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  1. No, it's not. A good read on the subject here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2022-03-26/daylight-saving-time-year-round-senate-health-sleep-metabolism/100927106
  2. Interesting battle developing for the top spot between long time leader え, Werner's Originals, and Inverailort Thistle. Unfortunately え played their bench boost last week and due to very unforeseen circumstances, still only had 9 players on the pitch. I wonder how many players the new leader, Inverailort Thistle, will field this week?
  3. In the books I am expecting several characters to do things that suggest they may have been AA/PTWP - and maybe at least one to be declared as such. Not including Stannis. But there won't be one single person who alone, and very obviously, saves the world/ends the night as the prophecies suggest. What is more important is how those who believe in the prophecies act beforehand, to (perhaps inadvertently) get all the right people into the right places so that they can play their individual small roles.
  4. Then some of Nostradamus's prophecies have come true numerous times But that's the thing with prophecies - they don;t say person A will do this exact thing and the consequence will be B; they are nebulous, open to interpretation. And when an event happens some argue that it's a fulfillment of the prophecy. Until another event occurs that also seems to fit it. Hence all the discussion/argument here on what those in the books actually mean.
  5. All subject to interpretation - as is the case in the real world. As I said, people may convince themselves that a prophecy has come true. But doesn't mean it has.
  6. No, I think you miss the whole point. GRRM has made it quite clear all along that ASOIAF is not a generic fantasy about a prophecy and a hero who saves the day. However, one of the main themes throughout (and back to events prior to the start of the first book) is how various people, who (mistakenly) do believe in prophecies, act, and the consequences of those actions. It would have been a complete cop out and gone against everything GRRM has written if it all came down to Jon and/or Dany being the magical PTWP/Azor Ahai, exactly as per the prophecies, and saved the day. Instead, they proved no different to anyone else and, in fact, never even had the chance. Prophecies never come true*..... * although some may convince themselves they have, or manipulate events to give the appearance they have.
  7. Damn, I missed this - I know Lochaline quite well!
  8. Originally of the South Folk from the territory of the Eastern Angles, have been residing for the past 20 years in Hwicce. Which (no pun intended) is quite a nice part of the UK.
  9. Which in turn may provide the reason for Osha and Rickon splitting from the rest? Makes sense.
  10. I don't see a thread specifically about this, and apologies if it's already been discussed, but what do people make of Mel's comment to Ayra that they'll meet again? Where and when? In the books obviously they've never met and as it stands don't look like doing so. Is this perhaps a hint that Arya will be sent to assassinate Mel (given speculation she will be sent to take out someone in the 'Game')? Within the context of the TV series it would make sense since I can see Mel now being added to Arya's night-time list. Of course, the counter is that having met her, she now 'knows' Mel so might not be a viable assassin. Either way, it seems to me a possible foreshadowing of developments in later books?
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