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  1. Zima Blue is the clear winner if we're evaluating the overall best story. Really looking forward to discussions on this one. In terms of visuals alone though, I guess the Witness would be the winner (whatever was that club dance scene) followed closely by Beyond the Aquilla Rift. Also Netflix, we get it, this is a NSFW series, you don't need to hit the viewer with it over the head every single episode.
  2. Yeah, Bilquis was a strange contender to focus on in expanding the scope of this world. I honestly thought they would introduce Anansi Boys as a subplot
  3. Also while we're at it, I would've certainly liked the show to have included Mamaji and the Man in the Charcoal suit. Of all the old gods they seemed the most impressive in the books.
  4. It seems pretty heavily hinted at. Also with the timeline of the book being altered for the show I wouldn't be surprised. I have to say I find all of the shows deviations so far in Gaiman's spirit. So it does not seem so jarring, the changes they're making. Though it does make me wonder how certain things will be handled now
  5. While McShane as Wednesday is still the top casting, Anansi , Gillian as Media and Stormare as Czernebog are in contention for close second
  6. They did it. They actually filmed the Bilquis scene. What a damn time to watch TV Shadow seems a bit different than he was in the books. McShane was fantastic as Wednesday. Not really happy about their changing the coming to America viking scene. Screamed 'foreshadowing' a bit too much for me. For that matter, the final scene - a commentary on Internet troll culture's vitriol against PoC , an Easter egg foreshadowing wink for book readers , or both ?
  7. Euron has gone from anime bad guy to full scale supervillian ! Wanting to be a new god ? Doctor Doom wasn't that crazy, and that guy stole the powers of the Beyonders ! Courtesy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman !
  8. Even before reading it all I knew she was Media. Now Fuller just needs to somehow get Mikkelsen , Dancy and Pace on board and then it's party time. Also deadline tells me Peter Stormare is Czernobog
  9. Ok I read it as Mr. World wouldn't be the same entity as Low Key , that those two would be different characters altogether. My bad.
  10. Wait how are they two different actors ?
  11. Welcome to the Boards. It feels good to be here
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