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"I detest the wailing of women"

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I was thinking about how Joffrey accepts the name widow's wail for his sword and shortly after Cersei is wailing - but then found Joffrey had earlier commented on the wailing of women.

After Bran was crippled at Winterfell, Tyrion told Joffrey he should visit him to offer his comfort. Joffrey sulkily asks what good his comfort would do Bran.

"None," Tyrion said. "Yet it is expected of you. Your absence has been noted."
"The Stark boy is nothing to me," Joffrey said. "I cannot abide the wailing of women."
Tyrion Lannister reached up and slapped his nephew hard across the face. The boy's cheek began to redden.

Later, Joffrey thinks he will act on his father’s idea, that Bran is better off dead, and sends an assassin. Can't help thinking that hatred for Tyrion's forcing him to be polite made him seize on his father's crass remarks.

At his wedding, Joffrey gleefully accepts the name Widow’s Wail for his sword. And not long afterwards he is dead, his mother, a widow, is wailing, and the now twice widowed Margaery is sobbing in her grandmothers arms.

As he did, the boy's eyes met Tyrion's. He has Jaime's eyes. Only he had never seen Jaime look so scared. The boy's only thirteen. Joffrey was making a dry clacking noise, trying to speak. His eyes bulged white with terror, and he lifted a hand . . . reaching for his uncle, or pointing . . . Is he begging my forgiveness, or does he think I can save him? "Noooo," Cersei wailed, "Father help him, someone help him, my son, my son . . ."

a bit of comeuppance, I suppose.

I suppose its been pointed out before but I've only just noticed it.

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