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  1. Curious, why Ronnet Connington?
  2. Bubono's butt boy?
  3. compete? lol, even at umass Cals team always competed. sub 25 wins is a bad season at this point every year imo.
  4. i kind of dislike the girl who made the tapes so far. HS wasnt THAT long ago for me, so i can relate to the plot. But so far she casts blame on alot of people, some of which i think is unfair. not finished yet though.
  5. anyone watched this? im halfway through ands it got its hooks in me.
  6. they could use a booper or two. madbum being hurt is killer.
  7. for some reason ive always pictured her as Liv Tyler
  8. Rendon, 6/6 3 HR, 10 RBI. jesus thats a month worth of production for some people.
  9. hbogo can be downloaded on your cell phone
  10. i think its safe to say that nobody in the world could act Tywin the way Dance did. Him and Allen are imo the two best acted characters in the show.
  11. hes a fabrication.
  12. there is a reason nobody is replying
  13. every complete season dvd comes with about an hour of history and lore footage. i love the videos, watch them countless times. there are 6 seasons, so there is a lot of videos to watch. you can find them all on youtube. search "westeros history and lore."
  14. My Mets keep winning even with Reyes batting .50. Dropped him to 7th. I think he needs a couple days off. Let Flores play a couple games. .50 jesus christ.
  15. Harvey looked great last night. This starting rotation can be historic.