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  1. Lucius Lovejoy

    Favorite Character ranked poll

    @Katerine459 this is how they tabulate the Academy Award for Best Picture, correct? I think everything else I have seen just goes by simple plurality. Go Jaime. Booo almost everyone else.
  2. Lucius Lovejoy

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Jaime: Not being the greatest swordsman in Westeros; losing Cersei. Varys: Dark magic and religious zeal. Pycelle: Losing power for disappointing Lannisters. Osha: turning into a wight. King Robert: the return of the Targaryens.
  3. Lucius Lovejoy

    Yoren's death.

    @Widow's Watch @goldenmaps understood about Edric Storm, but Stannis was aware of Gendry - he and Jon Arryn had been to see him, and Varys knew this (as did LF) and collecting as many bastards as possible helps prove Stannis' claim. I'm just searching for an explanation to @Clegane'sPup question about the man who came to Yoren with coin for Gendry and told him to wait for Ned. That man has to be Varys, so what possible explanation would there be for Varys to want to save Gendry?
  4. Lucius Lovejoy

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Well, I don't understand why people dislike the one true king, but if you actually believe what you just wrote and aren't just non-sense trolling I can see why people would dislike Stannis' fans...
  5. Lucius Lovejoy

    Yoren's death.

    Well the soldiers are clearly there because Cersei/Joffrey (I cannot remember whom) wants all of King Bobby's bastards killed. My best guess is that Varys wanted Gendry alive so Stannis could point to him as evidence of twincest and help throw the realm into chaos to pave the way for fAegon, and Littlefinger helped Cersei/Joffrey figure out where they could get Gendry to bring him back.
  6. Lucius Lovejoy

    HBO has ordered prequel series

    If we get to see the Wall and Night's Watch shortly after their formation (Night's King and the Nightfort baby!) as well as Asshai and pre-Doom Valyria, along with some of the ancient cities on the Rhoyne, this could be pretty bad ass.
  7. Lucius Lovejoy


    Oh man, @LadyNoOne, where to begin... That's a novel idea... if LF really wanted to protect Sansa, maybe he could have not had Jon Arryn killed in the first place, let alone help the Lannisters capture and kill Ned. Littlefinger has had a lot of beautiful young women abused, most prominently Jeyne Poole in the books and Ros in the show. As a demanding brothel owner, he has shown no compassion for helpless women. His desire for Sansa and interest in protecting her may be genuine in the books, but it is creepy and borne out of some perverted revenge fantasy on Cat. He does not love her because love is free, and he wants her completely under his control. It is hard to evaluate this ridiculous plot creation on the show. LF's actions and motives in S5-S7 were inconsistent with his from S1-S4. I largely think LF died for his past crimes of betraying Ned and killing Lysa, not for his suggestions that Arya is dangerous. Lysa was not beautiful enough and was a bit odd in personality. LF just didn't like her that way. It is universally recognized that having LF give Sansa to the Boltons in the show as opposed to fArya (Jeyne Poole) made absolutely no sense, so I won't even try. I sort of enjoy LF's character and am very interested in his role as Sansa's mentor, but he is the most selfish person in the series. Even the things he does for Sansa are really ultimately for his own benefit. I did enjoy reading your original ruminations on him though!
  8. Lucius Lovejoy

    SWOT Analysis: Team Night Watch

    Team Snow/NW/Wildlings pre-pink letter, evaluated on their objective of surviving winter and the potential invasion of the others. S: the Wall as a defense from attacks on the north, resources from the Iron Bank loan, familiarity with winter and the enemy, support from King Stannis who shares their objective. W: not enough food, not enough manpower, lack of support from current warden of the North or King Tommen, humans get cold and tired during winter O: Rally unified support of north and more manpower/supplies if King Stannis takes winterfell, can fortify abandoned castles along the wall to improve defenses T: internal turmoil, lack of team discipline, could be flanked from shadow tower
  9. Lucius Lovejoy

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    I've got your back! Hit the enter key twice and it will let you do so! To her credit she did not leave Essos until the threat of the masters who wanted a return to slavery were completely neutralized. If she was totally power hungry she would have left the first chance she got. Yeah, and this is my problem. "Justice" sounds great but it is not defined. If Justice is keeping the status quo but making sure things like the Mountain raiding the riverlands or Littlefinger and Ramsay abusing people doesn't happen any more, well, Stannis was the best justice candidate. If Justice is democracy, that kind of doesn't work with an inherited right structure that relies on one family's access to dragons. Agreed. Cool to look at but I hate how they represent means for mass destruction, and that only the Targaryens have them. What if Mad Aerys had access to dragons? It would be awful. Better that there are no dragons. Jon is too emotional on the show in S6 and S7 (and probably in the books went he decides to save Arya not knowing it js Jeyne Poole). He abandoned his sound military strategy in the battle of the bastards because Ramsay taunted him with Rickon, putting his whole army at risk until Littlefinger and Sansa saved him. Then he risks his life twice in the dumbest suicide mission ever (wight hunt), and finally lays down his crown because a pretty girl batted eyes at him. Not giving up your kingdom is pretty much job #1 once you are made king by acclamation. This has been fun but I need to start doing some work. Cheers!
  10. Lucius Lovejoy

