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  1. there is a reason nobody is replying
  2. every complete season dvd comes with about an hour of history and lore footage. i love the videos, watch them countless times. there are 6 seasons, so there is a lot of videos to watch. you can find them all on youtube. search "westeros history and lore."
  3. My Mets keep winning even with Reyes batting .50. Dropped him to 7th. I think he needs a couple days off. Let Flores play a couple games. .50 jesus christ.
  4. Harvey looked great last night. This starting rotation can be historic.
  5. how could they replace Simms with Romo, who has never broadcasted in his life. For CBS to replace Simms, something behind the scenes had to have happened.
  6. truth
  7. best part of the episode was when Negan was flipping off Alexandria as he high tailed it out of there.
  8. i have a perty mouth ive been told.
  9. Madbum goes deep twice. Hate him for what he did to my Mets in the wild card playoff, but hard not enjoy watching him.
  10. Opening day today. Watching Yanks vs Rays, as a Mets fan its interesting to see the Yanks in full rebuild mode, with their infusion of youth. Mets starting rotation has a chance to be spectacular, if Harvey can be close to the old Harvey.
  11. little early to be labeling him a bust. i dont think he will be any good either, but gotta give him more than half a season of games.
  12. only bio ive ever read was an autobiography by famous illustrator Bill Peet. I was a kid and I read it with my mother. Great book
  13. oakland will atleast have a couple more years before the stadiun in vegas is ready. they should be a very good team too.
  14. Kaep wont succeed unless hes with a coach that is amazing with QB's, ala Harbaugh. he needs to roll out and be moving, not stuck in the pocket. I could actually see him doing well with.baby Shannahan, who had some success with RG3.