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I made a new Targaryen Tree, more complete than wikipedia's one AND that fit with the #%$µ£ limit of 99 caracters in weith (well in fact I d'ont know if you had this problem too). If you wanna Translate it, he's there :


In reference to the Targaryen family tree, there is a "unknown son" shown as a child of Aegon V. I've searched high and low for a source for this entry (not in the references or anywhere else I can find). Is there a way to determine where this piece of information came from? Thanks.

UPDATE I found it on pg. 875 ADWD.

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Craster's family tree might get interesting... ;)

Probably tied with the Frey's family tree :P

btw, does anyone know if it's possible to create one of these family trees outside of the wiki? is there a software I can use in my own computer to create such a thing?

Thanks in advance :D

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Should the Baratheon_tree include the 'Jaehaerys II' branch ?

I think this is done to try to point out where Robert's argument to claim the Iron Throne comes from, perhaps?

I don't see much point in having it otherwise.

Shouldn't Margaery be Married to Tommen I in the Baratheon Tree? (and to Renly, and to Joffrey)

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