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Rhaegar Targaryen is silver-gold of hair and purple of eye. So is Viserys, and Daenarys. Elia Martell was able to bear Targaryen dominant children and live. Most likely chance for that is Targaryen blood in her Dornish/Rhoynish background. But Rhaegor has a final, living son: Aegon Targaryen VI, Jon Snow, son of Lyanna Stark.

"Aegon VI of Houses Targaryen and Stark, Sixth of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm." 

Aegon Targaryen VI is brown of hair and eye. His mother may have died birthing a dragon, however it was an Ice Dragon she was birthing and it is all her Nissa Nissa strength and love that went into (forging) Jon as she bore him and lay dying for Ned to find. Jon/Aegon is born prophetically under the blood and star on the hilt of Dawn. 

The supreme irony? Martin has written the answer to Jon Snow from the first time we ponder the tome of genetic histories of the great houses of Westeros. It's no surprise that Lyanna is on Eddard's delirious mind in the dungeons...yet he never made the conscious connection that just as the Baratheon heirs are golden and should be black haired, so the true Targaryen heir defies the genetic line, and resembles a Stark. This speaks to the dominanace of the Stark line. It speaks to them being true kings and Queens and not just of winter. It speaks to Sansa's destiny as Queen in the North, and Bran's destiny to be King of the Seven Kingdoms (when Jon/Aegon rejected it), and not just the Lord of Winterfell, Bran's title by right. It is the King who is associated with the Tree in deep mythology and religion. That is Bran the Broken, King because of a tree and another triumph of GRR Martin in weaving all mythologies together to create his own.

At the open of HBO/GOT, in the Prologue, I posit that 3 colors are represented: Green, for Will, becoming one with the greenery...Red, for the blood of Garon who is slain by an Other, the wighted Waymar Royce, with a Blue eye. This is a significant color combination in ASOIAF, as the Trident is the confluence of the Red, Blue and Green Trident rivers and is central not only to the story but to the mythology and the cosmology of the real events that all these vignettes keep mixing up, slicing and dicing for our ongoing entertainment. For me Green=life, Red=blood and Blue=icy danger. Life (green) was muddied with bloody death (red) when the moon/sun/comet fusion fell to Planetos (blue) and added its toxic chemistry to a world damaged beyond axial repair., 

During the Renaissance, court musicians would create elaborate pieces of music for the King, 'Variations on a Theme', and it was the King's job then to suss out all the crafty ways the Court Musician had hidden them the music. Martin has created a gem, so multifaceted that it is almost too sparkling and glittery...but not quite. I am quite in love with this series and the books. It is a hobby to unwind the 'mountain' of info Martin has loaded us with, and it is a challenge, an intellectual challenge that I relish. 

I'm new here, so if you read this far, thanks!


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