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Update from George: The Dothraki


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What do we know about the Volantis host that is supposedly on its way? Will it arrive after Victarion?

The Yunkai host is in ruins from the pale mare and two sellsword companies (The Windblown and the Second Sons) are about to turn their cloaks. The combined efforts of Barristan and Victarion will wipe them out in no time.

I think if the Volantis Host actually arrives, that is who Dany's new khalassar will defeat.

I like the question from KCenturion and would also like to hear opinoins on the approach of the Volantis hord. Don't they have a rather large Dothraki army that lives in and around Volantis (The Summer Sea)? If so, that would pit the Volantis Dothraki versus Dany's Dothraki. "In the end...there can only be one"!!!

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Definitely a Dany chapter. Probably Dany "acquiring" the help of the Khalassar and talking it back to Meereen.

"I promise you that, by the old gods and the new, by the lamb god and the horse god and every god that lives. I swear by the Mother of Mountains and the Womb of the World. Before I am done with them, Mago and Ko Jhaqo will plead for the mercy they showed Eroeh"

Exactly right. I don't see why she needs either of them anyway . The victor taking the Khalassar is Dothraki custom isn't it? She could easily kill both and then the Khalassar would follow her no problem.

Wasn't there a problem with someone being killed in the TV series (one of the future Khal's, I think Mago?) and GRRM mentioning that he will be an annoyance to Dany at some point. Would make sense if she roasts Jhaqo and keeps Mago around for a while

Hmmm....you talking about the 1st season? The dude that Jorah killed when he tried to get in Drogo's tent? I know that dude was one of his bloodriders but I didn't think that was Jhaqo. Even if it was Jhaqo who died, the show could just use a different Khal (Pono) for the leader of the khalasar that she sees at the end of ADWD.

Or in the 2nd season? When Dany sent out her bloodriders when they were in the Red Waste? That was Rakharo who died (only his head returned) and that was courtesy of some Khal, can't remember which one. Maybe Pono?

In season one Mago is killed by Drogo in a fight scene thought up by Jason Mamoa. GRRM was using this as an example to illustrate the fact that D&D have the final say in what happens and what goes in. But I guess they could easily rectify this.

Victarion is a key player here. He's sailing hard for Mereen and I believe he has the dragon horn with him if I recall, which would give Dany command over the dragons completely as it says in Dance that dragons of the past were controlled with magic or magical items, that wasn't mentioned for nothing. GRRM never throws anything in for nothing.

We don't really know whether the horn works though. It's been theorized before in more than a few that the horn is either fake or that Euron is hiding somewhere among Victarion's fleet which would throw another name into the mix.

The way I see it happening is this. Victation gets there. The Windblown turn sides thanks to Selmy's new-found love for the game of thrones.Tyrion somehow convinces Brown Ben Plumm to do the same. These three forces fight off what remains of the other sellsword companies and the Yunkai.

Dany after some roasting and some "I am the mother of dragons" PR gets a sizable army of Dothraki and comes back to Meereen to meet one of the craziest situations we've had in the series. From there I suspect some politicking and dragon feeding will commence.

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On Martin's "not a blog", he recently wrote a long post about the many things he's working on. Notably, he mentions his work on WoW.

"WINDS OF WINTER. Yes, I'm working on that too. At the moment, I am writing about the Dothraki. More than that, I sayeth not, you know I don't like to talk about this stuff."- George RR Martin, on "not a blog".

Thoughts? He's probabaly writing about Dany. What do think is going to happen with Khal Jhaquo? What is Mago (who, according to GRRM, has an important role) going to do? Will they have a part in the Battle of Meereen?


I think she will go back to the Mountais, where she ate the horse heart, i forgot the name, nut it is the place where all the Khaleesi crones go. Qaithe said "To go east you have to go west, no north, south, to go to the light you have to pass beneath the shadow, and to move forward, you have to go backward" ; she's gonna go where it started, and then move forward, Khaleesi of all the Dothraki, regardless of their khals, i think she'll unite them all

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