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Cricket VI


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Did anything happen with Flintoff? When I went to bed he was wrapping up his spell, and he looked decidedly uncomfortable, limping more with each ball.

Well even if England win this test if Flintoff and Pieterson are forced to miss some games due to injury that would be a huge plus for Australia for the rest of the series.

While I believe that umpiring mistakes will happen and are all part of the game (so I'm not too concerned with the Katich and Hussey situation), if you are going to use replays then at least do so consistently. Bopara hits a ball and is caught by Hauritz which gets overturned on replay, whereas with Strauss it's down to the on-field umpires only? Looking at the replays Hughes would not have been given out if it was referred.

I doubt Australia will win as one wicket and England will be back in the hunt (yes Johnson can bat but with his bowling form at the moment I can't believe he's going to be hitting it in the middle of the bat). If Haddin and Clarke can add another 100 runs tomorrow before either of them is dimissed it will be an interesting contest though...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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