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    Meteorology, alcohol, geology, hillwalking, photography, alcohol, folklore & mythology, history, alcohol ....
  1. Essan

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Closely followed by Nymeria And whilst it would be another case of incest I suppose, I'd love the books end with them walking off into the sunset together to have lots of lovely puppies I am a sentimental fool at heart Dont really care what happens to all the silly humans! Though I hope Davos as a happy ending as well.
  2. Essan

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Damn, I missed this - I know Lochaline quite well!
  3. Essan

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    My favourite character was Waymar Royce So yeah! (Actually, that's not true, it's Ghost)
  4. Essan

    Hello from Eurocommieland

    Try looking in antique centres and larger charity shops. I have had a few ottomans in my antique shop over the years. They remain quite popular However, I don't find them particularly educational. Quite dull in fact.
  5. Essan

    New Forum Census

    Originally of the South Folk from the territory of the Eastern Angles, have been residing for the past 20 years in Hwicce. Which (no pun intended) is quite a nice part of the UK.
  6. Essan

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Being charged and convicted of treason doesn't necessarily mean you are guilty .... Pure speculation: Tyrion does something which saves the day/ends the war. He is the great hero at the very end. But to other characters, it appears he did something treasonous - maybe he kills Jon and Dany? A bitter-sweet ending? Tyrion goes to his death having saved Westeros but no-one but he knows it? Perhaps he deliberately chooses not to prove his innocence to protect someone else? The cinematic ending would, of course, then another character arriving just in the nick of time to save and exonerate him.
  7. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    And so the season ends ...... And I must commiserate Callum who led the table for so long and looked totally unassailable ...... until I finally found 2nd gear in the last few games to pip him on the final day with my Kane triple captain The final table: Rank Team & Manager GW Round Score TOT Total Points 1 Inverailort Thistle Andy Mayhew 112 2264 2 Sparkle Motion Callum Forbes 68 2232 3 Pierluigi Cailiíní Eanna McGarrigle 87 2199 4 Krul and the Gang Kieran Henshaw 92 2124 5 brAnXI Alok Patil 77 2095 6 Rorschach Blots Øystein Bjaanes Lemvik 62 2065 7 Baldrick&Morty's Nikola Lajmanovski 76 2050 8 TakingtheMkhytarian Lukasz Fenrych 45 2001 9 les miserables Dusan Durakovic 70 1925 10 Seasick Drakes Allen Welsh 54 1913 11 Goldfish United Anita Welsh 94 1880 12 My really great team Christian Schäpper 48 1861 13 Smurfs Titans Deano Hewitt 44 1846 14 D'Abernon Dynamos Neil Smith 46 1838 15 S.T. Emulsion F.C. Andrew Grant 32 1780 16 The Tigers Tony Crowe 61 1724 17 Sakho's Cossacks Johannes Refsdal 40 1719 18 Chaka dootz Jake Hedges 43 1666 19 5000-1 - john - 37 1650 20 ljkeane xi Liam Keane 64 1608
  8. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Yep, after coming top last season, I really really suck this year ..... So far I usually do better in the second half of the season so I ain't entirely written off yet
  9. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    It would appear it's only you and I playing so far!
  10. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    I remembered to join the H2H this time! :D
  11. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Bumped up now the 2016/17 game is up and running (new look website, but rules all the same as last year, including the 'chips' https://fantasy.premierleague.com
  12. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    btw sorry - forgot to join the H2H league this year :(
  13. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    I always start badly, but this year has been terrible.  Playing WC this week ....  The advantage of a poor starting position is the only way is up :D   I hope!
  14. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    A little better this week - though Baines rather let me down. I see I am now top of the league :D
  15. Essan

    Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    One of my worst too - 2 red cards and my captain injured after 6 minutes ..... Expecting better this week though :) Edit: and I too still have my wildcard :D