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Were the Northern Mountain Clans cut?

Angel Eyes

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So in Season 6, Episode 3, we see a flashback to Ned Stark's raid on the Tower of Joy. In the books, there were seven Northmen who fought the three Kingsguard there: Ned, Meera and Jojen Reed's father Howland, Jory's father Martyn Cassel, Lord Willam Dustin husband of Lady Barbrey, Ser Mark Ryswell, Ethan Glover who had served as Brandon Stark's squire and the only survivor of Brandon's ill-fated journey to King's Landing, and Theo Wull. However in the episode there are six, leaving the party one short. There's also the fact that in the fifth book, Jon advises Stannis to seek out the Mountain Clans for help, which he doesn't in the show. In the show, Jon and Sansa never bring them up as allies while planning to retake Winterfell.

Does all this mean the Northern Mountain Clans do not exist in the show?

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