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Durran Godsgrief and the Grey King - One in the Same?

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Today I was reading Damphair's second chapter in AFFC when I noticed the following about the Grey King:


For a thousand years and seven he reigned here, Aeron recalled. Here he took his mermaid wife and planned his wars against the Storm God. From here he ruled both stone and salt, wearing robes of woven seaweed and a tall pale crown made from Nagga's teeth.

This instantly made me think of Durran Godsgrief and his story all the way from the other side of Westeros. From the Wiki:


According to legend, Durran won the love of Elenei, the daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind, during the Age of Heroes. Her divine parents forbade their love, but Durran and Elenei wed despite them. The gods' wrath was terrible to behold, destroying Durran's keep on his wedding night and killing all his family and guests, but Durran survived under Elenei's protection. Enraged, Durran declared war on the gods, who replied by hammering his kingdom with massive storms. Each time Durran built a castle to face the sea the gods destroyed it.[1]

Afterward, Durran supposedly ruled for a thousand years. Archmaester Glaive proposed that the "King of a Thousand Years" was in fact a succession of monarchs all bearing the same name.

I couldn't find elsewhere on this forum, but this connection seems extremely clear to me. Does anyone have any thoughts? Any contradictory evidence? We know a lot of the things in ASOIAF (especially from the Dawn Age and Age of Heroes) are changed dramatically over that many thousands of years.

I propose that the Grey King and Godsgrief are the same historical/mythological figure. Possibly, this could tie into the Nagga's Bones = Weirwood Shipwreck theory.

Any other cases of crossed identities of mythological figures that stands out to you guys in this story?

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Certainly the similarities are there. Crowfood's Daughter (the commenter, not the character) has made some videos that explore the Grey King. She speculates on a monomyth that he, Durran Godsgrief, and several other legends contribute to. Her videos (look up "Disputed Lands asoiaf" on Youtube) are well done and are worth checking out. However, she is still in the process of teasing it all out, and sometimes muddies the distinction between in-story monomythic significance and similarities of in-story content with real world monomythic content (which may simply be a byproduct of all high fantasy at this point).

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