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Has Daenerys Targaryen Claimed all her dragons?


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I got a rather simple question. Haven read Fire&Blood, i re-read the ASOIAF books. Since no Targaryen in Fire&Blood claimed more then one dragon in their life, and only rode one, does that mean that Daenerys has claimed Drogon?(offcause she has) 


My real question is, has she claimed Viserion and Rhaegal aswell? throughout A dance with dragons, we hear about how they miss her and so on.. However this is again where fire and blood lore comes into the mix, since the dragonriders of old only ever claimed one dragon... what do you guys think?

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we're supposed to understand that one rider can ride only one dragon, presumably for life, but at least at any given time. So, if anyone is going to ride the other two it has to be two people other than Dany. The dragon has three heads after all.

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On 3/6/2020 at 5:20 PM, Elbroder said:

My real question is, has she claimed Viserion and Rhaegal as well? 

No,  In ADWD, Quentyn asks her if she means to ride her dragons, and she answers "one of them".  She then explains that while many dragons have had more than one rider over time, no rider has ridden more than one dragon. 

She then goes on to hint to Quentyn that she has no need for additional suitors, she sure could use a dragon-rider.

As a dragonrider, she is only beginning to manage Drogon, in the sense that they fly together.  But it is still unclear which of them is calling the shots.

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No need, daenerys is not an ordinary targaryen, she hatched 3 dragon eggs in incredible conditions, she is their mother. 

The dragons will allow her to access her legitimacy as a true targaryen against the faegon pretender who will be rejected when he will try to claim one. 
They are much too young to be destructive in a battlefield, as it could be during the dance, with monsters like vaghar or vermithor who could melt stone.
Afterwards it is possible for jon snow to ride a dragon, so that daenerys finds him incredible and can fall in love with him.
And finally confirm his filiation.
One of the dragons can also fall during the battle against the white walkers, and become a zombie dragon and finally have the third dragon head that is not a targaryen.

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