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  1. Zima Blue is the clear winner if we're evaluating the overall best story. Really looking forward to discussions on this one. In terms of visuals alone though, I guess the Witness would be the winner (whatever was that club dance scene) followed closely by Beyond the Aquilla Rift. Also Netflix, we get it, this is a NSFW series, you don't need to hit the viewer with it over the head every single episode.
  2. Euron has gone from anime bad guy to full scale supervillian ! Wanting to be a new god ? Doctor Doom wasn't that crazy, and that guy stole the powers of the Beyonders ! Courtesy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman !
  3. Welcome to the Boards. It feels good to be here
  4. First The Shield, now Justified! Mark, you are on the path to enlightenment son !
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