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  1. I'm sure it's been discussed but we're all impatiently TWoW and topics are getting recycled so forgive me. But I find it hard to believe a Royce is the first character we meet with a family name yet while a respected house they have relatively small big picture relevance. I mean we know the GRRM's idea for the series didn't originate with the prologue but it's the entire series's prologue... I know there's plenty of red herrings in our story but maybe there's some interesting thoughts out there worth discussing.. Thanks
  2. Any actors you wish were part of the GoT cast?

    Dominic West would have never occurred to me, but now I can't think of any other good ones,at least not a live. But Peter O'Toole! I keep thinking of him as Henry II in Beckett (even though I prefer his Lion in Winter portrayal !much better, mostly because he's one of my favorite historical figures to read about....). OToole is everything. I keep thinking Justin Theroux too. And maybe it's just the girl in me but I always pictured Euron as a sexy (though, psychotic) bad boy. This is fun though! Anyone else you think could've been cast better or other characters the show left out or has yet to be cast?
  3. Any actors you wish were part of the GoT cast?

    Ya that's great! I did not find the casting of Euron to be a great call. He's such an animated, extreme, wild character they could have really had some fun with his character. Like with a Richard Burton-esque actor and let really develop the character.
  4. Any actors you wish were part of the GoT cast?

    Ah I love Brian Cox as Marwyn! That's brilliant, and that's leading me to picture him as the Hound. Have you seen The Devil's Crown? Brian Cox's Henry II is everything. And, yes I am like 80% sure Peter O'Toole would have done GoT if he was still around to
  5. Any actors you wish were part of the GoT cast?

    As we all know GoT has had some top notch actors. Like, the real deal classically trained British actors. Who would you love to see join the cast before it's over? Personally, I'm a huge fan of Brian Cox (mostly from a largely unknown series, The Devil's Crown, he played Henry II brilliantly!) I can't decide which character he'd be a good fit as, but I'm planning to think on it. Who would you guys like to see? Which character would you like to see or have seen them play?
  6. How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    Good question! I'm not going to pretend to know since it has never been explicitly answered. There's 2 potential answers as to why, from two different povs.... Maybe we'll find out in a future book!
  7. How do D&D decide what to keep/cut..?

    Thanks to everyone who replied (except the smartass replies;p). One of the best examples of a change the show made I cannot understand is, how TV show Euron has two normal eyes. No smiling eyes, no, eye patch or anything! I can't think of a single reason they'd need to omit that! I'm watching season 6 The Door....
  8. How do D&D decide what to keep/cut..?

    Does anyone know how/why D&D have decided to cut certain storylines (example: (f)Aegon...) and when to stick to to GRRM's original story? I'm looking for factual answers, with quotes, interviews... Legit sources. I have done a few searches with no luck. But I know that this is the place to find out. Thanks!
  9. Most gratifying moment?!

    This show hasn't been known to end things on a good note, as much as I love it, there's usually some cliff hanger, violence over kill, or some unnecessary book change that just irks me. But this episode was one gratifying moment after another! Frey pie R+L=J Dany leaving for Westeros Dany giving Tyrion his hand of the Queen pin Cersei finally cracking Arya using her faceless man trick, while serving up Frey pie "The White Wolf" "king in the North " Lyanna Mormont's speech I want to know your favorite moment! Please share! Sooo much to be grateful for( I wasn't happy to see Marg and Loras die, Cersei needed her Mad Queen moment .. )I was nervous for this season as a book reader but the title of this episode was perfect. Here's to hoping for the actually TWOW is out before season 7
  10. Who do you think are the three heads of the dragon?

    Sure, that's very likely. But not a definite. Who really knows what Doran is up to.... But that's beside point.
  11. Who do you think are the three heads of the dragon?

    Yes, that's the title of the book, but the ONLY dragon rider in that book is Dany and that's towards the very end. There were characters seeking dragons for themselves like, Victarion, Euron, and Quentyn but Quentyn failed miserably and it's doubtful Victarion will survive much longer. Euron will be a force to be reckoned with but I think it's doubtful he will ride a dragon...
  12. Sam's are some of my favorite chapters. I think we will see the Cinnamon Wind and crew again and will play another big role in the story and I'm really excited. I like to believe the Summer Islanders will come to the foreground of another storyline. I also wonder what kind of role Jalahbar Xho might play in King's Landing. I know he's been named as of Marg's lovers but he was one of the first characters we meet at Robert's court in AGOT and get his backstory about being a banished prince... I've always felt like we got that backstory and have hoped for it to come full circle. Anyone have any thoughts on him? (sorry I'm getting a little off topic)
  13. Who do you think are the three heads of the dragon?

    I don't believe there will be other dragon riders. Why can't the 3 heads of the dragon be Dany's 3 dragons; Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal? I rarely see that as a point of discussion anywhere. I know it's not as exciting as the thought of seeing Jon, Tyrion, Bran, Euron (if there were those are my top guesses of who they would be) riding a dragon but there are only 2 books left and soooo many storylines to wrap up. I don't believe it's likely to add 2 more dragon riders to the story or to make that part of already very complex storylines of each of those characters...
  14. Significance of House Blackwood and Bloodraven's agenda

    Thank u so much for posting this topic. I haven't even finished reading yet but really wanted to thank u before I dove in.
  15. Ashara Dayne's (sinister) role in Robert's Rebellion

    That's a really interesting take. It's also reasonably believable, which is more than I can say for most theories/fan fiction I read. Thank you for a well thought out post!