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  1. Lucius Lovejoy

    Will Dany die in childbirth?

    Full disclosure... I didn't read past this comment. I agree. In the books Brienne is a much more... inexperienced and naive woman, but also a sweeter woman. After her first kill, I have a hard time seeing her seeking vengeance.
  2. Lucius Lovejoy

    Why do the smallfolk support Cersei?

    The small folk support Lena Headey.
  3. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Sansa is my second favorite tv show character after Jaime, but D&D put so much effort on their relationship because they murdered book Stannis and had to fill in some time. Also, gross. I don't want Sansa to settle for Tyrion, but I really don't want her to end up with her step-brother who has a crush on his aunt.
  4. Lucius Lovejoy

    Minor Characters And Their Endings

    Penny - murdered in Meereen, and likely could have been saved by Tyrion but it becomes a sticky situation and Tyrion opts to insure his own safety by not risking himself to help her. Shireen - burned by Mel & Val. Stannis is going to be so pissed when he finds out. Gilly - who cares? I don't see it ending well for her though. Hizdahr - murdered by the real Harpy. Bowen Marsh - executed by Stannis when he returns from Winterfell.
  5. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    No. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!
  6. So episode 1 is going to end with Sam and Bran approaching Jon like "we need to talk about your mother" and then episode 2 will begin with Jon and Daenerys in the room together after he has told her he cannot be with her and she starts pleading with him that it doesn't matter, Targaryens have inbred for centuries, yadda yadda yadda, but Jon isn't buying it, and then Daenerys finds out she is pregnant and the end of the episode, and tries to hide it from Jon for all of episode 3, but the cat comes out the bag by episode 4 and he then commits to her.
  7. @btfu806 I'm also Team Stannis and would lend my voice to your arguments, but I'm too exhausted to get into another defense of Stannis, so I'll just say I agree with 98% of what you've written and keep fighting the good fight. No way Stannis burns Shireen in the books. I don't think there is any way he will even consent to it... ever. I think our man is going to die in battle against the white walkers, and this will be the impetus for Jon to go south to rally Daenerys (who at that time will be fighting Aegon and the Lannisters/Greyjoys) to come north to save the kingdom.
  8. Lucius Lovejoy

    The third twist

    Could be something as simple as A+J=T (ugh, I hope not) and Tyrion riding a dragon into battle. But like others mentioned, I prefer to think it has something to do with the motives of the white walkers being revealed, and their motives not being entirely evil.
  9. (insert over-used joke about Baelish's constantly changing accent) @Feologild nice question. I don't necessarily agree with the assertion that the youngest characters are the ones who changed the most - Arya seems mostly the same to me (remember, she committed her first murder in season 1), Jon is the same brooding bitch outside of his haircut, and Daenerys has been the same entitled, defiant bitch since midway through season 1 (oh Khaleesi, if only you'd have listened when they told you not to trust that witch). Bran... Bran's still the petulant younger brother and poor communicator. Sansa is the only one I see marked change in, as she is no longer the naïve woman she was, and she is capable of vicious acts. She is colder. She is more like Cersei. Sansa is one of my favorite characters both in books and on the show, so I'm biased, but she was my gut reaction pick. A case could be made for Tyrion or Jaime. I'd say even Varys has changed, from the game playing power hungry whisperer to a guy who speaks truth to power and is "for the people in the streets." On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of characters who have barely changed at all - Cersei, Bronn, Brienne, Littlefinger, Yara, etc. @dbunting how 'bout dem Cowboys! Ugh, I hope Travis Frederick and Zach Martin are okay.
  10. Lucius Lovejoy

    Favorite Character ranked poll

    @Katerine459 this is how they tabulate the Academy Award for Best Picture, correct? I think everything else I have seen just goes by simple plurality. Go Jaime. Booo almost everyone else.
  11. Lucius Lovejoy

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    So I sort of change my mind. Instead of the closing words being a cute thing between King Gendry and Queen Arya, I'd like to have the "Entourage" tv finale ending. In place of Johnny Drama and Turtle as the perpetually single and miserable guys, we have Tyrion and Bronn. After observing everyone else's happily ever after, Tyrion and Bronn are mounted on horses looking at a healing country and Tyrion sort of sighs and asks"well, what is left for us to do now?" And Bronn says, "well, we could find a brothel and get piss drunk" and after half a beat Tyrion shrugs and makes one of those might-as-well facial expressions and they ride off as the theme music swells in. Ridiculous and undignified for an epic series, but totally up D&D's alley AND assures that St. Tyrion doesn't find an artificially developed for tv love.
  12. Lucius Lovejoy

    Favorite Character ranked poll

    Jaime Davos Ned Sansa Cersei And everyone else at #15. I hope it doesn't rank them equally at #6 because that wouldn't be right. I really don't like any of the other characters.
  13. Lucius Lovejoy

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    @Newstar thanks for all of your frequent posts and updates here so us lazy folks don't have to compile research ourselves. Much appreciated.
  14. Lucius Lovejoy

    Your heart's desire last words of GOT?

    Hey @AlaerysTargaryen, nice OP, I don't think this has been asked before (or at least not too recently). This is pretty difficult to answer for the TV show given that we are living in a post-boatsex world. I suppose my ideal way for the show to end would be an epilogue ending of sorts, with Queen Arya telling her infant daughter stories about what happened to the major heroes who survived (I'm assuming this includes Sansa, Tyrion, Davos, Yara, Samwell, the Hound, Missandei). As she is finishing up the "and they lived happily ever after" bit, King Gendry interrupts to let her know they are ready for her... doesn't matter who "they" are or what she is about to do, just a chance for a cute Arya/Gendry scene as rulers. Could work with Sansa in place instead of Arya. A darker ending would be Tyrion, Davos, and Gendry arriving in Essos somewhere after Westeros has been completely decimated, and after some cut scenes showing a slight passage of time as they try to grapple with what happened back in Westeros, it starts getting very cold and snowing and they realize the long night has followed them across the ocean.
  15. Lucius Lovejoy

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    I stopped reading the thread after this post, and I'm sure you got a lot of disagreeing responses. But I am a Baratheon man through and through, and I support these statements.