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Heresy 229 and hitting the refresh button

Black Crow

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11 hours ago, QhorinQuarterhand said:

So Littlefinger sells or otherwise allies Sansa with Aegon? 

I think an Aegon and Sansa union would be a far more interesting read than Jon and Dany. 

I'm thinking this is more Tyrion's doing and much later in the story.  Closer to the ending as a means for putting things right.  The conclusion of the Song of Ice and Fire.  A joining of the lands north to south/ice to fire.   Sansa still has to throw a stone giant off a bridge and so much for Littlefinger.  Sansa who is given to so much romanticism about heroic princes may finally get her prince of dragonflies in the end.  

I would also add that since the presumed joining of Rhaegar and Lyanna didn't result in the lands being joined that the song is not about Rhaegar and Lyanna.

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