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A Clash of Kings for M&B: Warband

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Download link 1: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3242

Download link 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H1RGF3M4

To install this modification, simply extract the file "A Clash of Kings" into your steam/steamapps/common/mountblade warband/Module folder.


The aim of this mod is to bring the world of "A song of Ice and Fire", by George R. R Martin to life, without making any serious changes to the standard Mount and Blade: Warband gameplay.

As I am the only person working on it, it does not currently contain any "original" models nor textures. The new armors and miscellaneous items that you might find in-game are all OSP, with the odd recoloring and retexturing.

As it is also a work in progress, I imagine that there will be a few bugs. I have eliminated most of them myself, and have not experienced any crashes while playing for quite some time. But still, it's currently a beta, remember that. Furthermore, it is, right now, merely a shell of what I hope it will be in the end. Basically is plays like standard Warband, but with the following changes:

New map, encompassing both Westeros and Essos.

New factions, 13 in all.

New items (about 900 new items, all of them period related and high quality)

New NPC's, with all the major lords and rulers in Westeros represented.

New mercenaries, from Unsullied to Ghiscari archers and Dothraki Screamers.

New companions, all with their own backstory.

New banners, all of them high quality.

Various game enhancing scripts, such as Diplomacy and Custom Commander.

This modification takes place at the onset of book 2, A Clash of Kings, hence the title of the project. Obviously, I cannot accurately portray the univserse of A Song of Ice and Fire in a way that makes it totally faithfull to the books, but I've tried.

So the setting of the modification takes place, as mentioned above, at the onset of A Clash of Kings. Renly Baratheon has declared himself king of Westeros, and called his banners, demanding that the Storm lords declare for him, and join their troops to his.

At the same time, Stannis Baratheon is brooding on Dragonstone, gathering soldiers and ships to make his bid for the throne, and sending envoys to the Storm lords, demanding that they join him as the oldest of the living Baratheon brothers.

In the North, Robb Stark has been declared king of the newly reformed Kingdom of the North, and is waging war against the Lannisters, having allied himself with the lords of the Riverlands, and declared those to be under his suzerainty, which the acting Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Edmure Tully, his uncle, has accepted.

In the Vale, Lysa Tully sits, determined to remain neutral, though the High Steward of the Vale, Nestor Royce, is ready to lead the Vale armies in case of Lannister aggresion.

The Lannisters, under Tywin Lannister, are hard pressed, with the heir to Casterly Rock, Jaime, having been taken captive and held at Riverrun. Tywin has regrouped at Harrenhall.

The Warden of the South, Mace Tyrell, has betrothed his youngest daughter, Margaery, to Renly Baratheon, thus declaring himself and his realm for Renly in his bid to usurp the Iron Throne of Westeros.

In Dorne, Doran Martell is determined to stay out of the fray, scheming along with his brother Oberyn the downfall of House Lannister and Baratheon.

Across the sea, in Essos, there is war between the free cities of Myr, Lys and Tyrosh, as there have been countless times.

Further east, beyond Volantis and the Rhoyne, there are rumors of three headed dragons and slave revolts, while a small company of mercenaries, led by a man calling himself Griff is making their way towards the camp of the Golden Company.

If you have read the books, or seen the TV-show, you should be fairly well aware of the time this takes place.

If you want to know more about A Song of Ice and Fire, visit



The above are the best resources for those who haven't read the books, or for those who have and still feel like learning more about this universe.


There is currently 13 factions in-game.

The Stormlands, ruled by Renly Baratheon from the ancient castle of Storm's End.

The North, ruled by Robb Stark, from the ancient fortress of Winterfell.

The Vale, ruled by Lysa Arryn, as regent for her young and frail son Robert. She rules from the mountain fastness of The Eeyrie.

The Free City of Braavos, ruled by the Sealord of Braavos, an elected official.

The Riverlands, ruled by Edmure Tully, on behalf of Robb Stark, while his father lies sick on his deathbed.

Dorne, ruled by Doran Martell, who, due to gout, has delegated most responsibilities to his younger brother Oberyn.

Dragonstone, ruled by the oldest brother of recently deceased King of Westeros, Robert Baratheon.

The Westerlands, ruled by Tywin Lannister, uncle of Joffrey Baratheon, the son of recently deceased Robert Baratheon.

The Reach, ruled by Mace Tyrell, as Warden of the South.

The Iron Islands, ruled by former king Balon Greyjoy, who might very well try to reclaim his independence from the Iron Throne once again.

The Free City of Pentos, ruled by an elective Prince.

The Alliance of Lys and Tyrosh, ruled jointly by the High Priest of Lys, and the Archon of Tyrosh.

The Free City of Myr, ruled by the despotic Archon.

