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Hey folks, just getting started on these forums and they seem awesome! I hope one day I could build a forum around GoT with as many passionate fans as this one has! I've been building my GoT blog for just 7 days now and already it's received over 12,000 views - I guess I'm doing something right ;).

If you're interested to see the stuff I write about, I'll outline some of my most popular posts below:

When Does Game of Thrones Start?

Is Syrio Forel Jaqen HGhar?

Question and Answer with Emilia Clarke

Watch Game of Thrones Deleted Scenes

I'd love to see some of you over on my blog, reading and interacting. I love to read your comments!

Winter is Coming...

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I decided to make my own Game of Thrones review site after unsuccessfully searching for a system where I could read reviews of each episode. Metacritic's site only allows users to rate entire seasons.

The site is completely empty right now, but I was hoping that you guys could begin to fill it with some content. If it grows, I think it could provide some real value to the community, especially as we move into season 4. Hope you like it. It seems to be working fine, but it might not be perfect, so send me a message if you encounter any problems. Thanks!


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----------Dutch Game of Thrones Community----------

Our website has been drastically updated! our Game of Thrones forum is a forum where we hope to bring the Dutch fans of Game of Thrones together. On the forum you can find information such as:

  • News and Rumors
  • Translations of the names
  • A map of Westeros
  • Episode Summaries

Apart from this we also have a feature on the forum which will allow you to choose which house you support. This image will then be displayed above your name. We are also sending out a monthly newsletter to keep you updated!

So be a a part of the Dutch Game of Thrones Community now and register :D

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Hey guys, im creating a Channel on YouTube about TV series and movies (called YouKnowNothing), especially for fans and nerds (like me) who spend a lot of time in youtube trying to find something interesting about their favourite TV series or film. I think you will find it interesting and original.

Here is the link of the video about Game of thrones


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Hi guys!

Me and some mates have started a Fanzine (not a fan fiction) for GOT, called Swords & Sigils. I must stress it is NON-PROFIT!

Each Issue covers 5 episodes of the HBO series and showcases artwork and we discuss those episodes in different ways throughout the zine.

Also with hindsight on our side we have a few interesting features like "House of Horoscopes" where you have to guess which god is describing which characters future, and we're always looking for people to contribute!

We are currently working on Issue 2 and Issue 1 (ep1-5 of Season 1) can be seen here - http://issuu.com/swordsandsigils

It's rather tongue in cheek and theres plenty of funny adverts (well we think so). Oh and a quiz!

If you like it follow our page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/swordsandsigils

If you want to see some of the stuff I've done (I design the magazine and do some of the adverts) take a look at my blog here

Much appreciated guys!

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This isn't exactly a fan site, but I am writing a series of recap-parodies for Game of Thrones on a friend's website, NerdsView.com. The first episode is now up, here. Here is a handy sample!


[The DOTHRAKI dance and writhe and fornicate while KHAL DROGO and DAENERYS watch, in what just might be the most awkward wedding ever. Two men fight over the same women, ending with one cutting the other's throat.]

ILLYRIO: A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.



[RANDOM WHITE PEOPLE bring gifts for the bride. Only JORAH MORMONT is attractive enough to be allowed to speak.]

JORAH: Here, take these books while I smolder at you.

DAENERYS: Are you from Westeros?

JORAH: Indeed. I served your father for many years. If you do the math, that makes me old enough to be your father.


ILLYRIO: And now, Daenerys, I give you three dragon eggs.


ILLYRIO: Well, fossilized dragon eggs. Time has turned them to stone, you see.

DAENERYS: Shit. I mean, thank you.

[KHAL DROGO stands up. This evidently means the wedding is over, and the honeymoon is about to begin. DAENERYS follows him to his gift to her: her very own horse.]

DAENERYS: Ser Jorah, how do you say “thank you” in Dothraki?

JORAH: There is no word for “thank you” in Dothraki.

DAENERYS: I bet there’s no word for “not tonight, I have a headache” either, is there.

JORAH: Sorry.

I'll also be writing other various ASOIAF articles; I'm working on a list of the five best and five worst changes from book to series at the moment, as well as ASOIAF-themed Magic: The Gathering cards. This is a brand new project for us and we're hoping to build some interest, so I'd love for you guys to check it out! :D

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For those out here who are fans of Khaleesi I put all her clips together from season 3. So if you want to see an hour full of action starring our beloved Daenerys Targaryen click this link (youtube)

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I recently created this Buzzfeed article called "The 12 Days of Game of Thrones", which humorously celebrates there being 12 (now just 11) days until the GoT premiere


I also have another GoT related post on my Buzzfeed profile. Check it out, and let me know what you guys think.

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This is for the swedish fans (as well as people from other countries who speaks swedish):

Podcast of Thrones is a podcast in swedish. We have an episode for every episode of every season of Game of Thrones so far. We will keep doing episodes the upcoming season. Our episodes will be released a couple of days after the Game of Thrones episode has been aired (HBO Nordic/USA). You can find our podcast episodes on both iTunes and on our website (links below).

Right now we are releasing a mini series of an episode a day, seven days straight. We are talking about the Game of Thrones series so far and some expectations about the upcoming season. Today our fourth episode was released and the topic was Arya, her past, present and future. This mini series is released on our website as well as on Youtube in a video format.

Website: http://podcastofthrones.se/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvE9RjMWMRng1laDeKy__3YsxL8B7XSMa
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/podcast-of-thrones/id448485355

Välkomna att lyssna :)

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Hi everyone!!

I'm begining in Youtube as a Geek-Videogame Pastry channel. This week I make some mini cakes of Game of Thrones Sigils. I hope you like it! ;3


PD.: Would you all be able to share this fan video on your sites trying to get some more views and feedback? It will help me a lot!

Thanks very much guys!!

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I have been going through many peoples tumblr blogs and immediately thought of an app called connectv for iphones for these bloggers. You can clip 6 second segments of live tv (so obviously game of thrones episodes) and comment onto the clip and share on spaces like tumblr. I use the app, I really like how I can create my own content and share it on tumblr, facebook and twitter. I have even been posting some clip links on some of my posts here to reference things I am discussing.

Here is a little example of a clip someone created from last weeks episode (season 4 episode 1 - dont watch if you are not caught up on the show).


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