnel and Mallador are sons of Ondrew

*House Lorch: Lorent as heir presumptive of Amory

*House Peckledon: landed knights

*House Kettleblack: landed knights

*House Whitehill: they are one of the few northern families to follow the Faith of the Seveninstead of the old gods

*House Ironmaker: House Ironmaker is a minor noble house from the Iron Islands.


*Forley Prester: heir of his house

*Jeor Mormont: Jeor remains an imposing figure in spite of his age, and most brothers hold him in great esteem. He has broad-shoulders and a stern gaze.

*Jon Arryn: Jon's first wife was Jeyne Royce. He had been betrothed to her from an early age and married her after his father's death.

*Balon Greyjoy: Balon has a personality to match his people: stubborn, fearless, and quarrelsome. He is uncompromising even when it comes to his own family, and his faith in the Drowned God and the Old Way is absolute.

*Lysa Arryn: According to a semi-canon source, Lysa wanted nothing more than to marry the man of her dreams as a young girl at Riverrun. She idolized her older sister Catelyn for her betrothal to the heir of Winterfell, Brandon Stark, and hoped to one day marry a man as noble and handsome as him.

*Jeyne Darry: sister of Raymun

*Bethany Redwyne: mother of three daughters

*Yohn Royce: According to semi-canon sources, Yohn won the melee during this tournement.

*Mallador Locke: son of Ondrew

*Donnel Locke: son of Ondrew

*Ondrew Locke: father of Mallador and Donnel

*Leo Lefford: married to Alysanne Lefford

*Robin Flint: Lord of Flint's Finger

*Tytos Blackwood: According to a semi-canon source, he is noted to be a skilled warrior and friend of the Starks of Winterfell.

*Jeyne Royce: Jeyne was betrothed to Jon Arryn from an early age. He married her after his father, Lord Jasper Arryn died, making her Lady Arryn.

*Mathis Rowan: father of three daughters

*Walton Frey: According to a semi-canon source, he is dour and has a reputation for being a soldier with iron loyalty, and for being blunt, brusque, and a simple warrior who follows orders without question.

*Jeyne Beesbury: sister of Alys and Beony

*Alys Beesbury: sister of Jeyne and Beony

*Beony Beesbury: sister of Jeyne and Alys

*Mariya Darry: sister of Raymun

*Rupert Brax: According to semi canon source, Ser Rupert resides at Hornvale at the start of the series. He is one of his brother's greatest knights.

*Gyles Grafton: Gerold sends his son and own squire,

*Gerold Grafton: Geromd is a knight + According to semi-canon sources, Gerold became Lord of Gulltown after Lord Robert Baratheon killed his father during Robert's Rebellion. + Gerold sends his youngest son, Gyles, who had previously squired for him.

*Theodan Wells: According to A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide, Theodan is from House Wells of the north.

*Alysanne Lefford: According to semi-canon sources, she is the widow of the late Lord Leo Lefford.

*Lorent Lorch: He was the heir presumptive of Ser Amory Lorch.

*Marq Grafton: Marq as head of his family and father of Gerold


*Seven Kingdoms: Trade within the Seven Kingdoms is quite vigorous, as the products of Dorne are very different from those of the north. However, long distance trade is almost entirely in luxuries, as transport is very expensive, not to mention dangerous. Transport by land is around ten times as expensive as transport by ships, which means that almost all goods travel by river or coastal ship for at least part of their journey. Furs from the north, silks and gems from the south, fine craft work from anywhere these are the items that are gathered at great markets. Grain, meat, and fish are also found there, but they have almost exclusively come from nearby areas.

*Dothraki Sea: Over a hundred types of grass grow on the plains, often growing thick and taller than a man's head and from afar look like a sea, as it rolls like waves in the breeze. Some rivers run through the lands, though they are often shallow and shift with the seasons; overall sand is more prevalent than water.

*Westerlands: The westerlands are not the largest, most populous, or most fertile part of the realm, but they are the richest. Full of hills and crags, the land is dotted with mines from which pour gold and silver in astonishing quantities. There are gold mines at Casterly Rock, the Golden Tooth, Castamere, Nunn's Deep, and the Pendric Hills. According to semi-canon sources, there are settlements which become ghost towns once nearby mines stop producing ore.

*North: Most of the north's people still follow the old godsand their heart trees, and have little inclination for newer religions. There are a few houses who follow the Faith of the Seven, including Houses Manderly, Wells, and Whitehill.

