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  1. Oh man just heard about Roy Dotrice's Death
  2. His name is Jon, that's indisputable. Ned named him that but i don't think it would be wild ass speculation for his parents or at least his mother to name him.
  3. I don't think The Hightowers would side with Euron. I could see Euron smashing the Redwyne Fleet at sea, it's possible that they might be able to raid OldTown but they just don't have the man power to hold it or defend it if they did. The reason The Ironmen are so difficult to beat is because of their tactics, surprise raids and melt away with their plunder. Full scale Land battles they'd be shattered. Euron doesn't even seem interested in conquest, he's raided the Reach and been highly successful but that's only why The Tyrells were distracted, he seems aware that the Shields will be retaken at anytime.
  4. Jon's resurrection, anything with Euron Greyjoy, Arya, Sam in OldTown, suprisingly Sansa and...... WHITE WALKERS
  5. I think GRRM said somewhere that the birth of the Dragons was magical and special and that Dany is not actually fire proof. There might be some changes brought about by his resurrection though/
  6. This sounds good to me!! Rhaegar named his son with Elia Martell Aegon so i would say Aemon is what he called Jon. I think Rhaegar named Jon, Aemon because he conversed with Maester Aemon through Ravens about 'The Prince That Was Promised' I could easily picture them trading insights and sharing confidences. Rhaegar was known to be intelligent and scholarly im sure he could recognize the same traits in Aemon and that played a part in his decision. Currently in the show there's no mummers Dragon in Westeros so i also think they will change it to Aegon. XD
  8. I will be watching them all.
  9. Looks really good
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he did smile.. That was before he started to change and break away from Cersei.. He and Ned had no love for each other and his brother was taken hostage.. His first response has always been to use his sword. -His brother never untied a knot when he could slash it in two with his sword. Tyrion Lannister.
  11. I agree I dislike Ellaria Sand. She's too over the top and overly dramatic. Doran should have just let Hotah cut her fucking head off when he wanted too. She gets on my nerves.
  12. GRRM said a bitter sweet ending. So i assume he means all the characters we like and all the character's we came into contact with will either die miserably, be forever emotionally crippled or join the faith and everybody else will go about life as usual.
  13. The real GOT Story will always be in my head. the picture in my mind will always be more vivid than the TV Show if it had 24 Episodes every season and a 1 Billion Dollar budget per season. Knowing that i sit back and actually enjoy the TV show. I know im one of the few but it doesn't bother me if they deviate from the original course because it feels like a different telling of the same story.. and i enjoy both.
  14. He is dead In the show, i feel about 90% sure.. In the books im 50/50.
  15. Shae in bed with Tywin.... RedWedding.... Nights Watch Betrayal...