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  1. I know the wait is making it pretty fn hard to put out a whole lot of fresh ideas or anything... I'm sure the show's season 8 leaks can't help but affect it too (Impatience is not my virtue)... But I know there's very limited info on Jenny of Oldstones and her Prince of Dragonflies( love that story ) first born son of Argon V.. but I love a prophecy... And the ghost of high heart was kinda her bff so anything interesting to read about any of them!?! I'd really appreciate any links. Thanks!
  2. The only new material we've had from GRRM since TWOIAF is the recently released short story (extra material leftover from TWOIAF) part of collection of other short stories, The Book of Swords. Like everything I've read by GRRM, especially ASOIAF, I'm sure I'll love it. But I really can't think of anything I've ever felt so desperate for as I do for TWOW. I'd settle for a release date at this point. But I don't know if my desperation for book 6 will affect my opinion of The Sons of the Dragon so I checked a few of my go to sites for everything ASOIAF and can't find any reviews. Can anyone direct me toward a review by fan...Like at least a bigger fan than me(I'm not claiming to be a die hard fan but I'd love to get the opinion of someone who's done more than 3 rereads of the main ASOIAF series and at least 1 reread of each of the short stories; Dunk and Egg, Dance of the Dragons, and TWOIAF.. not to be picky or anything). I'm sorry for being such a book snob but its my vice. Sooo, I'd really appreciate a link to a review of "The Sons of The Dragon" (preferably by a real ASOIAF fan) PLEASE!!! And Thank You!!!!
  3. I'm a huge Sansa fan, so I really hoped she'd get to marry Willas and become the Lady of Highgarden.... But the nature of the story, especially for Sansa, whenever her hopes are up they get destroyed and things just get worse for my girl.. I'm really worried about this whole potential Harry the Heir situation in TWOW. Out of all the options I still think Willas would make her happiest. I Highly doubt it will happen but the irony if her knight in shining armor actually being lame, and not an actual knight, would be an appropriate ending for Sansa who began as a typical shallow, materialistic adolescent girl. Wishful thinking....
  4. Great idea! Thats the kind of responses I was hoping for, thanks!
  5. I always really liked that theorues about the Vale mountain clans.. There's also one where they kidnapped a Lady of House Arryn ( I think one who was close descendant from the time when they had married a Targ) Sorry to be so vague but there's some real cool theories about it also relating to Time on..
  6. I posted a few quotes but sent them before copying your response... It should be just above.
  7. d to wed Maegor. She, too, became pregnant, and like Alys before her, she gave birth to a stillborn abomination said to have been born eyeless and with small wings. -Woiaf, Maegor Just a few examples that they're not typical stillbirths... And personally even just 3 still born babies in all different parts of the entire series, where the babes have dragon like qualitie stands out to me. I don't believe it'll be a future plot point in TWOW or ADOS, maybe in one of the future Targ history books WOIAF type of books...
  8. I didn't think about that, while it's probably just myth.. And I'm starting to think there's not much to it but there are a number of references to not just still births, but the odd appearance of a number of diff Targ's throughout the history of Ice and Fire... But like i said, And maybe I'm missing something but I don't recall any other family having those inhuman looking stillborns. But I'm pretty sure they've all been 2nd hand accounts..
  9. Of course! And the Hanovers' Victoria first cousin marriage, becoming known as the Grandmother Europe passing on her now well known genetic bleedin disorder. But while something widely n considered to be a result of hers and get children and grwndchildrens' incestual reproduction, it's known to have occurred in other families without bloodties to hers. What makes it uniquely Targ , is their reptilian appearances mentioned multiple times in throughout the storys long timeline and that the Targs unique(especially Dany the only current one were sure of) affiliation with dragons.
  10. I have to admit I had to a quick Google search on this one .. So do you believe that's the explanation for grey scale and Targs can like develop it in the womb and the children don't survive to their births? I like that as a more sci fi answer to grey scale I just can't understand why we only hear about with this specific family.
  11. Sure, obviously that could answer it... But, I think it deserves a little more discussion... They're certainly not the only family to make a practice of either or all of these though so why do we keep reading about it happening to the Targs?
  12. Still reading and very much enjoying this post, but ditto!
  13. Throughout the series, including WOIAF, The Princess and the Queen (and or the Rogue Prince), and A Game Of Thrones' Dany chapter we read about these monstrous stillbirths.. I don't believe we learn of any other family birthing these inhuman stillbirths... I am sorry I don't have the books handy for direct quotes but I couldn't find any discussion on how oddly almost dragon-like these stillborn babies appear. IIRC they've been described as scaled, clawed and other almost reptilian appearances. While I'm pretty sure most of these are told as second hand accounts, I feel like it's mentioned too many times for it to be ignored... I would love a good theory, even if it's tinfoil-y. If I'm forgetting or missing some key info please share your knowledge/thoughts. Or leave a link if you know of any good reads that expands on the subject... As usual, Im sure I've come to the right place for everything ASOIAF, so thanks in advance!!
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  15. That'd be cool! They're a house I'd like to learn more about, either way!