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Hey @LadyNoOne, I am not characterizing her as a villain and would not - I thought that was a possible path for her until ADWD when you see her personally tending to the people with the pale mare and deciding to stay put in Essos to try to resolve things in Slavers Bay rather than taking the navy offered to her and invading Westeros. One could characterize her anti-slavery stance as not being altruistic and simply a product of Daenerys living out a personal revenge fantasy, but that is another discussion entirely. Clearly on the show she is being positioned as heroic and caring, but the writing is so poor that it is hard to justify it. Her and her supporters always talk about breaking the wheel but never talk about what that means - an end to feudalism? A free market capitalist society? A communist society where Daenerys decides all? Stealing land from the nobles and giving to the small folk? None of her ruling policies beyond "no slavery" (already not a problem in Westeros) are ever actually detailed. And it would be really ironic if her policy was one of land and wealth redistribution, particularly since her whole modus operandi is taking back the 7 kingdoms and all authority since that once belonged to her family with no consideration as to whether that it is a "fair" or good system in the first place. I don't think she is bad per se, not at all, but I don't understand her goals beyond acquiring total authority and using threat of mass violence as a means to achieve it. In that regard she is the same as Cersei, only with dragons instead of wildfire. Cersei has explicitly stated and shown she would use her authority solely for personal gain and for the advancement of her children, whereas we are led to believe Daenerys would be more magnamous (probably not moreso than Robert Baratheon) but we don't actually know what Daenerys' plans are. Jon would not make a good king, I think he was a fine LC of the NW but failed miserably in the show as KitN, and wouldn't have even had that opportunity if not for the Knights of the Vale saving the day. As for his Targaryen heritage, I believe planetos would be much better off without Dragons and with Targaryens being no more or less special than other families. So I'll stick with Arya for queen! What would be your ideal vision for Westeros' political/economic structure and who would lead it?
  11. Lucius Lovejoy

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Daenerys is definitely going to "win" but the smart money is on her dying in childbirth and never actually reigning or sitting on the iron throne. I thought Daenerys being born with nothing and having been sold to Drogo was what would make her such a a great villain, because you could sympathize with her and admire her triumph over adversity while still being horrified that she is an ill tempered, self righteous, entitled tyrant. I had no idea why GRRM would spend so much time on her out on her own away from the main story if not for the purpose of building her up as this epic big bad. Looks like they won't go that route. Still if she is a hero, I'd like for someone to explain why they follow her besides "she freed me so now I choose to be her slave" and "she is the only one who can lead and break the wheel" Terrible and nonspecific answers. I hate that more than any dislike I may have for Daenerys. Essentially I hate D&D&C I guess.
  12. Lucius Lovejoy

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Hey @LadyNoOne, welcome to the forum. Arya is not among my favorite characters, yet I believe based on books and show that she would be the best queen. I believe in the books she will have something happen that turns her away from the dark path of lusting for death and vengeance (I believe it will be her meeting Lady Stoneheart) and after that Arya will be perfect. Resourceful in combat yet well educated. Having known what it is to survive, to be desperate, but also having had some education and access to the nobility from when she was a child. She would hopefully be able to be firm and unrelenting when necessary, yet empathetic and merciful when necessary. I prefer Sansa to Arya as a character, and no doubt she has been better educated for traditional ruling, though I believe after the war for dawn an untraditional ruler will be needed. Cersei is a fun character but an awful ruler. I don't mind Daenerys that much as a person in the books, but ultimately she is an entitled tyrant seeking to impose her will on everyone through the threat of using her singular access to effective means of mass violence (the dragons). The show has done an awful job stating her actual policies or why people support her. She would have made a terrific villain and up until midway through ADWD I thought that was her calling. Oh well.
  13. Lucius Lovejoy

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    So I sort of change my mind. Instead of the closing words being a cute thing between King Gendry and Queen Arya, I'd like to have the "Entourage" tv finale ending. In place of Johnny Drama and Turtle as the perpetually single and miserable guys, we have Tyrion and Bronn. After observing everyone else's happily ever after, Tyrion and Bronn are mounted on horses looking at a healing country and Tyrion sort of sighs and asks"well, what is left for us to do now?" And Bronn says, "well, we could find a brothel and get piss drunk" and after half a beat Tyrion shrugs and makes one of those might-as-well facial expressions and they ride off as the theme music swells in. Ridiculous and undignified for an epic series, but totally up D&D's alley AND assures that St. Tyrion doesn't find an artificially developed for tv love.
  14. Lucius Lovejoy

    Not counting shocking\surprising deaths.

    I think we've discussed this before - I could not agree more - whoever passes the sentence should swing the sword. Arya as Sansa's Ilyn Payne was a terrible call.
  15. Lucius Lovejoy

    Selection of Rulers and Leaders

    I agree with @Ylath's Snout, Kingsmoot is superior to the other options, particulary if only invoked when absolutely necessary. Otherwise go with inherited right - it gives a clear succession plan such that future leaders can be properly educated and trained, or befall some unfortunate "accident" (or disinherited) if they reveal themselves to be incapable of ruling. Using the occasional great council like a Kingsmoot works too when necessary.