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  1. Blooddragon


    I remember reading them. God, I anticipated her chapters more than any other Stark chapter. Catelyn is such a great character. I don't understand why some people hate her.
  2. Blooddragon

    Aegon VI

    I did not see anyone disscusing this, probably because I wasn't checking this forum recently. Gorge wrote on his blog: What did he mean by calling him Aegon VI? Is this a confirmation that fAegon will take the Iron Throne? Does it have any meaning at all? Perhaps I'm just thirsty for his work that I take everything too seriously, as we all do, but by calling him Aegon VI GRRM really made me wonder. I want to know what you guys think.
  3. Blooddragon

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    I want justice and revange for the Starks and I want them to be the main players, but this was too much or too little for me to take. They did not deserve this. They had satisfying storylines untill the end of season 4, later everything started going downward. Storylines went nowhere, there was no real character build-up. There were countless possibilities with the Last Greenseer, the Faceless Man and Littlefinger, but all we got is rushed storyline and "the pack survives" just to have them all leave one another and become lone wolves. The books would handle them much better, but... you know.
  4. Blooddragon

    The Reconstruction of King's Landing

    The walls seem perfectly fine, as do the roofs. Only the Tower of the Hand is torn down, as I can see. I haven't paused or analyzed the video, it's just what I saw the first time I was watching and i checked just before posting the video. I have no intention to watch it again.
  5. Blooddragon

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    I actually didn't mean to undermine their actions, but I feel like the Great Council is not a place where everyone who did something important would have a word and a voice. If we include the 3ER and the person who assasinated the whole army of the dead as the people who have much importance in the South, where they did not even believe that those things existed, than we should include the High Septon, maesters and on and on and on. They wouldn't let two Northern kids to decide about the future of the Kingdoms, no matter what those kids did. Southern politics are a lot more than that.
  6. Can we discuss for a moment how good the new government under King Brandon I and his Hand Tyrion Lannister is? King's Landing is flourishing. They were able to almost fully restore a city that was recently burned and sacked to it's former glory in just couple of days/weeks. In the scene where Jon leaves, we can see that houses are clean and none of them have traces of fire or smoke, and not long ago they were demolished by dragon fire and covered in ashes? Harrenhal who?
  7. Blooddragon

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    So, House Tarth and House Seaworth are suddenly the most important houses in the Stormlands and more important than Houses Manderly, Hightower, Redwyne, Rowan (only one Reach Lord is present), Yronwood, Grafton, Corbray...? Brienne is not even Lady Tarth, no one reported her father's death. She is Sansa's protector and thus sworn to the Starks. If I remember correctly, Davos is a Lord only in the books, show still calles him Ser Davos, wich means he's not important enough to be there. He has small lands which he never visits and never talks about. Houses like Swann, Caron and Penrose would f*** him up. House Stark has three members participating in this meeting - Sansa, who is Lady of House Stark, and her two siblings who have no reason to be there, only, maybe, to keep her company and/or protect her. Is Sam suddenly the Lord of House Tarly? Did he forgot that he has an oath? We've all seen that the Night's Watch is still active. Is it possible that all other Lords died in the wars and that only 10-ish Houses made it to the end? And also... Suddenly everyone is ok with Sansa (a Northern woman) to be in charge while other Southorn old men are listening to what she says and no one says a word? Great Council means that all Lords of the Seven Kingdoms gather in the one place and discuss the succession, which wasn't the case here. As we can see, this "council" makes us even more confused and makes us only question the ability of those who wrote it.
  8. Blooddragon

    New Prequel Casting Announced

    I have a strange feeling, but I am hyped. I would like to see how this will work. It could go either way. I’m curious about black characters and I’m kind of satisfied because two Harry Potter guys are in it.
  9. Blooddragon

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    What happened to Rhaella?
  10. Blooddragon


    Well, before posting anything, I checked the wiki. It was stated that Aegon, their firstborn, was born between 50 and 59 AC, so anything could be possible.
  11. Blooddragon


    I feel like the new Daeanerys was introduced to be a daughter of Lord Stark. Just saying.
  12. Blooddragon

    GRRM WoW Twist

    What if Mance and Mel met before? I don't believe that this is the twist, but it is a nice thing to consider. What I do believe is that the twist has to do something with Stannis and probably includes Mel and Mance.