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The Blackfyre Conspiracy


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Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen died at the Sack of King's Landing, the boy who now leads the Golden Company to Westeros Is the Blackfyre Heir. As we know the male Blackfyre bloodline died out, which implies in continues in the female line. My theory goes that Varys and Serra were siblings and Blackfyre descendents living together in the Free Cities, without much hope until Serra meet Illyrio who sought to please his love above all else, and thus decided to take up the Blackfyre cause as his own. Needing a way to infiltrate the courts of Westeros Illyrio sent Varys to the Faceless men to learn there ways, which he did and the chance arose when Illyrio learned that Aerys has asked for a Eunuch to be brought to King's landing as the Master of Whisperers. Varys killed the Eunuch and took his face, abandoning the Free Cities and taking up a place in Aerys court. Sowing the seeds of paranoia in Aerys' mind he hoped to turn the people against Aerys so they would support a Blackfyre invasion, however Robert's Rebellion threw a spanner in the works, as the Targaryen's were overthrown by house Baratheon, this is why Varys told Aerys not to open the gates of King's Landing to Tywin Lannister, suspecting his imminent betrayal.

With house Baratheon now in power Varys and Illyrio began plotting once again, they decided that Illyrio and Serra's son, who was going to lead the Blackfyre invasion would now take on the mantle of Aegon Targaryen to gain the support of the remaining loyalist houses in Westeros. Thus Varys sent allies such as Jon Connington to Illyrio's son, hoping they could offer him assistance and strengthen his claim of being Aegon Targaryen. Varys remained in King's landing where he worked to cause conflicts between the great houses of Westeros to weaken the land for Aegon's arrival. Meanwhile Illyrio attempted to use the legitimate Targaryen heirs to gain followers for Aegon, that was why he worked to have Daenerys wed Khal Drogo, and once her dragons were born Illyrio decided that Aegon would need her and thus wanted his son to make Daenerys his queen. And began his plot for them to meet.

Other Ideas I've had regarding this theory...

1. Aurane Waters is the true face of Varys, which he used to gain Cersei's affections and acquire ships for the Golden Company to ease there invasion of Westeros.

2. The reason Jaqen was in King's landing is to kill Varys for betraying the Order, however Varys offered Jaqen something better, a secret hidden in the Citadel of Oldtown, the knowledge of killing Dragons. As we know the Faceless men and the people of Braavos hate Dragons for the tyranny of the Valyrian freehold, and thus would desire this above all else.

Think I'm on to something, or over thinking things a little.

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also aurane has a backstory ,he didnt come out of thin air

Indeed, but how many men knew him after he was defeated at BOTB?

EDIT: Sorry, didnt see he said it was varys true face. impossible i think, if anything he could have taken waters face as a faceless man.

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Well, it is not directly related to the suggestions of the OP.

But if indeed Varys went to the FM at some point, he could have been asked his capacity to procreate a new Blackfyre in exchange for what he asked.

It would be a fitting price.

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