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  1. Essan

    Major incident on London Bridge

    Had a (dummy as it turns out) suicide vest on. First priority is safety of civillians
  2. Essan

    Major incident on London Bridge

    Yes, I do think all would-be pathetic murderers should see what happens (before you get shot and go to hell) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7741147/Kitchen-worker-called-Luckasz-grabbed-narwhal-tusk-used-tackle-London-Bridge-terrorist.html
  3. True. But a relatively small increase in CO2 (compared with prehistoric levels when everything was different) will result in changes to weather patterns and rising sea levels. They won't cause the end of the world. But they will prove rather awkward (already are!) for them pesky little humans - affecting food production and flooding their homes, for example. That's why we don't want to make things any worse than they already are. Meanwhile, the plastic straws will eventually be our legacy - tiny traces found in rock strata all over the world by octopoid geologists 20 million years from now.
  4. I think the decline in British politics all started when good, sensible, Marathon bars got renamed Snickers. I mean, who goes into a shop and asks for a snicker?
  5. Oh, and as far the poll goes, I'm another m) And anyone who doesn't like Smarties (especially orange ones) is clearly not a human being
  6. Bonfire night effectively was Halloweeen, just a few days later - Halloween, or rather Samhainn, the celtic new year, was celebrated by lighting bonfires, whilst loud noises (fireworks) would scare away evil spirits that were thought to be around at the turning of the year. Effigies would be burned on the fire. And folk would eat, drink and play games. In later times, some kids would use the old beliefs in evil spirits being abroad at the old new year as an excuse to make mischief (they could blame the damage on ghosts and goblins) and from that, ultimately, we get the modern American halloween.
  7. Rhaegar becoming obsessed with some stupid ancient "prophecy" ....
  8. So that 21 wickets fallen in little more than one day's play .....
  9. Exactly I'm not a very prolific poster, but I have said this (or similar) before. ASOIAF isn't (IMO) a story about the fulilment of an ancient prophecy - the standard fantasy trope - rather, it's about what happens when various characters believe in, and try themselves to fulfill, an (possibly quite irrelevant*) ancient prophecy. And the tragic consequences thereof. Whilst it's fun to discuss what a prophecy may mean and how it might be fulfilled, we have to be wary of falling into the very trap that has already caught Rhaegar, Cersei, Mel and others, with disastrous effects. If Rhaegar had never heard of tPtwP, would any of the events of ASOIAF have ever even occurred? * what made Rhaegar and Mel so sure that this 1,000 year+ prophesy was due to be fulfilled now? I don;t think that's ever been explained? Maybe it was actually fulfilled hundreds of years ago ..... ? eta: actually, I suppose it was the Wood's Witch saying tPtwP would be born of Aerys and Rhaella's line? In which case of course, it could be in another thousand years time? Or maybe she was just saying something she thought they wanted to hear? Doesn't explain why Mel is so certain now is the time for AA to be reborn though.
  10. Essan

    Greatest Band Ever?

    Never heard of them. Are they a Justin Bieber tribute band? Greatest band in the world ever were The Rutles.
  11. Essan

    Top 10

    Okay, probably A Storm of Swords then
  12. Essan

    Top 10

    Slightly cheating because somet of these are series (but that at least allows me to pick 10 different authors!): Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adam Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien The Stonor Eagles - William Horwood Excession - Iain M Banks A Song of Ice & Fire - George RR Martin The Jacobite Trilogy - DK Broster The Brentwood Trilogy - Robert Rankin Lucifer's Hammer - Larry Niven Three Men and a Boat - Jerome K Jerome And any one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels cos I really couldn't pick the best!
  13. Essan

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    His point - in the TV show - was simply to do all the things you mentioned, leading up to the most important of all, breaking the wheel by killing Dany and ending the Game of Thrones. Though maybe it wasn't all that clear. In the books, of course, it may be different!
  14. Essan

    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    And, that many readers think that if there is an ancient prophecy then a) the ancient prophecy must be fulfilled and b) fulfillment of the ancient prophecy will be the climax (and indeed the whole purpose) of the story. ie common or garden, standard fantasy trope. Rather than that the story is about people who (perhaps misguidedly) believe in a ancient prophecy, sometimes in different ways, and the far-reaching consequences of their subsequent actions. Had Rhaegar not foolishly believed in the stupid PTWP prophecy, none of this would have ever happened ......
  15. Essan

    Are the starks finished?

    Fine, for now. But there will never be another Stark. The name ends with the current generation. Interestingly, the Lannisters may well survive. Even if the sole surviving male did nothing of interest or note in recent years.