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  1. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Sansa is my second favorite tv show character after Jaime, but D&D put so much effort on their relationship because they murdered book Stannis and had to fill in some time. Also, gross. I don't want Sansa to settle for Tyrion, but I really don't want her to end up with her step-brother who has a crush on his aunt.
  2. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    No. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!
  3. Lucius Lovejoy

    The third twist

    Could be something as simple as A+J=T (ugh, I hope not) and Tyrion riding a dragon into battle. But like others mentioned, I prefer to think it has something to do with the motives of the white walkers being revealed, and their motives not being entirely evil.
  4. Lucius Lovejoy

    Favorite Character ranked poll

    @Katerine459 this is how they tabulate the Academy Award for Best Picture, correct? I think everything else I have seen just goes by simple plurality. Go Jaime. Booo almost everyone else.
  5. Lucius Lovejoy

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    So I sort of change my mind. Instead of the closing words being a cute thing between King Gendry and Queen Arya, I'd like to have the "Entourage" tv finale ending. In place of Johnny Drama and Turtle as the perpetually single and miserable guys, we have Tyrion and Bronn. After observing everyone else's happily ever after, Tyrion and Bronn are mounted on horses looking at a healing country and Tyrion sort of sighs and asks"well, what is left for us to do now?" And Bronn says, "well, we could find a brothel and get piss drunk" and after half a beat Tyrion shrugs and makes one of those might-as-well facial expressions and they ride off as the theme music swells in. Ridiculous and undignified for an epic series, but totally up D&D's alley AND assures that St. Tyrion doesn't find an artificially developed for tv love.
  6. Lucius Lovejoy

    Favorite Character ranked poll

    Jaime Davos Ned Sansa Cersei And everyone else at #15. I hope it doesn't rank them equally at #6 because that wouldn't be right. I really don't like any of the other characters.
  7. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    @Newstar thanks for all of your frequent posts and updates here so us lazy folks don't have to compile research ourselves. Much appreciated.
  8. Lucius Lovejoy

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    Hey @AlaerysTargaryen, nice OP, I don't think this has been asked before (or at least not too recently). This is pretty difficult to answer for the TV show given that we are living in a post-boatsex world. I suppose my ideal way for the show to end would be an epilogue ending of sorts, with Queen Arya telling her infant daughter stories about what happened to the major heroes who survived (I'm assuming this includes Sansa, Tyrion, Davos, Yara, Samwell, the Hound, Missandei). As she is finishing up the "and they lived happily ever after" bit, King Gendry interrupts to let her know they are ready for her... doesn't matter who "they" are or what she is about to do, just a chance for a cute Arya/Gendry scene as rulers. Could work with Sansa in place instead of Arya. A darker ending would be Tyrion, Davos, and Gendry arriving in Essos somewhere after Westeros has been completely decimated, and after some cut scenes showing a slight passage of time as they try to grapple with what happened back in Westeros, it starts getting very cold and snowing and they realize the long night has followed them across the ocean.
  9. Lucius Lovejoy

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I don't think Jon Snow will have any part of TWOW until the epilogue, or somewhere near the end. I believe it is possible that he will not be a POV character anymore, particularly if he is (1) full-on dead then resurrected or (2) his mind/soul/whatever goes into ghost and his body is resurrected, then his mind/soul/whatever comes back to his body. If his body just goes into a coma and his mind floats around in ghost a bit then returns to his body a la Bran then sure he can still be a POV. The reason I say that is that it seems like GRRM would not want to give us a glimpse into what the POV of a resurrected person would be. By the time he comes back, I believe Stannis will have already won Winterfell, fArya will be identified as the fake she is, Rickon will be installed at Winterfell, and however Sansa/the Vale will tie back into the northern story will already be happening (gosh, if Sansa finds a way to get Baelish into Stannis or Rickon's hands as I've suggested elsewhere in the forum that would be sweet). Tormund/Melisandre will have a major role on what goes on in the aftermath of the assassination attempt at the wall, and Davos may even be there by midway through the book (though I believe he will stay in Winterfell with Rickon) as a POV. Anyways, suspecting that Jon will be late to the party, I imagine his revival will be whilst Stannis is about to face the first on-slaught from the Others or right after Stannis (and possibly Rickon too) has been killed in battle against the Others. Either way, I imagine Jon's long term role is to, after Stannis is defeated by the Others, convince Daenerys to stop her war in the south (I imagine Stannis vs. Others is happening simultaneously as Daenerys vs. Aegon vs. Lannisters/Euron) and use her dragons to save the whole continent. Jon may be made the King in the North if Stannis and Rickon die, but I imagine him mostly as an emissary.
  10. Lucius Lovejoy

    Why didn't Jon Snow legitimize himself? [Season 7 Spoilers?]

    LOL You beat me to it! This joke will NEVER get old, or at least it will never get as old as Jon's frequent reminders of our lack of time and his familiarity with the Night King. Yeah, I agree with most everyone here. Jon probably isn't even thinking about things like getting married, having and heir, bringing continuity to his kingdom. He is the fucking worst at kingin'. I wish the ghost of Bobby B had come back to at least instruct him to (1) not lay down your kingdom to a pretty girl because she asked nicely, and (2) not lay down your kingdom to a pretty girl because she asked nicely.
  11. He likely considered it, but like others have mentioned it made more sense from several standpoints (alliance with Stannis, Stannis will toughen the child up, proximity to Lysa and KL). Plus, it may have been safer for Robert to be on Dragonstone instead of with Bobby B's best friend in case Robert takes the incest accusation poorly and Jon and Stannis need to go into exile.
  12. Lucius Lovejoy

    Daenerys Webber and Stannis Osgrey [TSS Spoilers]

    I love the Staenerys crackship mostly because it is something new (for me) and unexpected, but there is no way I can see it happening. I don't think I'd like to see it either. The only way the series gets finished in 2 books in a satisfying way (for me) that gives enough time for the battle with the Others is for Stannis to defeat the Boltons and unite the north under a Lord Paramount Rickon, yet for Stannis to die in battle against the Others, creating great despair. Rickon likely dies as well, and Jon Snow (whether resurrected on undead) rises to prominence when he goes south to beg the warring southern leaders (Aegon vs. Euron vs. Daenerys) to come north and only Daenerys responds. In this way, Daenerys is the savior that Stannis was supposed to be and slays the lie without killing him. The two major battles run simultaneously, and after Daenerys saves the north she returns south to find it ravaged before claiming the throne.
  13. Lucius Lovejoy

    What would your role be in GoT?

    Jaime Lannister's squire or a soldier under his command in a battle scene.
  14. Lucius Lovejoy

    Least favorite theory?

    @Myrish Lace nice reflection on how regardless of how R+L=J plays out Ned is Jon's only parent. I am okay with R+L=J but think it shouldn't be so significant as to his future role or his personal code of honor and service to the realm. Like most posters, I hate any secret Targ theories, especially those involving Tyrion (though a read AGOT again recently with it in mind and saw how A+J=T could have been foreshadowed). I hate more than anything though any Bran/Bloodraven is all powerful theories, particularly those that make Bran part of a time loop, make him Bran the builder or other Brandon Starks, and have him influencing every little thing.
  15. Lucius Lovejoy

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    Besides the obvious ones, I have to go with Asha or Alayne. I am most interested in the battle for Winterfell and the on-goings in the Vale. I'd be least happy with Arya, JonCon, Areo Hotah, or anyone in Meereen.