*Stormlands: There are no cities in the stormlands due to the strong martial culture of the storm lords, but larger fortresses such as Bronzegate are often supported by several small towns.

*Summerhall: Summerhall is a ruined castle in the stormlands. Formerly a lightly fortified castle used by House Targaryen as a summer castle and royal residence, it was destroyed in a great fire in 259 AC. While the heir apparent to the Iron Throne was known as the Prince of Dragonstone, a younger son could be titled the Prince of Summerhall.

*Vale of Arryn: a 'snakewood forest' is mentioned

*Forest of Qohor: The forest provides much of the lumber used by the eastern Free Cities for their keels and masts, as well as good fodder to trade to the Dothraki when they come off their mighty sea of grass.

*Stone Hedge: There is a village surrounding it.

Wendish Town: The non-canonical map from the television adaptation Game of Thrones places the town south of the Blue Fork, while the semi-canonical A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide states it is on the Green Fork.

*Briarwhite: Briarwhite is a holdfast in the southeastern riverlands.

*Pyke: mention of an iron portcullis

*Lordsport: During Greyjoy's Rebellion, Lordsport and its timber and wattle keep were the first places on Pyke to fall when King Robert I Baratheon and his forces landed on the island.

*Arbor: Wine from the Arbor is usually sweeter than wine from Dorne. + Tourneys held at the Arbor are restricted to knights

*Fingers: the Fingers were where Andals first arrived when they invaded Westeros.

*Sallydance: It is four days travel from the keep of House Lychester.

*Tumbler' Falls: near Stonesept

*Fairmarket: Fairmarket is modestly sized and is five days travel from the Whispering Wood.

*Blackhaven: The fortress guards against invasions from Dorne and from outlaws hiding in the mountains.

*Harvest Hall: Harvest Hall is near the eastern border of the Reach. + The vicinity of Harvest Hall is arable and produces more crops than most regions of the stormlands.

*Bronzegate: Bronzegate is supported by several small towns.

*Stonehelm: the Slayne is a major river route in the stormlands

*Bay of Crabs: The Bay of Crabs is a large bay that opens off the narrow sea. Its northern shore includes Gulltown and Wickenden in the Vale of Arryn.

*Hayford: According to semi-canon sources, Hayford is located half a day's ride north of King's Landing along the kingsroad.

*Lord Hewett's Town: Lord Hewett's Town is a large town on the island of Oakenshield in the Reach. The seat of House Hewett, it is twice as big as Lordsport. It contains a stone quay and a pier-lined harbor. Oakenshield Castle sits above the harbor.

*High Hermitage: along the Torentine

*Heart's Home: According to semi-canon sources, Heart's Home is within the southernmost river valley of the snakewood forest.

*Strongsong: According to semi-canon sources, Strongsong is within the southernmost river valley of the snakewood forest.

*Bkackmont: It is near the confluence of two rivers which form the Torentine,

*Kingsgrave: Kingsgrave takes its name from when the founder of House Manwoody slew a king of the Reach in the distant past.

*Snakewood: According to semi-canon sources it is part of the snakewood forest.

*Coldwater Burn: According to semi-canon sources, Coldwater is within the northernmost glacial river valley of the snakewood forest.

*Snakewood (forest): seems to be based entirely on the CG

*Slayne: The castle of Stonehelm, the seat of House Swann, overlooks the Slayne, a major river route in the stormlands.


*Tourney of Harrenhal: Yohn Royce wins the melee.

*Coming of the Andals: During and following the Andals' arrival, six Andal-controlled southron kingdoms of Westeros were consolidated: the realms of the King of Mountain and Vale, the King of the Rock, the King of the Reach, the King of the Iron Islands, the King of the Trident, and the Storm King. Dorne remained a peninsula of bickering, feuding states of First Men and Andal origin, and the north remained under control of the First Men King in the North.

*Slavery: As such, most slave ships bring their cargoes to Lys first, allowing the wealthiest patrons to buy the cream of their crops. This practice creates a vibrant, active market in the slave trade, which is one of the greatest sources of Lys income.

*Prince of Summerhall: Prince of Summerhall was a title used by some younger sons of House Targaryen. While the heir apparent to the Iron Throne was known as the Prince of Dragonstone, younger siblings could receive the castle of Summerhall.

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Yep. I had some more background and history information that did not get used in full, and some of those who worked on GoO's game used it to help GR after GoO went out of business and rights reverted to various texts. Randyll Grafton I don't specifically recall sharing, but it may be it was something from the partial AFfC (pre-split) manuscript I have; I'd have to double check that.


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