I have decided not to include the Night's Watch, as it has not yet, in this timeline, been an aggressive force. While this mod is very much about a sort of "alternate timeline", portraying the Night's Watch as an offensive entity is, quite frankly, just a bit out there. At the same time, there is currently no Wildling faction, but there might very well be some rather large groups of Wildlings travelling around the North, led by men such as Mance Rayner, Rattleshirt and Tormund Giantsbane.

The first version of this project, the "alpha" version if you will, had Volantis and Meereen in it, with Daenerys in control of Meereen. It proved, however, difficult to make a map that was adequate enough to portray this, and at the same time have the amount of detail I want, so I scraped the idea and began anew.

I'm still somewhat tinkering with how to add House Targaryen but it's probably not going to happen. Might be that a young Targaryen pretender is going to invade Westeros via Griffin's Roost though.

If you're wondering where Joffrey, Balon Swann, Jaime Lannister, Doran Martell and so on are, there are various reasons you cannot find them in game.

Joffrey, as an example, is much too young to have any sort of purpose in relations to the gameplay.

Jaime, obviously, is a captive at Riverrun.

Balon Swann is, until promoted to the Kingsguard, very much just loitering about the Red Keep.

Doran Martell is suffering from gout and confined to a chair.

And so on.










Various bug fixes.

Redid all items, removed some, added some.

Redid all troop trees.

Redid all NPC's gear.

Added more lords.

Added more ladies.

Various map changes.

Fixed relations inbetween lords and ladies.

Made bow and archers stronger, now usefull in sieges.

Redid all the lords skills.

Redid faction relations, still needs tweaking.


Released first version, playable, but buggy.

Plans for next version:

Done stuff:

Spearmen have been made less dangerous.

Braavosi troops have been completely revamped.

Pentoshi troops have been completely revamped.

Lys/Tyrosh troops have been completely revamped.

Myr troops have been completely revamped.

Added A LOT of new items, most of them making the free cities unique compared to the factions of Westeros.

Made most items regional. No dornish equipment in Winterfell, no Ironborn armor in Braavos.

Outlaws, bandits, raiders etc, have been made less dangerous, but the next version (0.5) will have a completely redone representation of them, should include Dothrakis as well at that point. Therefore, the current status of the outlaws is not going to be pleasing to most people. Bet you wish those spearmen where still overpowered against horsemen!

Stuff to be done:

Update diplomacy (currently doing this)

Add water travel (keep postponing this, but won't release 0.4 until it is done.


Face Improvement Project - Iboltax

Better Skyboxes - SendMeSmile

Realistic Colors - Lucke189

Improved Buildings - SendMeSmile

15th century weapons - Shredzorz

Faradon Models - Faradon

Norman Helmets - Sayd Ûthman

Narfs Plate Armor - Narf

Narfs Transitional Armor - Narf

Rus Armors - Narf

Thicks Item Variants - Thick

Spak Items - Spak

Arms and Armor - Rathos

Pino's Armor Packs - Pino

Medievalhelmets - Dejawolf

Adonnays Classical Weaponry - Adonnay

Battlefield Tactics Kit - Motomaru

Custom Commander - Rubik

Deployable, destructible pavise - Cartread

Diplomacy - Waihiti

Duel Kit v0.5 - MartinF

Garnier's Bank of Calradia - Garnier

Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit - Caba'drin

Warband Entrenched - Tempered

Training Fields - Lucky Lancer

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Nice! I just got Mount and Blade: Warband last night (it has been a long time coming) and I was thinking this game would be perfect for a ASOIAF mod!

I will race home after work and download your mod and try it out! Thanks for your time in making it!

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Nifty, I hope this works out because I love the mod for .93 M&B and I have been looking forward to a Warband one for a long time. Two suggestions as a veteren M&B player:

1. If you could somehow incorporate the Diplomacy Mod and/or the Pre-Battle Orders mod into this that would be great. Both of those mods make the vanilla system much, much better.

2. If you could torrent the download that would be righteous, or atleast not use M&B repository for a host. Their download speeds are abysmally slow, slow enough to the point that you say, "Fuck this".

Looking forward to trying this!!

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Excellent - I need to get around to getting hold of warband.

From what I've read it doesn't add much to solo play, which is my use, so never seemed worth the money - but it does seem to have better custom worlds

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Excellent - I need to get around to getting hold of warband.

From what I've read it doesn't add much to solo play, which is my use, so never seemed worth the money - but it does seem to have better custom worlds

Warband adds tons to single player. The original Mount & Blade was basically a beta that you had to buy, Warband is the completed game. I highly recommend it.

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Just bumping this as 0.94 has been released, with the next release slated to be version 1.0 (estimated in a couple of months).

It all looks fantastic, and I've now got myself a version of warband, but am holding off on this mod for the more complete, clean install of version 1.0.

With a lot of luck, this will be released at roughly the same time I finish Skyrim (I'll just have to hope that my PC is good enough to run this mod - it looks pretty intensive)

Alos, just adding the taleworld link for anyone who prefers that:


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